No more 3D glasses!

3d glasses

SAN DIEGO – As 3D technology spreads throughout our society like a wildfire, especially at the movies, a new technology is emerging to do away with those cumbersome glasses.

NPR’s Jen Sands-Windsor reports that in the highly competitive market for companies trying to improve the way we experience the illusion of depth perception, Dr. Sebastian Marsh and his team have the latest answer: surgery.

Dr. Marsh states “We’ve developed the first surgical procedure that lets people’s eyes act like 3D glasses.”  The operation is in the experimental stages of development.  One of the first patients to receive the experimental procedure, Rebecca Stearns, tells NPR she is happy with the results so far.  “Seeing Gnomeo and Juliet without those horrible glasses was life changing; there are no words to describe it.”

Apparently, the procedure is still considered experimental due to a few problems that still need to be resolved.  “Some patients have complained of blurred vison when they are…um…not looking at 3D…screens” said Dr. Marsh.  “So, we are actually working now on some special corrective lenses that will allow our patients to see real life normally.”

Stearns says “it’s all worth it for the convenience.”    She won’t need to wear glasses in the living room when her 3D television arrives.

Dr. Marsh and his team are hoping for a wider release of the procedure in selected cities on April 1, 2012.

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