Are you a victim of Green Tree Servicing LLC?


I wanted to write this piece to give the public a little insight into the corporate practices of one of our country’s larger mortgage companies. If there is a way to inform the public of the lending/collection practices of Green Tree Servicing LLC, I hope this is it.  This is my personal account, and a summary of complaints found about the company on the internet.

My original lender was National City Mortgage, my mortgage was sold to Green Tree Servicing LLC.  You may have heard of this company, they were in the news for harassing collection calls to a disabled man in Florida; they called right up until his death:

Florida man harassed to death by mortgage company.

Within one week of my mortgage being sold the harassment started.  I began researching this new mortgage company online, and the stories I have read scared me.

I am not experiencing any hardship financially so to speak, I’ve never been in default or delinquent on my loan, yet this mortgage company, Green Tree Servicing LLC, insisted on treating me as if I am a habitual offender and a child, with threats and demeaning comments as to my ability to budget my money.

Green Tree Servicing called me repeatedly concerning my mortgage payment, a debt that has never been delinquent. When they called, they would immediately begin with a comment like “so when are we going to get you to pay this money…”, as if I was trying to not pay my mortgage.  Of course I would tell them the same thing every time, “I pay my mortgage through my bank, and you will get it shortly after the paycheck for that period comes in”, which is always between the 1st and the 16th of the month – I get paid bi-weekly.  This would only lead to being insulted and often times yelled at.

I have a legal mortgage “note” from the original mortgage lender, National City Mortgage, which states that my mortgage is due on the 1st of the month and that I will not be assessed a late fee until the 16th of the month. That same contract is in affect with Green Tree Servicing LLC, and I have spoken to them about this note.  They have responded every time – yes every time – with “your mortgage is due on the 1st, if you don’ want us to call and harass you, pay it on or before the 1st of the month…

During one of my conversations with a representative, I was yelled at for asking them to make a note not to call until my payment is late.  She insisted on transferring me to her supervisor, with a bit of relief I waited until the supervisor got on the line, thinking I’d speak with someone more experienced.  I was correct, she had more experience, but she had no intention of helping, it seemed she only wanted to get in on the yelling.  When I asked her if she was familiar with “The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act”, clause 805 and subsequent clauses, she laughed at me and said, “oh, I’m very familiar, so what?”  Implying that it wouldn’t help me and it definitely would not stop them.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, clause 805 in particular tells the consumer to send a “certified letter” to the company telling them to cease and desist all communications about the debt with the consumer.  If they do not comply, you have a legal complaint.  Another clause in this Act specifies threats of foreclosure, calling of third parties, additional fees, etc… as illegal acts by debt collectors.

Upon researching a little more I found that Green Tree Servicing LLC has a work around for these laws to some extent.  Since the Acts primarily apply to third party collectors, Green Tree Servicing LLC has created their own debt collecting department.  This was the reason the supervisor I was speaking with didn’t care about my mention of the Fair Debt Collection Practices.

I later found out the “Supervisor” was actually my account manager and when I refused to be talked to the way she was talking to me, I asked to speak to her supervisor.  She transferred me to her manager; he took less than 15 seconds to start yelling at me and told me it’s my fault because I don’t know how to budget my money properly.  Once again, if you look at my credit report, I have zero, none, zilch in the department of 30 days past due for any credit, loan or bill in the past seven years.

I told him I’ve never missed a payment and I’ve never been in default or delinquent.  His response was, “you better make your payments immediately and start doing it by the 1st if you don’t want us calling”, and then hung up on me – To be fair, at this point I was yelling too, because none of them seemed to be listening to me, just yelling over me.

Here is an excerpt from one of the comments left on “”, a little insight:

“I was a Collections Supervisor at Green Tree servicing for sometime (years) and we were driven by end of the month results.  Upper management endorsed the idea of the ends justify the means.  For example 1 month (July/August 2005) the last day of the month was a saturday.  The office I worked in consistently made its goals.  At 1pm or so on that saturday afternoon it was obvious we were not going to be able to collect anymore delinquent balances/loan payments.  We (my regional manager and myself) sent the collection staff home and reported our numbers to corporate office.  By the time I got home (45 minutes away) I recieved a call at my home from my regional manager stating we had to go back to the office because the delinquency level for the company had not met it’s desired goals.  I was required to go back to the office and call all delinquent customers and collect on balances until 9pm that evening. (the types of calls were despicable) These orders came from Corporate

Our EVP actually came to our office one day and explained that these “types” of loans requires “hard ” collections.  When we had a side bar I asked about the comment “these types of loans” and he advised these are low credit scores and the homes are not built to last and we need to collect hard to avoid the anticpated high default rates…” (sic)

This comment on that site gives the consumer insight into the corporate mindset of Green Tree Servicing LLC’s management.  There are many others like it throughout the web, and I obviously can’t post them all here.

It seems simple enough, get my payments to them before the 1st of the month and they won’t bother me, right?  Problem is, I’ve read too many stories about this company and know that if they receive my payment before the 1st they start applying to the principal and then send you a bill for the month’s mortgage payment.  If you tell them you sent it, they give you the run around long enough to assess late fees.

Many complaints from their customers claim that the payments never get cleared up and nearly every incident ends with the consumer making an extra mortgage payment.  If they don’t, the phone calls start, they call you, co-workers, neighbors and other family members and they threaten foreclosure to all, trying to collect.  Please note, I have not been in this situation, this is merely concluded from reading other people’s stories.  I have decided to not have any payments before the 1st of any month.

I’ve also read about missing escrow money, to which Green Tree Servicing LLC will claim that there is no longer insurance on the home and they force an insurance purchase with, you guessed it, their home insurance branch.  How do they do this?  Law requires that your home be covered by insurance when there is a mortgage or a lien.  Green Tree Servicing LLC misplaces insurance letters from actual insurance companies, or doesn’t account for escrow money properly.

A quick Google search of “Green Tree Servicing LLC complaints” or “Green Tree Servicing LLC reviews” will lead you to an abundance of information on their practices and the amount of time they’ve been doing this to their customers.  I’ve also researched and discovered that this company is a potential recipient of TARP funds in the amount of $105 million for Modifications Loans, and every indication is that they make it near impossible to receive one.

Green Tree Servicing LLC is a classic “predatory lender” – they chose to lend to “high risk” borrowers just so they can collect more interest. If you read the complaints you’ll see that many people mention extra payments being put towards “interest” rather than “principal” – others mention paying well more than the average APR. This company preys on your money. Know your rights and defend your fellow consumer.

I am not writing this to get help from anyone.  I just realized after reading these complaints that many people do not know their consumer “rights” and I wanted to inform them as best as I can. Please, if you are being harassed by this company or any other, go to:

Federal Trade Commission

There is plenty of information there to assist you in your rights.  This company treats consumers like this because they know that no one will actually use the laws that are available to protect from this treatment.

I’d like to add that it is very important to keep all documentation from Green Tree Servicing LLC or any other predatory company.  Document the time and person in every conversation, check with your state Attorney General’s office to see what the laws are on recording telephone conversations, and be sure to visit as many sites as possible to leave complaints.

We, and the government, may not be able to shut them down, but we can stop them from receiving any more business.  We need to inform other prospective customers about the tribulations that come with this company and let these types of corporations know that consumers will not accept these practices.

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  1. My rental ,property was damage .insurance released funds .Now it has been to month .But Greentree Will not release funds .my lose is steady growing .as if they are make lose my property.

  2. In 1999 my husband and I were new first time homeowners and we were contacted by a company called conseco finance and they offered us a home improvement loan to make repairs to our new home. We borrowed $25,000 made repairs and pay them $393 per month. It is now 2014 and we still owe basically what we borrowed 15 years ago. We contacted them about our financial problems of being down to one income due to a layoff and their representative Adam H threatened us with foreclosure and was extremely rude. My husband had to take a job out of state to just make some bills and we explained that we have paid this loan off twice. Because we were new homeowners we had no idea that we would never pay the loan off and that’s all of our payments basically pay the interest on the loan. We had problems paying itin 2011 when my husband got laid off and now i got laid off in January 2014 and we can’t keep up the $393 payments on one income since the unemployment ran out May 2014. Because we are now delinquent with all of our creditors we would like to have someone please look into this company that seems to continue to take advantage of our misguided knowledge of loans. While they finally offered us a deferral for 30 days the validity of this loan is illegal how can we still owe what we borrowed 15 years ago.

  3. New York Superintendent of Finance, Benjamin Lawsky, confronts Ocwen with regard to Forced-Placed insurance.

  4. Avoid this company at all cost…. my loan was acquired by this company approximately one year ago. I have never been delinquent on a payment and I have always made my payment one month in advance. I have had to call this company every month to have my payments reapplied correctly as they apply my payment to principal and show I am delinquent. This company is very inept and unable to fix this problem. Today when I call I was told by the customer service manager – Casey “I keep giving them changing information on how to apply my payments and I make my payments to early” this situation is still not resolved. I have never had an issue with the other mortgage companies (my loan has been sold twice). I have never changed the way I make my payments, I still make a small additional payment on each payment to be applied to principle and they keep applying my entire payment to “principle only” instead of applying it to my payment. After researching the customer complaint on multiple sites, I am curious if the company is really this inept or if this is some underhanded way of showing my account delinquent for other reasons….added penalties, fee and possible foreclosure? Needless to say I am completely unhappy with this company and would urge you to save yourself the frustration and go with ANYONE else but this company.

  5. Fred Pemberton // August 4, 2014 at 12:51 am // Reply
  6. PNC(SW) Rose, USN(Ret) // July 17, 2014 at 12:27 am // Reply

    Greet Tree Servicing is a two-bit company. If you are in the military, ditch them immediately. They cannot accept military allotments for mortgage payments. If you pay through a bank, they don’t seem to have a system for inter-bank transfers either. Completely backwards, behind the times, and their customer service is terrible.

    • Just did a new loan with them. Spoke to a rep who told me that they consider any date after the due date being late even though I have a grace period. Doesn’t matter to them. I also asked if I wold then receive calls and was told I could as a friendly reminder. Already looking to refinance. What a joke.

  7. My loan is recently transferred to Green Tree. It is a bad company. They charged me 12 dollars for my payment. Evil.

    I am thinking how to get rid of them sooner. Green Tree is a evil company.

  8. We were in bankruptcy. The account was paid off in full. Now one year later. They want 3000.00 for what we never will now. Oh they are very evil. Please we need to shut them down.

  9. I am a single Mother with 4 children. My husband and i divorced and i havent seen him since. My father passed away in 2011, ever since then they have been giving me trouble. I had to put the house in my fathers name because my credit wasnt good enough to buy a home. He never had a will so i went through so much work to get the home into my name, but they wouldnt put the mortgage in my name. I fell behind one month, after that they were sending my checks back! I tried pleading with them and they kept adding more money to the balance. I explained how im a single mother trying to raise 4 children on my own, they wouldnt help me at all, they didnt care. I had the means to pay the monthly payments, but since one month falling behind, it was down hill after that. I called sevjeral attorneys, they wanted too much money, i just couldnt afford it! They went as far as calling me and then hanging up when i would pick up the phone. They did some slimey stuff to me and theres not a thing i can do because they dwell on the less fortunate. So finally the sheriff sale, guess who bought it, they did! Nice! So im just waiting to be kicked on the streets anyday now with my 4 children, all over being a month late and trying to catch up, only to be rejected over and over again. I wish you all the best, its very unfortunate that all of us hard working citizens were a victim of these predators!

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  12. My grandmother and I took out a joint mortgage some years back and ended up short selling the place. She had also took out a small loan with CitiFinancial which transferred to greenTree once my grandmother passed. They harassed me to make a payment or to settle once payments was no longer being received. I finally agreed to the settlement amount and paided it in full, not knowing that the loan was insured incase of death. They not only recieved a payment from me but months later from the insurance company. I called to see if there was some type of refund do to me and of course they stated no. The lady was very rude and would not help me. I then asked for her manager who was no better. He told me I did not keep my end of the bargain once I short sold the home so if there was an over payment I do not get anything back. He would not give me a corporate number nor the names of the people that I worked with when attempting to collect the debt. They were listed on my credit report so i thought it was a legit debt to collect. I made a huge mistake paying them because my loan was insured to pay off anything owed in case of death. Now I am out 1k due to lack of knowledge. Please do not do business with this company. They have no sympathy for you or your situation and will take advantage of you.

  13. In case we realize that will web users intricate inside Gmail

  14. My secondary mortgage was sold to Green Tree by Bank of America. All payments were made in full and on time. The problems started when husband and I were divorcing. Green Tree was notified at the onset by me asking what needed to be done to short sale the property. “Jose’” my assigned short sale agent said “just let us know when you get an offer on the property”. When a good faith offer was made, the primary and secondary (Green Tree)lenders for notified by our professional, licensed realtor. The primary submitted the offer to Fannie Mae and the offer was approved by both. Green Tree has refused to give its approval of the sale, had asked for the sale documentation to be faxed to them over and over again. Their customer reps are rude and nasty. My realtor has left so many messages with Green Tree, with no response. The primary lender has extended the closing date twice while we all sit on hold waiting for the Green Tree approval or even a response. The buyers have sold their home and move to Georgia on what is an approved short sale by both Fannie Mae and the primary lien holder. Everyone has had their lives put on hold by Green Tree. We, the sellers, the realtor and the buyers and we CAN NOT get an approval from a secondary lien holder with the least amount invested in the property for sale. I have advised others that have mortgages with Green Tree to get out now. Reading the thousands of problems that people have posted on this site and many others just sounds illegal. People should NOT be held captive to such as this. If the situation were reversed, I’d be locked up for this sort of behavior. This is criminal and the government allows its people to be treated this way.

  15. Felicia Matthews // June 10, 2014 at 1:45 pm // Reply

    GT purchased my mortgage from GMAC. I finally was approved for a modification and was on a 4 month trial. I also had a small $3k loan with Citifinancial that was also purchased by GTS and I was late on the payment. I attempted to pay my mortgage payment (on-time) but GT would NOT allow me until I brought current the other debt. No matter what I said, the rep would not discuss or accept payment on the mortgage until I addresed the past due debt on the other (Citifinancial account). Dealing with GT will make you want to simply rent! I don’t know how they get away with their actiosn. This email blog has over 800 complaints. Talk about lack of consumer rights…

    • My mortgage also was purchased by Green Tree from Everhome in the middle of a short sale. I was not aware until my realtor informed me. My husband had a heart attack and requires 24/7 care. I have had no choice but to sell my home. I have had no help from GT. But harassment. They have offered no quickness to selling my home to the buyer. So by June 30 2014 the buyer will back out. She has had to move from her home and rent hoping to be in my home by now. Don’t askfor a return call you will not receive. All they do is ask for you to fax copies of the same thing over again. Then wants to know what I am going to do with money from sale ? Tell me how do you get any funds from a short sale? What to know if I have any other assets are they freaking crazy. At. This point I really don’t care anymore. I guess they want to have a house sitting empty so they can n have a foreclosure instead of getting some funds from it! Most awful people I have ever dealt with them.

  16. Green Tree Mortgage Servicing Ponzi Scheme Exposed!!!

    They are trying to collect on mortgages that they have no documentation on to back up the invoices that they are creating. They are threatening the public and harrassing these people. We will expose Green Tree Mortgages for their corrupt tactics. They are connected to the Country Wide Mortgage and Green Point Mortgage fraud, Bank of America is also involved! Craig Hecht is one of the Attorney’s located in indicted on Mortgage fraud and Title fraud, he’s a Long Island real estate lawyer from Suffolks County, New York. Craig Hecht, is part of a $10 M Mortgage Fraud ring, and, he is one of 18 has been indicted on felony charges by the Suffolks District Attorney’s office in Long Island, New York.

    I am “Exposing” this corrupt Green Tree Servicing Mortgage Ponzi Scheme!!!! They say they work for fannie mae and freddie mac; they are corrupt thieves hiding behind a mortgage company and they need to be exposed!!!

    The executives behind Green Tree Servicing LLC!
    Cheryl A. Collins Chief Financial Officer
    Keith Anderson President of Green Tree
    Gregory D. Aplin Executive Vice President of Green Tree
    Jerry W. Britton Executive Vice President of Green Tree
    Richard G. Evans Executive Vice President and Director of Green Tree

    Green Tree Servicing SUCKS

    Green Tree Servicing LLC… the mortgage company has harassed, scammed, threatened, or mistreated tons of undeserving people – myself included. This page will serve as WARNING to others about this company.

    - The Westchester News

  17. Sadly, my GM mortgage in NJ was sold to Green Tree. Note, I have never been late on a payment of any kind in my 20+ year credit history and have stellar credit. I currently work overseas and Green Tree has been making harassing calls to my company’s main office in NJ. Their staff is a bunch of ignorant monkeys and their bookkeeping is third world. The government should shut this joke of a company down immediately!!!

  18. my loan from EVERHOME MORTGAGE, was sold to them as well. it is clear that the mortgage companies that sell to them have no respect for their customers. it is clear through research that Green Tree is a terrible mortgage company and its hard to believe EVERHOME would be associated with them. now on a interesting note, I noticed that the web page navigation for EVERHOME is almost exactly the same as green tree, as though they could be sister companies. The sad part is you can not even make an online bank payment on time without occurring a 12.00 payment which incidentally is EVERHOME mortgage’s late fee. Well I will forever associate EVERHOME Mortgage with green tree and their worthless customer service.

  19. najeeb akbar // May 2, 2014 at 3:02 pm // Reply

    Nothing but harassment from day one. They send people out to take pictures of your house and knock on your door and call you every day if you are delinquent with your payment as though you are a common criminal. Never ever use this company. They should not be in business. They are terrible.

    • prince1779 // May 4, 2014 at 11:20 am // Reply


  20. I just had my mortgage sold to Green Tree. I paid last months payment online no problem. I went to pay this months payment and now they want to charge me for paying it on line. I never got charge before from any mortgage company. They always would rather you did. Plus it paperless. I thought it was all about saving our environment

  21. Unbelievable, my debt has been discharged yrs ago and they are calling and harassing me. My husband is a PI and foreclosure fraud is his business. He will definitely handle this.

  22. I spoke with them on yesterday. I was trying to get the address of the local office to go in an pay the loan out. Valarie would not answer my questions. She continued to ask me when was I going to take care of my late payments. She said there were no local office in my area. I had mailed a payment to a local office before. I began to be concerned if my payment was received. She refuse to answer my questions. She put her supervisor on and he was very polite and answered my questions. I will never get a loan with them again.

    • Anonymous // May 22, 2014 at 2:12 pm // Reply


  23. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously feel this amazing site needs a
    lot more attention. I’ll probably be back again
    to see more, thanks for the information!

  24. Thank you! Bank of America sold our loan to this predatory servicing bank. They use unethical collection practices when were were never late. I had just spoken to them on the same day they felt it necessary to call our neighbor informing them they needed to speak to my husband and were unable to get him. They also mentioned my name and said my number was disconnected which is incorrect! We plan to file charges against them for their continued harrassment!

  25. My husband and I have also fallen victim to the Green Tree Nazi’s. We have been homeowners for the past 35 years and have always had mortgage companys that were courteous and never, ever called us on the 5th of the month to see where our payment is. Our contract with Bank of America clearly states that our mortgage is late and will accrue charges as of the 16th of the month. Fair enough, so why then when they sold our mortgage to Green Tree last year do these same conditions not apply? My husband gets paid bi-monthly and we pay our mortgage with that first check of the month which means that it is usually paid around the 8th or 9th of the month. The calls start on the 5th and continue each day until they get their money. I have been very calm and explained that to them, I even looked ahead and asked to write down when I am telling them each subsequent months mortgage would be paid. The calls continue to come. Is there anyway if and when we every buy a home again we can put some sort of provision in the contract that we do not want our loan sold to these people?

  26. My 2nd mortgage was sold to Green Tree. I am in default on this loan. I hate that and I hate it when the 800 number rings. I know what they want. But with Green Tree, I have ONLY experienced PLEASANT and HELPFUL people who understand, or at least seem to understand, my situation and try to make it as ‘pleasant’ as possible for me until I can get things worked out. Green Tree will probably never have me back again as a customer, but I would indeed seek them out on a mortgage loan should the situation present itself in the future. Its a big company so I am sure not all representatives are like mine, obviously not, that is unfortunate, but there are some at Green Tree who DO care and DO try their best for which I am thankful.

  27. GT skates the rules fight back! they make money all their money in fees! late fees, NSF fees,scam insurance fees they sell fight back like I did and win! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! basically you have none, but if they screw with you screw em back RIGHT!
    First I just after years dealing with these A holes they lost a payment! oh boy, you say why don’t you pay on line AS I ALWAYS DID! with other providers in past!
    No way with GT they give you know options to pay by the 15 of the month they want all moneys in by the first basically I was told this a site generates money in interest for them before they pay the note holders!

    Next they want you basically to pay 30 days ahead to avoid the double statement ** DO NOT DIVIDE THIS AMOUNT by 1/2!!!!!! it could be wrong and cause a missed payment and more fees always pay your correct amount with new escrow amount what you supposed to pay!!

    KNOW YOU SMALL AMOUNT OF RIGHTS! FILE A RESPA! see link google it ,put a sample in word and send it registered return receipt!
    a QWR!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good luck! keep all records in a file, make sure escrow is right,

    Lastly look at old mortgage papers and find your AMORTIZATION SCHEDULE! yes that pile of crap you got at closing I hope you still have it!! read it! it has lots of no#s and it go’s by month divide by 12 and find out what column you are in do the math no#s match GT statement bet not! FILE A QWR! RESPA PLEASE GOD TRUST ME!
    find out what month of payment stream your in, look at what GT is charging and compare the both to find hidden charges!
    Please in closing remember they are a loan only servicer GT=Walters Investments!1600 employees!Based out of Florida! and they are making MILLIONS! servicing the junk, the crap, sub prime,mobile homes loans, trailer trash loans,,non doc,non reported income loans, toxic asset’s, lower class, middle class, MY LOAN! no banks, no one wanted ! and they make money via fee’s ,late,Returned checks,and putting crazy insurance house generated they sell how freeking convenient THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL! if you drop your homeowners on your accounts!
    So screw them as little as you can by 1. pay on time, and make sure you can prove you paid via a return receipt payment yes it cost but I had to pay over a $100 bucks to stop payment fees,,wire transfer to make sure not to be past 30 days, & a late fee GT generated!
    Don’t do their online pay thing as you give them permission to do any thing with your bank money if you do and they will charge your account on the 1st!
    Check your escrow, check your taxes if paid on time! check your home insurance correct amount and paid?
    FILE A QWR RESPA request to the address on back of your statement not were you pay note via Return Receipt! google copy of letters or forms , read how too easy file, file ,file each time if you do it right BAM you could possibly get $2000 clams from GT = Walters Investments! DO IT! to protect your self PLEASE!
    this link is what GT Walters Investment the rules they must follow OH YA!

  28. won a judgement // February 14, 2014 at 12:36 pm // Reply

    It has been over a year and half since my sister was foreclosed on by GT. She was shocked and there was no warning. She was under a modification program, used her 401k to make payments on time after losing her job of 18 years. GT stated they called her and her records show that she didn’t receive any calls from them. It was all very sneaky. We hired a lawyer and won. Now the judge has ordered mediation for settlement. That begins in March. Her expenses have been legal fees, loss of interest deducttion on taxes, loss of property tax deduction, moving expenses (she took a job 6 hours away because her self-employment status was not long enough for them under their finance program.) She left her high school age son in the home and rented the home to relatives before the foreclosure. She has many more expenses involved with the foreclosure and this ruined her credit. Fannie Mae bought the house from GT and they contract with a company called Carrington Properties to handle the property. A local realtor who handles properties for Carrington refused to handle this house because he had heard the story from another realtor about this house and knew that GT was in the wrong. The realtor that did take on the property from Carrington is in a city 40 miles away. They signed a lease agreement with the relative in the house for one year. My sister paid the majority of the rent on the lease to keep her son in the home and to keep the home. This home has always meant so much to her an the family as a gathering place on the holidays. She had assets to keep paying the mortgage an another home she could sell if it came to that in order to keep her residence. According to her lawyer this case has set a precedence an her intention is to help set a precedence so that others are not hurt by losing their home because GT believes they are “too big to fail”. My sister is back in the home since the lease had run out and Carrington gave notice to our relative to vacate. She tried to pay the lease but Carrington refused. Carrington has served the relative who has not live in the home since before the lease ran out and “anyone occupying the home”, 2 evictions. Her lawyer had the first dismissed, however even though the home has been under a court title lien (belongs to no one until settlement), Carrington properties is still harassing with evictions, etc. What was funny was GT, Fannie Mae their lawyers, and the Carrington Properties do not communicate with each other even when her lawyers sends them all the same communication and the judge ordered one point of contact. This is their defense about how the home was foreclosed is that they are a big corporation with multiple contractors for a property and some homes slip through the cracks. Amazing that they can destroy a person’s life and credibility and say oh well, it just slipped through the cracks. Have no idea on how settlement will go or what to ask for.

  29. I have been through this same sad mess. My $29K loan was sold to GreenTree. They have never posted my payment on time….yes I finally learned to send it certified. They have added multiple bogus fees. GreenTree has also bought insurance policies and charged to my account…..AFTER their own web site shows my insurance policies, policy numbers, and amount paid by myself. One year later my loan balance is over $40K even with me making all my payments. Greet Tree is a THIEF. They go forward with malicious intent to STEAL from us all.

    GreenTree are crooks. If I ever hear of a lawsuit in Florida, I will gladly spend my own money to come and testify against Walter Management – Green Tree pirates.

  30. is getting f....... fun // February 2, 2014 at 7:20 am // Reply

    they is no way they can keep doing people like this how can they sleep at nite becouse the bad man going to get them this i know

  31. I thought it was only me. Never experience such rude, and nasty representatives in my entire life. This company need to be put out of business. The reps is not concern with the customers needs and I wonder the reason work there. Wondering if there is a way to get my loan transferred to another lender.

    • We are going through the same thing.Our loan was with Bank Of America and they sold it toGreen Tree.I get paid every two weeks and as soon as the due day goes by the phone is ringing off the hook.I also tried getting help for a Harp program and right before everything was set I received a letter saying they were unable to verify employment and my husband has worked at his job for 27 years.I also ended up hanging up on them.Its sad that the only way you can get help is if you fall behind on your payments, you want to give up!!

  32. I thought it was only me. Never dealt with such rude, and nasty people in my life. Very poor customer service skills ,this company need to be put out of business. They refuse to work with you.Wondering if there is a way to get my loan transferred to another lender.

  33. I would not recommend Greent Tree to anyone.. I paid 37000 for a doublewide and paid over 55000 on it… Well to make a long story short, I went through a divorce and got behind a few payment and the repo the home…. If I payout the full loan it would been 115000… This is 4 times the value…

  34. I live in Texas but my payment goes to Illinois even though Green Tree has a payment address in Dallas. I found out today that once my payment is received in Illinois it gets sent back to Dallas for processing! No wonder I keep getting charged late fees! Our loan was sold to Green Tree a number of years ago. We refinanced to get out from under their thumb and a couple of months later it was sold right back to them. We too have received the harrassing phone calls, even though we have never been delinquent.

    • Refinancing with another big bank will surely get you sold right back to Green Tree. A Credit Union is the way to go.

      Also, for your FYI, “Obama Refi’s, Modifications, Reverse Mortgages, HARP and HAMP are ALL traps known as “Manufactured Foreclosures,” used to precipitate foreclosures.

      Make complaints to the cfpb asap. Do NOT try to work it out with GT, their job is to put you into foreclosure.

    • We also live in Texas, however as it would take green tree forever to post the payment, and after rude nightmare staff, I got a supervisor who was nice, and gave me the Dallas address for payments, since then that is where I send mine, I do have to use my own envelope, so the payment doesn’t go elsewhere, however I do check exactly how they post it. I hope this helps you Jay and any others.

      PO BOX 660934

  35. marsha goodman // January 14, 2014 at 4:06 am // Reply

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  36. Mrs Beatrice Barber // December 30, 2013 at 4:35 pm // Reply


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    • Nigerian Scammer Go away!

    • I really need to contact Mr Wayne Matthew because I’m on the verge of being foreclosed on by Greentree. I have no where to go. I am 65 retired and have my 32 year old son living with me who was a victim of a horrible crime and was in a coma for over a month. So his disability us still pending and I only have my income we are both living on. Do u think this man will help me? I am desperate and scared. Thank u for the info. My email is

    • Pamela Davis // June 18, 2014 at 8:35 am // Reply

      Is he a legit company he is asking for money I do not have

  37. I do not like this company. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE SHUT THEM DOWN

  38. COMPANY ADVERT TEAM // December 4, 2013 at 6:54 am // Reply


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  39. they caused me so much stress on me i had a heart attack now on a heart pump… im in on a law suit if anyones in one

    • Brett Flaharty // January 7, 2014 at 10:06 pm // Reply

      I am starting a class action against Green Tree Servicing, LLC and B of A for fraud and collectios abuses. Please call me ASAP, (661)478-1115.

  40. I was transfer from bad (bank of america) to worse (Green tree servicing) a few months ago and the best I say is this company should be put out of business one way or the other. Rude, disrespectful, careless to name a few.

    • Yes I have a great problem with Green tree, found out that if you have P,M,I insures on your loan they don’t care if u pay or not they still get there money, and that is why they want you out of your homes

    • I’d suggest that you do 4 things. 1) send all payments either certified or obtain a proof of mailing certificate. 2) track on oline every month to make sure payments are posted. 3) the first time (and any time) your account gets messed up send a certified letter to the CEO’s office and copy the AG office in your state and in their coprorate offices state 4) don’t waste one moment on phone communications. It’s a pain no doubt. Or pay off via a refi if you can/don’t want to deal with the hassle.

    • Green Tree took over my loan back in February 2013 and they have gotten only one payment correct. I paid additional money to put in my escrow for 4 months but they only put one in the escrow account and the other 3 payments went to principal. They were suppose to straighten it out and then in June 2013 I paid additional money in my escrow to help keep my payments down. They put the money in every account but my escrow. I paid the amount of my shortage before the date they stated in my escrow analysis but they didn’t change my payment to what the escrow analysis stated it would be. I was told by several people that my payment was what was stated in the analysis and that is what I have been paying. I have left so many messages but not one person will ever return my call. If I don’t get someone when I call you can forget it. I have talked to 17 different people. They have sent me escrow money back when they shouldn’t have. I have requested a complete copy of all the transactions on my account since day one. I am in the processing trying to complain to the BBB and I have an attorney’s name and number who I plan on calling tomorrow. I have had a mortgage since I was in my early twenties and have never been late or even had a problem with a motgage company (I’m in my early 60′s now) but this has got to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. They must have idiots that work at this place. Just put the funds in the correct account and do it in a timely manner is all I ask, however, no one has been able to get my account straightened out. I am all for a class action suit. I have spent hours and hours on the phone but these dummies can’t get it right! I already talked to one attorney that I know and he doesn’t handle this type of cases. He is our HOA attorney but he did recommend me to another attorney and like I mentioned I am calling him tomorrow. Enough is enough and I have been patient. This has been going on since April!

      • Sharon says:
        November 19, 2013 at 4:08 am
        I haven’t seen ant posting of the address used for certified mail. I checked their website and did not find it. I got my letter today that BOA has sold my mortgage to GT. I plan to spend the extra $$ to send first payment certified return receipt. I have already sent email to family member who is a real estate lawyer. Thanks for any info you can provide.

      • I’ve had the same horrible experience with Greentree . Greentree took over GMAC in Feb.2013 and it’s been a nightmare ever since. Since Greentree took over we were paying double, one payment still being sent to GMAC and one payment to GreenTree. When we found out, Greentree said it had been going to the escrow. Without anyone asking us. I would never recommend anybody doing business with Greentree. There is so much more to this story it’s not funny. I would like to join in the class action lawsuit.


  41. Sounds like a great Class Action lawsuit to me. Anyone know a good attorney?

    • I am in on the Class Action lawsuit!!!! The harassment from this company is unbelievable!!

      • how do I get on the class action? Greentree cost me my job!!! They called my job SO MANY times AFTER I requested them NOT to call me there that I was discharged from my job. Now that I have NO INCOME they are harassing me to make my payment and when I attempted to get a deferment they gave me the HARDEST time, as if it was MY FAULT I had no money

      • Ulaine Washington // November 5, 2013 at 7:40 am // Reply

        Please tell me how I can join any class action suit against this mortage predator. My mortgage loan was sold to Green Tree in June. I have continued to make timely monthly payments. After repeated requests, I have yet to receive any statements or an amortization schedule reflecting my payments. However, I have been repeatedly harassed. Customer service representatives have always been rude, disrespectful, and misleading. My experience with this company has been totally frustrating

  42. Same as every one I’ve never in my life dealt with a business like green tree they should not be aloud to run a business

  43. Does anyone have a GOOD fax number to Greentree’s Escrow Dept.?
    The one they gave me: 1-480-383-0632 is NEVER answered.
    I have been trying for a week to send a fax to get my escrow account reviewed.

    • Good Luck! By the end of the year my escrow will be overpaid by $12,000 and they won’t adjust it!!!

      • Amy Heinz // May 6, 2014 at 10:29 am // Reply

        I am having the same issue with my escrow account. I have asked them for a review and they just send me the same statement I’m questioning. They said I have a shortage of $2,600 that will be distributed over 12 months, yet they raised my monthly payment over $500! I will be filing a complaint with the CFPB.

  44. angryladysc // October 3, 2013 at 8:05 am // Reply

    In July 2013 my payment check was lost that was sent from my bank. I contacted Green Tree to make phone payment and told them I would stop payment on the check. The check was later found. Of course, when they tried to put it through it would come back NSF. The same thing happened in August. So after making another phone payment I spoke to a “supervisor” (ha) and was told I could send in the paperwork for auto pay. That was on 9/19/13. Today I find out they have denied the auto pay due to 2 months of NSF payments while all the time they can see the payments had to be made via phone. Now I am told I must call in every month until August 2014 or send via western union.

  45. I have never been treated so rudely and disrespectfully than by this company!!! They are bully’s and use yelling and threats as scare tactics! I yell right back and let them know how rude they are and that there is a certain way to talk to people!! I despise Green Tree and wish BOA had never sold me out!

  46. Whatever you do, DO NOT refi through Quicken!! They are rated so well, BUT guess where our loan ended up again?! We made ONE payment with Quicken before getting our doomsday letter that Green Tree would be servicing our loan. I could have puked, cried & screamed all at once. =( Beyond disappointed and depressed about this. We have experienced the many bipolar faces of Green Tree, so at least we know what to expect and are prepared for the absolute worst.

    • me too. thought I was moving to a reputable company after my refi.
      BOA = green tree.
      Quicken Loans = green tree.
      Do not mail payment. No matter when you mail it, they post it after the “late” date. U.S.P.S. cannot possibly take 10-12 days to deliver a piece of mail. It’s just a way for green tree to make extra $$.

    • Refinancing with another bank will surely get you sold right back to Green Tree. A Credit Union is the way to go.

      Also, FYI, “Obama Refi’s, Modifications, Reverse Mortgages, HARP and HAMP are ALL traps known as “Manufactured Foreclosures,” used to precipitate foreclosures.

      Make complaints to the cfpb asap. Do NOT try to work it out with GT, their job is to put you into foreclosure.

  47. Donna Hammond // September 15, 2013 at 4:14 pm // Reply

    Every time I try to talk to them trying to get a situation resolve of being charged for insurance that I did not require. My insurance agent was Farmers which I paid for myself as sell as the taxes. They said if I did not pay this they would shown my payments late. I never have been late on a payment. They picked up the loan from GMAC when they went bankrupt. My agent gave them the policy number and term but they still insisted on opening an escrow account. They said that I would have to write them and tell them I did not want an escrow account. I never had an escrow account with GMAC and the terms should be the same. They said they were backed by Fannie May. They also told me I could not get the information on my account unless I paid them this additional amound I owed them. I told them I did not owe that and they said I was late in my payments, which was not true. They said they could not give me any information on my account as long as it was late. I told him this was not legal. He keep telling me I needed to shutup. He kept repeating the same information. When I kept replying that I was not going to pay something I did not owe. He said he could get them to evaluate my account but I would have to pay that amount. I told him I was not paying something I did not owe. He kept saying I can help you yes or no if you pay that amount. I told him again I was not paying something I did not owe. Everytime I told him that he started the spill again for me to shut up and yes or no. I told him I was not going to say yes or no to something I did not owe. I could see there was no resolution and they did not plan to help me. They just wanted the additional money. They keep showing me late even though I am not.

    • Kevin Elliott // October 8, 2013 at 8:43 am // Reply

      I have the exact same issue. I’ve gone to the state attorney general complaining. I have faxed over my insurance documents since June. It took 5 times to get them to even acknowledge they received them, and when I call they now say its the escrow department’s issue and that even though they concur the insurance is erroneously placed, I have to wait a week for them to reply. As usual the week passes and no reply…and another month of their own insurance charged.

    • miguel mejias // November 12, 2013 at 12:48 pm // Reply

      plz contac me… same problem here

      • Hi,

        My name is Sarah, I am emailing you because saw your comment reply about Green Tree being involved with your mortgage company. I work for a company that deals with these types of situations. Green Tree, (along with Vericrest,Caliber Home Loans ect.) is one of the names that has been coming up a whole lot lately. It seems they are involved with a ton of fraudulent loans.
        We should be able to help you stop any future foreclosure of your property. The investigation not only allows you to keep your house but it also gives you a chance winning a civil suit for damages. Once you provide evidence that they have been collecting on your property illegally you can void the deed of trust.

        When and/if your property is being foreclosed on one of the things we do offer is a packet for a Stay of Execution which has stopped at least two of our clients from losing their homes until we were able to finish the investigation for them.

        Please get into contact with my manager Mike Aloia as soon as possible to see what we can do to help you with this. Trust me its worth it. I would encourage you and anyone who has contacted you to get in touch with us ASAP.

        Below I will leave a brief explanation of what we do and all the contact numbers along with the facebook page and website.

        All Lenders are must produce the Documents required by Law to prove ownership of the loan. This is called Validation.

        We at Ameri Docs Process prepare the Documents you need to gather evidence showing the loan is invalid.

        This means you the homeowner cannot get a clear Title. You have the right to challenge the Mortgage note to Quiet the Title in the court of Law.

        We will advise, consult and educate you, You may be able to receive the compensation you deserve due to the negligence of the lenders involved. It is your obligation to yourself to use your last means of defense to get to the truth of this matter.

        Here are the website and Facebook links:

        Here are the contact numbers for my manager Mike Aloia:
        Our 1-800 number


        Mike’s Personal Cell Number:

        (904) 229-8150

  48. Having lost my job of 16 yrs, I called GTF to give them a heads up and ask if they can work with me.. Since i was no longer employed, i didnt qualify for a loan modification (in-house refi) so I took the forbearance route. Three month go by, I get a call, “btw you no longer qualify for forbearance because you didnt send in the paper work. You’ll need to pay the balance in full”
    Huh?! the paper I was sent was for a loan modification I was told I didnt qualify for. Since I speak to GTF every month without fail, why haven’t I been told sooner?
    I tried to work with these people. Its a lost cause. At this point I’ve given up. Take my place.

  49. green tree is the worst, they lie,they look for ways to make life miserable for you, please can somebody do something to stop this people, and I only been with them since april.

    • They are rude and obnoxious and I don’t know how these people can sleep at night doing the job they do, they way they do it!!! We are all human and Stuff happens to all of us in life and yet we should be treated respectfully!! I hate this company!!

  50. Our loan was sold from BOA to Green Tree 4 months ago. We had a Bankruptcy three years ago with BOA and continued to make our payments and all was well. A few weeks ago we found out Green Tree was reporting the Bankruptcy as new( and will continue to), was not reporting our making our mortgage payments and caused my wife’s credit score to drop nearly 50 points overnight.
    When asked how we could fix this problem Green Tree told me I need to have a letter of Re-affirmation added to my bankruptcy. Meaning I have to hire a bankruptcy attorney to reopen the bankruptcy case, pay him to submit a re-affirmation letter and then send the case back to the bankruptcy courts to see it the Commissioner will sign off on it.
    The Re-affirmation letter isn’t a legally required document. My lender at the time of the bankruptcy didn’t ask or require one. And I asked a bankruptcy attorney in my area about doing the paperwork and was told that the Commissioner in my area won’t even sign those letters!

  51. I cannot get greent tree to except any payments from me toward my mortgage loan since it got transferred from gamc. can you help

    • Sharon Willis // September 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm // Reply

      Can u believe I purchase this mobile home in 97. I was sold to Green Scum also… The total amount was 23,000. I called for pay of she told 22,000. What the hell? I’m really pissed. Can anybody tell my a good lawyer for this. Email it to me…sharonwillis1970@ thanks

      • I am trying to get my bro to he’ll me. Please send and email to help me get him on board. Thanks nice sharon

      • I am having the same problem with this company, Please email me the lawyer name, I had fire damage in the house and they want me to send them the check and they will pay when the work is done how can you do the work without the insurance money. so, if anyone can help me please e-mail me.

    • They will not accept any payments from me either. I was 2 months behind, sent in a payment and they are holding in what they call it a suspense account and now it appears I am 3 months behind! They will not apply it. I want to pay them the 2,300.00 but am afraid if I do to bring current there will be no hidden fees! I asked for this to be in writing and they said no.
      I have not seen a statement of my account since BOA sold the loan in April, nor will they send me one.
      They are impossible to deal with. I document every conversation, call, time etc. Each employee tells me something different. I don’t want to loose my home and have contacted Legal Aid to help.
      What type of letter will be coming to me soon ~ eviction?

  52. My harassment has come from paying too early. My mortgage is due the first of the month. I generally pay the next months payment between the 1st and the 15th. What Green Tree has been doing (3 times in the 9 months since they bought my mortgage from GMAC) is taking the payment made prior to the 15 and applying it to Principle and then when my actual payment is due, have been sending me letters, late statements and even calling to collect money that they have applied incorrectly to my account. My most recent example is my bill due August 1st. The payment was received at Green Tree on July 11th and posted to principle. On July 20th I received my statement showing that I was late in making my payment. I called customer service and they identified the problem (not the first time) and sent in a request to their supervisor to make the correction. I assumed the problem was solved. My mistake. In early August I checked on line only to find my payment was delinquent. I called customer service and was told that the request had been submitted to their supervisor and that they would send another request. I asked to speak to their supervisor and was advised she did not come in until 1000 and was forwarded to her voice mail. I left messages and have yet to receive a call. I then received another statement of late payment and a letter from a debt collector attempting to collect my debt (of which I had paid early). The following day we received a call from Green Tree requesting payment and when my husband questioned the gentleman, they hung up on him and the number on caller ID was not a working number. What disgusting practices; avid them at all costs.

  53. Nick Nichols // August 14, 2013 at 11:35 am // Reply

    This a copy of the letter I faxed to green tree this morning along with a copy of the article of “Are You a Victim of Green Tree?”

    It’s ordinarily not a practice of mine to speak ill of anyone. I’m puzzled by your behavior that started almost from the time you assumed my mortgage from Bank of America. I’ve made my case very clear and in case you missed it in former correspondence or on any of the many “hopefully” recorded phone calls as recently as last evening the evening before, I DO NOT NEED AN ESCROW ACCOUNT, I DO NOT WANT AN ESCROW ACCOUNT, I WILL NOT HONOR AN ESCROW ACCOUNT. Your caller from the collection department last evening asked me a question no one else had asked before and that was “have I faxed in or sent in proof of insurance coverage?” The answer is “no, I haven’t because no one has ever requested that.”

    Using standard operating procedure, the collection department caller said that only “customer service” could help me and wanted to transfer me (one more time) to the customer service department. I’m not sure if he (the caller) actually transferred me but after being on hold for a lengthy period of time with no response from anyone at green tree, I hung up.

    I’m also puzzled by your threats to foreclose on my home for failure to pay an escrow account I don’t need. I would consider that to be “over the top.”

    My request with this letter (via fax) are simple as follows:

    Please let me know which of these four requests is not clear.

    Very truly yours,

  54. Houston Texas frustrated // August 6, 2013 at 4:50 pm // Reply

    My mortgate was sold to Green Tree in sping 2013. Lots of confusion while trying to have autopayment from checking take effect, so I became leery of them. Then the letter came late June saying no “proof of insurance” on file. We’ve had many mortgage company changeouts before and never a problem like this. But we complied and my insurance company sent “proof of insurance” with the loan number that was in the “subject” line of Green Tree’s threatening letter. However, Green Tree had padded the loan number with 005 preceding. Therefore, correspondence from my insurance company was discarded and now a 2nd extremely threatening letter dated July 30 saying “no proof”. Loan number in 2nd letter is as it should have been, but a major hassle for me and my insurance company and I still don’t trust that they are going to acknowledge proof (phone operator told me it would be 10-12 business days from time of receipt before they can confirm). I plan to get legal help if they send another threatening letter. I’ve heard of this before with Chase. (Both companies have their own insurance companies — very high $ with very little no rights for the homeowner).

  55. My loan has been with a variety of different lenders in the past 25 years, all of whom have been workable and relatively pleasant to deal with…until GreenTree LLC.

    They immediately decided my property needed flood insurance. I have acreage, and part does have a dry wash going through it, but it is NOT near ANY dwellings or barns or anything, the latter of which are all significantly higher in elevation. Every time my loan has sold, I go to the FEMA website, print out the Flood Determination certificate for my property, and send it with a detailed letter backing it up to the lender, reiterating what is on the form, that no dwellings or buildings are affected. End of issue….

    Except with Green Scum….they immediately and without my consent or knowledge slapped an unpaid excrow account on my loan and appointed flood insurance, which, by the way, is done through Green Tree Insurance Services!!! Do I smell a rat??

    It would appear that this company is run and staffed by incompetents who are unable to engage in any reasoning skills requiring even basal intelligence.

    I have opened a dispute with the company Land Safe Flood Inc., which supposedly determined that my property was in a flood zone, and even though every other company who evaluated this parcel in the past 25 years, using the same FEMA maps has been able to determine that “no dwellings are in any flood plain and therefore are unaffected”.

    It would not surprise me at all to find Land Safe Flood Inc. is in cahoots with Green Tree Lending LLC.

    I also find it suspect and somewhat leaning toward extorsion to have a mortage company assigning flood insurance through their own insurance company, and changing the write up on my FEMA reports to conveniently leave out the part about the dwellings not being affected at all, and not in a flood plain.

    I thought Bank of America left a lot to be desired, but they’re angelic competents compared to Green Tree!!! Green Tree and their allies should be shut down for unethical business practices.

    • Bank of America owns Green tree !!

    • I totally agreethat B of A needs to get their horns cliped. I went with them because I thought they were sound and financially strong theree they would haave no interest in selling my loan.But like woman of the street they couldn’t say no. I am trying hardto refiance my mortgage with other banks that hhave moral and ethical backbone.
      These leaches she be strungout so they stop the good old boys crap and be proud of working in America. How many Vets coming home will they hire and train? No one ever talks about the life long injuries these young man have been through. I am a retired capt. and I buried many man y young and thern turn to their folks with the neews only to find out they were looking for their son to help when need in their old age. Thank you mr. Green tree for trying to so something honerable.You exec should look at your business and try to be user friendly and not loose paperwork in transfer,have people not call at 7:00 am for late notices with hard accents who can’t pronounce your name.

  56. Is there nothing we can do, I fit right in, i was pushed into crying,,,I wrote my representive and the White House, we need help to stop this.

  57. Victim No More! // July 29, 2013 at 4:06 pm // Reply

    I’ve never been late or had any trouble paying my mortgage the past 12 years with BOA, Wells Fargo, US Bank and then GMAC. GMAC turns my loan over to Green Scum “Servicing” LLC and they are just lawless thugs trying to steal from us all.

    I simply stopped paying them and will never give them another dime of my money and I am going to stay in my house for several years until this plays out in court… who’s on 1st now?

    They just lost a $450,000+ (never late) mortgage customer, (plus legal fees) and several years in foreclosure tied up in the court system.

    You can eventually have my rundown old house Green Scum but I will be living in it rent free for several years until such time that you can legally own it.

    I would rather give my money to a good foreclosure attorney than give you bandits another dime.


    • I find your comments funny because I could have written the same thing. Except my date was June 30th. I have already spoken to an attorney and we will “kick the can” down the road as long as we can minimum 1 year to 3 years.

      Good Luck

    • Nick Nichols // August 14, 2013 at 11:31 am // Reply

      Green Tree assumed my mortgage in April 2013 from Bank of America. Ordinarily not a big deal. With the mortgage came an unnecessary escrow account that essentially doubled by monthly mortgage payment. I immediately informed them I didn’t need, want, nor approve of an escrow account. I’m convinced those receiving their mail/faxes are not fluent in English. They have now twice threatened to foreclose on my home for which I’ve never once missed a mortgage payment and am receiving calls from their collection dept with inordinate frequency.

      I thought maybe it was just me until this morning when I decided to take a look to see if anyone else is having difficulty with them. They are “not a bank” so they cannot set-up EFT for automatic monthly deduction. Don’t you find that odd? I do?

      In looking over the comments submitted about this company, the one I found interesting was from the person who totally stopped paying their mortgage on a $450,000 property and will “kick the can down the road” for 1 to 3 years.

      By then, the Lord will have returned for His bride and believers will have nothing more to worry about. Seems like a worthwhile idea to explore. It would save me a pile of $$$ each month.

      • Amen to that!!!! We are also being threatened by these people, talked down too and just made to feel horrible. My mom lost her job in July of last year, i also lost my job. Mom was just waiting to get her disability and at first green tree seemed to be helpful we got behind on our payments and i spoke to a man named John Spido who seemed very helpful and said that he would defer 2 payments to the end of the loan and that as long as we made a payment in August all would be well and we would be caught up well guess what? We made the August payment and the September payment, mom got a message on her cell saying that the September payment could not be posted to the account because the account was seriously delinquent……now apparently late fees are piling up and they are threatening foreclosure it is stressful on my mom and myself to have to deal with these people, they are rude and speak to us as though we are idiots. I know that my God has us in his hands and will not let this continue, these people need to be stopped! I am going to call Mr. Spido again this morning and Lord help me to restrain myself from coming unglued

      • My mortgage was sold to Green Tree from GMAC this year and they were paid more then 30,000 in three years and they are saying they did not receive this money. I was in bankruptcy and they paid it through the plan. This is rental property and had a fire two week ago and now my insurance company is saying they have to put Green Tree name on the check, now Green tree is saying that they have to hold the check for 10 days and then was only going to give a portion of the check, no contractor is going to put up their money to do work for you. I am upset with the mortgage company and the insurance company. I will not sign the check and send it to them to never see again. I need to know what can I do to get this house fix asap. They told me a supervisor was going to call me back but no call. My tenants are miss-place because of all this red tape. I ask my insurance company if they could pay in three payment and they said no, because they had to pay a claim twice because the person did not do the work, I need someone to tell me what I can do to fix this issue. I hope they don’t want the house to go down due to their customer service dept.

  58. Green Tree bought my 2nd mortgage from Countrywide and my 1st from GMAC (when they went into chapter 11 bankruptcy). I have never, ever been late on any payments and had never had any problems with all the other banks previously servicing my mortgage (Countrywie, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and several others). I always use auto draft from my checking account and it has always come out on the same date every month.

    Now it is a total nightmare. These people are EXTORTIONISTS AND MAFIOSOS using strong arm tactics to take every penny you have…. they are really just illegal loan sharks that prey on the weak and uninformed. They also make false and misleading entries on your credit report to intentionally drag your scores down.

    I simply stopped paying and cancelled my auto payment on both mortgages, cancelled my homeowners policy (and asked for a refund of the remainder of the premium which is in my name), sent them a cease and desist letter and told them to go ahead and take the house by way of foreclosure if they can.

    My house is underwater by well over $200,000.00 anyway so you would think they would have tried to be nice and just keep me paying the bills every month…. NOT SO!

    I will be spending the mortgage money I used to give to them on a prominent and well known Foreclosure Attorney and fight these scumbags in court.

    I am not leaving my house and will stay in it as long as possible as this whole process plays out over the next few years in court. They don’t have the original note, my mortgage is a MERS mortgage (which was securitized) and the list goes on and on….well known robo-signers, false notaries, bogus investor listed on the MERS database etc. etc..

    I don’t advocate doing what I am doing …. but I refuse to be a Green Tree victim any longer.

  59. dislikes green tree // April 28, 2013 at 8:12 am // Reply

    I too experienced a similar situation with Green Tree; I had GMAC and they sold to Green Tree. I too get paid bi-weekly and thus understand that I have until the 16th of every month to pay. I had it set up through Green Tree’s ACH as a scheduled AUTO PAYMENT arranged monthly through them to take the funds from my checking account on the 14th of every month. I would still get the nasty grams from them and when I would call, they would proceed to yell at me that it is due on the 1st and no later than the 16th. I explained that it is through THEIR system my automatic payment and they said that they dont look to see if there is an ACH set up or not. I thought that was assinine, as I work for a financial institution in a collections department and we look to ensure there is not an auto pay set up before making phone calls or sending demand letters. I got fed up and refinanced with another mortgage company. I called green tree to get a payoff and find out when my escrow would be mailed to me after the refi was complete. The person on the other end of the line proceeded to tell me that after my refi is complete, the loan is going to be just sold back to them anyway and I would still have to deal with them. This angered me to a point where I started yelling at the rep as well. on a side note, I am a soft spoken southern woman who rarely raises my voice or angers so to get me to this point is astonishing. I immediately called back to the company I refinanced with and they assured me they do not sell their mortgages to green tree. The harrassment is horrbile from them. I hope something happens where they get sued and shut down because the way they treat people is disgusting. I also mentioned FDCPA to them and they laughed at me. I stated that on my bill it says “this is a measure to collect a debt” which a debt indeed, but it is not a collections item. they said that everything anyone owes is a collections item. I believe I am smart enough to understand that I am never late with my mortgage, and thus not a collections item. So Aggravating.

    • Greentree Customer // July 10, 2013 at 7:44 pm // Reply

      I am a Greentree customer and I also get paid bi-weekly. Most of us do. I pay my mortgage before the 1st of each month, as I did when I was with GMAC. There was a little hiccup during the transfer of services, but it has been fixed. They don’t have to call me because I pay it before its due. What is the big deal? If you have other bills due around the 1st of the month, CHANGE THE DUE DATES on those other bills, since your mortgage is a legal document and Fannie Mae loans are due on the 1st and cannot be changed. Just pay your bill ON TIME (BY THE 1ST) and don’t get the 16th late fee assessment date mixed up with your due date.

      • The big deal is that no matter how you set it up or pay these scumbags they tack on additional fee’s: Corporate Account Balance, Insurance (have my own), late fee’s (not late). If you pay on time they try to figure out some way to get more.

        If they haven’t done it to you yet – they will or are you part of the Green Tree Scumbags?

  60. Debby Berg // April 22, 2013 at 6:36 pm // Reply

    My advice to all of you is this; REFINANCE yourselves out of Green Tree as soon as humanly possible. You all need to understand that you are NOT stuck with these underhanded mortgage scammers. I refuse to call them a mortgage servicing company, because they aren’t reputable and they are predatory in the extreme. No joke, start searching for a refi as soon as you get off the computer. You do NOT have to put up with this sort of harrassment. Second, I would begin contacting local agencies as well as the Better Business Bureau who is in a position to put a huge amount of pressure on this company to clean up its act. Your local city and state governments can assist you. Then just keep going up the food chain. I would also consider going to your local news affiliates. ABC, CBS, NBC. CNN Money, and just keep them in the crosshairs till they cease and desist or you can refinance out of your current nightmare.

  61. Our Mortgage was Discharged in Bankruptcy back in 2010. We were told by BOA that the 1st Mortgage was discharged, the 2nd was not. We continued to pay both Mortgages for 2 years, 3 months because we didn’t truly know that both Mortgages were Discharged. BOA was notifying the Credit Bureau’s that we still owed on the 2nd Mortgage but nothing was being reported to Credit Bureau on the 1st. An Attorney told us to discontinue our payments because they were both discharged and never re-affirmed by the Bank and that the balances owed should appear $0.00 on Credit Reports. The Mortgages have been sold to Green Tree and now we are getting calls and letters. I will file with the government if they keep up the harrassment. I am taking care of an elderly person and I do not need the interruptions. From what I read they are visious.

  62. Stephanie A. Lynch // April 20, 2013 at 8:20 am // Reply

    Stephanie Lynch again!!

    Green Tree sent me information as of April 15th, 2013. They sent the following address.
    Green Tree Servicing LLC
    P.O. Box 7169
    Pasadena, CA 91109-7169

    I am in the process of trying to figure out how to pay on line??

  63. Stephanie A. Lynch // April 20, 2013 at 8:14 am // Reply

    My name is Stephanie and my home loan was sold to Green Tree in March 2013, I recieved a letter from Bank of America giving me the information about them selling my loan, so I called Green Tree to pay my April 2013 note . On April 9th, 2013 at 6:01pm I called Green Tree and spoke to Sarah about paying my morage on line she informed me of my new account number and continued to tell me that NO late fee’s will be added to the account this month BUT if I wanted to pay the note over the phone there would be a $12.00 fee. My question to her was if Green Tree took over the loan then 1 of 2 things should of happened!!! (1) Green Tree should have sent out statements of the change and contact information (2) they should wave all fees for the month of April. I can’t say that she was rude because she wasn’t. My complaint would be about the company themselves and how they are need to be more on top of things and or hire someone who can do thier jobs!

    • Get away from greentree! Do what you have to, refi with another bank that’s what I did. I was being harassed by them. GT didn’t pay my property taxes. They just hold on to your money in escrow and make no payments. I delt with this for 6 months until I contacted quicken loans… 15 day later closed on my refi. Freedom! GT treat their customers has debt collectors.

      • also anonymous // April 23, 2013 at 9:13 pm // Reply

        Hate to tell you this dude but we closed with quicken last month. Guess who they just sold our loan to?

  64. Can I get an addess to send my payments regiasted mail.

  65. NO contact by Greentree to pay current bill. Found out in a late month letter fro BOA it had been sold. Beofore I can pay on line, the account is gone. SO no way to pay, so know waiting on the late charges I am sure are coming.. WHo is green tree? I do have a service called green tree that cuts limbs and shreads themulch. Maybe they can handle the loan and if is late to me just shread it up with my return check so when it is recycled a few years from now they can cash it!.


    • we either send them a money gram or have to use banking account . it cost 9.55 to sent payment from walmart and 12.00 if use the bank. usually have to call them to get infor. we don’t have payment books or receipts either.

  66. My loan was transferred from BA to GT effective April 1. As of today, April 16,2013, I have zero loan information from GT making it virtually impossible to make a payment. Curious if anyone else with a recent transfer is in the same boat. All info has been from BA dated March 9-29. I’ve had the mortgage sold before on homes and were all smooth transitions, timeline docs and payment info. All the consumer complaints about GT has me very worried. The website is of no use as I don’t have the new GT account number. Calling the 2020 CS number is a joke staying on hold and addresses to mail payment open the door for fraud and misuse since I don’t have any GT loan information or account #.

    • same thing happen to me when mine was sold. told the payment book would be sent but nothing showed. No billing from GT. After waiting well past my payment date (45 days) I contacted them and they said yes they could not contact me with the payment info until the date B of A released the loan ( which turned out to be 3 days after my payment was due. They would waive the late fee. I thought that would be fine but I found out later it took the next 2 full payments to pay just the interest for their mistake in not contacting me earlier with the payment info. If I would not have called I wonder how much longer this would have taken to straighten out. They made no attempt to contact me when it was late which suggest that they knew what they were doing in delaying the payment info.

    • Wow,same thing happened to our loan that was sold from BoA.When I first called the number from the welcome letter a recorded message came on that told me I was to recieve a free Bahama vacation.I didn’t bite on the free trip so my call was then transferred to customer service for GT who then told me they do not offer such a deal.I asked when I was to recieve a payment coupon they told me to pay on line or check over the phone for a fee.I said I would rather send it in the mail and was told I should be getting one in the mail.Just recieved the new letter with no payment coupon and a different mailing address from the mailing address from the welcome letter.Shame on you BoA for selling our mortgage to such a fradulent company!

    • By the way. Do not use Quicken or you will wind up back with Greentree.

  67. They call every hour of the day and don’t care who they yell at
    Greentree has called where I work and argued with a manager here and she told them no they could not talk to me. They insisted and insisted and insisted to talk to me. finally she hung up on them.

    • They called my house and my 11 year old answered the phone and told her she needed to speak to me. I was business with company at the time in my front yard. I told her to tell her I would return her call in about an hour. She told my baby that you tell your mother if she doesnt call me back you people will not have a front yard to stand in. Well one thing you dont mess with my kids so I didnt call her butt back until MOnday morning and when I did I started with her and told her yes this is my debt and you people are ripping us off and i cant prove it. I realize i have to pay or be without a front yard. I make my payments every month and if you look at my record you will see i do whether is is late or not. I said when i have the money i will call and make payment arrangements I told her if she ever called my house a spoke to my kids like that again that it was going to be me and her because I would not ever talk to her again and if they gave me a hard time then i would mail the payments whether later or not. She was my account rep for 9 years which is longer then most because the flip them around . I find if you tell them off the first time and the make sure you call them when you say you are make you payments they dont get nasty. My husband and I realized along time ago Green Tree became our landlords because we will never pay them off until we can do something else or payments or less then rent

  68. Green Tree Servicing just took over my loan from BofA starting April 1st. I got my Green Tree account information maybe a week or so before the payment was due. I do my bill pay through BofA electronically and the payment went through OK. I logged into my account for the first time today, saw I wasn’t charged a late fee, most of the money went to interest and the rest to escrow, as it should.

    I got a letter from them a few days ago saying they may be able to refinance the loan (it’s an underwater rental property in FL, I live in CA) and to call their number. I had indeed called BofA last month inquiring about a short sale because I’m out of pocket several hundred dollars a month and the place is around 100K underwater and I wanted to do a short sale to help my situation. They, of course, said I need to wait until Green Tree takes it over to pursue it any more.

    A refi definitely would help. I called the number and the rep asked a bunch of questions, where I work, the address, how long have I been employed, how much do I make a year, how much is in my bank account, etc… He said he didn’t need a hard-copy of any of the paperwork. I answered the questions and it sounded like it wasn’t a problem – they’re going to shift me out of my interest-only loan and into a 30 year fixed at a lower rate – 2.375% lower. So now, not only will I save a bit of money every month, but I’ll also be paying down principle.

    When I asked them why they were able to do this, because BofA wouldn’t allow it, he said BofA has stricter rules and they want to do what’s best to keep the mortgage with Green Tree. He said when the term of my current loan expires in 2015, it will balloon up and so rather than have that happen, they want to put me into a more affordable situation NOW, not later.

    The weird part is that I’ve called BofA several times before and they said there’s no program that can help me out because I’m too far underwater and it’s not owner occupied. Also, I can’t do a refi because I don’t have a financial hardship – I’m still employed and pay all my bills on time.

    I told the rep it sounded good and he’s going to fed-ex me some paperwork and he e-mailed me some stuff that I need to sign and send back within 3 days.

    After reading all this, I’m not going to sign anything, but, damn, it does sound good!

    I already gave him my phone numbers, work address, etc. I haven’t given them any bank account info or signed anything, so, I think I should be in fine shape should I not sign the paperwork and never send it back. Would you agree?


    • Green tree has one motive, to take your house and make money. They most most likely want to help you refi so that they can change the contract in a way to trip you up at some point, so that you can not make your payments and they get to foreclose. They are not that kind that they would want to help you or anyone else, for that matter.

      • Beware, Greentree is the devil in disguise. Do not listen to anything they have to say. They are not honest and are unprofessional. Good Luck

  69. Melissajfl // April 8, 2013 at 4:43 pm // Reply

    April 8, 2013 at 3:30 pm
    Update to my previous email with links and more concise to do list and thank you’s:

    Just wanted to give you all an update-I had written a big post Fri evening but as I was searching for useful links, I lost the tab in my iPad,, here is a post that I put on another site:

    April 6, 2013 at 1:08 am

    I fought for my life and rights and want to thank all of your who have shared your storied and gave recommendations. I was tenacious since receiving “notice of debt” on 3/26/13 and have spent every waking minute reading, researching, typing, filing documenting, posting here and there, more researching-phone calls,etc. I believe I put in 100+ hours easily on this BUT have to report your recommendations worked BUT I have some suggestions to spread it up. I worked all Easter weekend on this and saved all docs and letters as PDFs and uploaded to GTs corporate website WITH my complaints etc and immediately had date and time stamped response from GTS website.

    Also, I sent ALL said docs to attorney as his notice of debt letter had the email address so I mentioned to both electronically that these are legally sent and received as per your your website and letterhead and outgoing message at your firm but the hard copied of all docs will be CERT RR via USPS and I cc’d RESPA, HUD, FLS AG, BOA, FANNIE MAE, and others, I have to check as I left my desk for bed an picked up the iPad to share so others will benefit. On MOn 4/1/13 when I called to confirm that they rec’d my April 1, May1 (and supposed missing sept1) plus extra 50-100k per month towards principal, payment deposited as my banks have notified me of and all is well (close to 3k) she emphatically states NO and after 4 days of hangs ups, bullying, lying etc. 4/1-4/4, . I never quit and continued to email all mentioned acronyms above every time she refused to work with me.

    This continued until a 3 way w/BOA on TH where she screamed at me WHY ARE YOU CALLING with BOA? I told her BOA emailed me about following up on their attempted 3 way call the previous day but I was on phone with GTS CUST SERV on hold. I documented over 6 hours on Wed on the phone wGTS reps ALL who saw the $4k in my suspense and no matter how hard each one of them tried to work it out, all calls and dirt roads lead to same rep who was obviously blocking me- this was like a financial horror version of Groundhog Day or clockwork orange where you are forced to watch the horror….each call lasted 1-1 1/2 hours and always resulted with the same – her vm and I LEFT MESSAGE EVERY time or the Cust serv rep saying to call her or attorney.

    I forced her hand asking her to cancel payments on my checks supposedly sent back AND TAKE my money out of suspense b/c it is ALL ther b/c GTS reps ALL see it and by the time they see it and read and read and get to the bottom where rep with a mission to put my principal total balance in her monthly totals, must have wrote something on my files…not rocket science. She tells me that Mam, you know I cannot do that, don’t insult my IQ, ANd I reply that I was a NY Public auditor and consultant of fortune 100 corps. in manhattan with biggest big 3 firm right out of college so I KNOW policies and procedures for depts and inter depts and all about suspense accts AnD the big picture that BOA and others want these upside down props off their BS and that her boiler room numbers monthly contest WILL NOT HAVE MY LOAN IN HER NUMBERS and I want any superior at GTs to speak to me and the BOA CS mortgage rep from my inquiry on elect. payments to confirm right now that it is documented that I have relentlessly pursued immediate remedy when I realized my error and your subsequent jump on the fast foreclosure bandwagon to push my acct into 60 days late by floating and putting money in suspense!!

    We want explanation without you hanging up again why you cannot keep the almost $4k in susp and take the $3k that you forced me into default (1k was mthly princ over pymts NOT being applied to principal) and stop payment on the other $ 1k that you supposedly sent BACK mid month back so you would cover yourself that would show that my March payment received on 3/14/13 that i SENT AND YOU DEPOSITED would be RETURNED and push/prove I was in default. YOU DID NOT know that I wanted to start aggressively paying down princ and was overpaying so much with my tax return in feb/mar. that your plan backfired as you had so much of my money deposited in your and you CHOSE NOT TO APPLY it to my mortgage but rather put it in suspense AND SUPOSEDLY RETURN my 3/14 payment in form on online banking bill pay that came to you in the form of CHECK ( I REALIZE NOW TO ALWAYS GO VIA BOA ONLINE bill pay B/c YOU CAANOT float my payments NOR can you deny receiving payments on time!!!!

    I BEGGED her, i was crying profusely b/c i was truly frightened and she had NOT budged a milimeter in 10 days, to unrequest the request to return funds and save us all time and money. You are a financial intitution. I wrote code with programers to get whatever i wanted for front end output for various reports and ins and out of thousands of accts within a co. YOU please DO NOT insult MY IQ. She put us on HOLD for 10 mins while we wondered what to do or is she returning, and I cannot even begin to explain how different she was- it was surreal. Like June Cleaver!! Her inflection, demeanor and accent and pattern of speech completely transformed and she asked me to call back after 5 b/c she put I request in but has to wait for peer to return from wherever to see if it is not too late..I called at 5:30 and miraculously the payments sent on 3/29 were able to stay with GTs AND I unfortunately have to wait for the 3/14 check to come in the mail (I will deal later) but if I pay ~$500 for this and that by moneygram I will be current and out of foreclosure. That was last night. We had tornado alerts here in soflo and I could not see 5 inches in front of me driving so I came home and realized you can $gram online to GTS.

    Well, battle one was won, but I have so much to do once I see that QWR, the note and dig for china so to speak, lol. I know I will cover many discrepancies and bring them to small claims if they do not refund or credit. I also have proof that my 3/14 check was deposited for March but b/c she wanted my princ bal in her totals, she pushed me into foreclosure using the payment that kept me out by returning it for HER GAIN. Any expenses incurred based on this pseudo foreclosure that I am billed will be concisely disputed with exact documentation of the timeline and how not only a paper trail but a phone and digital trail confirms my honesty and her dishonesty.

    I am weary and there’s a price to pay for peace, but I believed I was paying for peace by my monthly overpayments, but in the end peace will come that I chose to do what is right and fight for our rights because WE did NOT over borrow and let us say that some owners did overborrow, the LENDERS lended and NOT GTS. It ISSSSS YOURRRR home. Do NOT let the pschological warfare tactics used to belittle and unnerve you cause you to crack and not realize your rights and not realize the tools you have at your disposal to counter attack. If it is too overwhelming for many and you cannot produce your own legal docs and don’t have the money, you can look to,local legal aid or pro bono and we can also even work together to,help,each other out once trust is established and volunteer our talents to those who need them. I did VITA in HS, I know that for many, law, IRs, threats and numbers scare people often into procrastination or paralysis-me too.

    1. C&D -Cease & Desist

    this will immediately prevent them from bullying you and using their little book of tactics to force you to submission and into confusion. They received mine immediately via upload to corp website and email attachment to lawyer-I mentioned follow up USPS. The rep asked me to remove it on day when they put my acct into current status.

    2. RESPA QWR- Qualified Written Request –

    PLEASE NOTE – DODD FRANK amendment to RESPA has changed dates and times FOR BORROWER’s benefit!!

    READ CAREFULLY the below 2 links AND make sure to click on links within the 2nd link below to see summaries by CFPS!!! GREAT STUFF. BOOKMARK FOR FUTURE ref!!!

    3. Produce the Note- Also, this provides you with necessary information regarding your note. GTS MUST have it in their possession!! The below link explains this as well as has links for sample letter that you can save and edit for you needs.

    4. Revocation of power of Attorney and…

    You will see the explanation of this on the 3rd bullet down and MUCH MORE GREAT TO DO’s

    You posts and recommendations and shared horror stories forced me to realize that i was NOT IMAGINING something WAS FISHY & forced me into immediate action when I realized how much of a formidable opponent I was dealing with when all along I was naive enough to believe they were to service my loan NOt force foreclosure.

    I was ripe for it because I always pay on 14 and I DID not locate my sept 2012 payment when I audited my online bank accounts 3xs in2 days but it still behooves me and i didn’t yet click on every transaction to see elect check or fiche of transaction. One thing at a time. I realized that by missing sept that was 30 days then oct 14 payment created 44 days. I was easy prey.

    After several months and probably short for quota, she realized that all she needed was 16 days more to get me into 60 late and for BOA serviced loans by GTs 60 days is Dday (all others 90) so she decided at some point to take that 3/14 payment and request it to be returned hence now i am 60 days LATE and offically in default and att letter will go out and such. It was that fast and easy.

    Do fight for your home with a few critical items- see above for explanations and links for samples:
    1. C&D,
    2. Produce the Note
    3. QWR
    4. Revocation of power of attorney
    5. Criminal complaint of fraudulent practices
    5. Historically document everything

    Be sure to digitally provide this information and upload to website and email attorney mentioning that hard copies will follow cert ret recpt USPS.
    All of this will empower you.

    You will be less vulnerable and not on top of hit list.

    Some of you as I have read, caved due to bullying and psychological tactics and GAVE YOUR HOME away due to 60 days of pseudo lateness because you were frightened, confused and believed GTS. You most likely have recourse to sue for the return of YOUR HOME!!!

    PLEASE NOTE- I did attempt to contact GTS and remedy this situation prior to hitting the boards. I feel truly thankful for having the capacity to read all that you so generously shared.

    I want to personally thank VICTIMS OF GREEN TREE on Facebook that shared the blog and posts daily on FB as well as the numerous other sites and although I was confused and overwhelmed on day 1&2, by continuing to follow suggested steps, you were instrumental in saving my sanity and my family’s home as well as a continuing future nightmare and lack of sleep for another 11-……fill in the blank number of days!!!!

    I also want to personally thank a webmaster pal that after a leap of faith where I personally emailed said person, and in return was informed, warned and frightened into an even MORE immediate action.

    You both along with countless others (including my cuz’s former GTS sup. friend who confirmed my gut and offered specific recommendations) afforded me the ability to catch up on sleep peacefully this weekend and recharge for the next battle!!!!

    Good luck to all!!!!

    • I had my mortgage transferred from GMAC in Feb. I did not have a good feeling about this company and when I went to make my payment online they charged me $12.00 to do it since I am not doing an automatic withdrawal from my account. Is that legal?
      I am also in the process of refinancing because I want nothing to do with them.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story and to provide help for others!! I will be following in your footsteps and hopefully you can get a good peaceful night’s sleep!! Thanks again for sharing

  70. There is a class action lawsuit filed against Greentree April 3, 2013. Here is the link:

  71. Recently we requested the pay off balance for our loan with GT that we have been paying on since 1995. The pay off amount they sent to us was $732 . We sent them a check 3/27/2013 for $740 and a copy of their own statement saying that was what was left owed on our loan.The check went through our bank and we thought we were done. We were happy to get rid of this as we have had MANY issues with GT services. We get another Statement that was dated 3/28/2013 telling us that our check did not satisfy the to payoff the loan and that we still owed $702 dollars. We are a bit confused by this and asking what can we do if they try to stick us with another $700 dollars we do not owe?

    • Another GTvictim // April 7, 2013 at 1:07 pm // Reply

      I did the same thing as you. I immediately paid off the balance according to what they said the payoff balance is and deal it later if need to through an attorney or small claims court.

      They can be very deceptive. Find out what the date they said the payoff balance is good till. Most likely they want the funds wired or bank draft of some sort. If what you sent in is with a check, they may hold you hostage with a date that they said it actually clears the bank. Who know how they set that date to so. Mostly, it is set to their advantage. The new much higher payoff balance now may include late fees, interest, .. or whatever they call these additional fees to get more of your money.

      I serious doubt that they provided the detail breakdown in this new statement. I was there before. They sure didn’t provide me with details other than keeping a few hundred dollars of what I think will be refunded as surplus. If not, if I were your I would immediately sent them a certified letter to their listed address for their Customer Service requesting for a detail account info under Section 6 of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). Don’t forget to cite this clause in your request. This is a federal regulation. They have to provide that information to you.

      By the way, it has been a month-and-a-half after they cashed my payoff balance, they still haven’t sent me a refund check for the over $1,000 in the escrow account yet.

      I just can’t stand companies such as them, ripping people’s hard earn dollars!

  72. Green Tree is horrible. They attempt high force-placed insurance when you already have insurance and impose late fees when the mortgage has transferred from a previous lender.

    • marty eichstadt // April 5, 2013 at 5:45 am // Reply

      In my opinion Green Tree is unethical in its business practices. After being dumped to Green Tree from GMAC I begin the process of securing a different mortgage. Even before I received account information from GT the harassment begin. Phone calls day and night. I carefully explained that the I preferred another lender and was in the process of closing the lone. The very nasty person said that I needed to make the current months payment (April) even though the transfer of the loan took place in March. If I didn’t they would note a late payment on my account and they would REFUSE to take the pay off from the new company (which had been sent but not yet recorded by GT) and then I would really “be in big trouble”.

      I asked to speak to her supervisor and he begin with what I suspect was a well rehearsed speech about how they take their customer service complaints very seriously, etc.and ended with a weak apology.

      Be very aware of doing business with GT!

  73. I too had my Mortgage transferred to Greentree from Bank of America as of April 1st. Even though my letter from Greentree had the right mortgage/payment information on it, when I went online to open my account access with them the mortgage payment due for April 1st was wrong. Since I have already sent the proper amount to them, I am worried they will start my account in arrears since their payment info was wrong! I have already went by my local BoA branch and explained my concerns but feel it is on deaf ears now that the account has been officially transferred.

    I am already working on refinancing the loan away from Greentree as I do not trust them (just a feeling in my gut from the start).

    • Another Green Tree Victim // April 2, 2013 at 9:16 pm // Reply

      You all out there, keep a watchful eye when dealing with Green Tree Servicing LLC. After the transfer of my mortgage from GMAC to them, I immediately send them a draft once they posted the payoff balance online. Per my calculations, there is around $450 over payment with the payoff amount they asked for. Got a letter from them two weeks later saying the loan is closed and any over payment will be refunded within 30 days. I just received a check for unless than $4 that the over payment with absolutely no itemization other than this is for the overpayment. The account info on line was gone they received the payoff money. All you see online is this account Is closed. Besides, there is a balance of over $1,000 in the escrow account that they never mentioned.

      I immediately sent them a certified letter requesting for a detail account info under Section 6 of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). This is a federal regulation. Depending on which state you live in, your state may have similar regulations. Don’t let them cheat you! It is you money and your right!

      Hope everyone turn out okay!

    • yet another victim // April 3, 2013 at 8:11 pm // Reply

      I just opened my mail to find my mortgage was transfered April 1st This is april 3rd so I am already late starting out The terms were not suposed to change but my old banker colected on the 5th I called the phone number in the leter the give to set up auto payments. Its automated ring around the rosey it finaly directs you to their web sight which is a listing of sponsered links with no way to set up auto payments.I am going to call my credit union as soon as they open tomorrow to get the hell away from these people be fore they ruin my 819 credit score

  74. Bank of America just sold my loan also and affective april 1 is when i will be making my first payment. I decided to reseach them as I see everyone else have and I thank each and everyone of you for your insite this helps me to know how to deal with these people thanks will keep everyone posted on how things go

    • Lilly George // March 30, 2013 at 5:17 pm // Reply

      Now here is an example of BAD Green Tree and I am sure that it is CLASSIC Green Tree.
      Unlike most of the postings I am reading, I am going through a “Short Sale,” with GT as the 2nd lienholder. This is what I mean by “classic” Green Tree:

      To save $1.00 per page for faxing about 35 pages, a really cool non-profit counseling agency offered to fax for me at NO CHARGE the financial information / paperwork that Green Tree requested. I swallowed my pride and let this agency fax the critical information over to them.

      One week later, my realtor tells me that GT never received what was faxed over. Correct fax number. Correct name it was going to, etc.; nope they never received it.

      I went back to the counselor at the non-profit, explaining what they are telling my realtor. The counselor gets on the phone and gets through to the “account representative” in charge of my file, and he starts telling the counselor that there are NO notes, NO messages, NO phone calls, and certainly NO FAXES, received regarding my GT account number, from one week ago.

      The counselor is a very cool professional with her while the speakerphone is on. I found this amusing and probably illegal at the same time. The GT CSR says to the Counselor “Well, is she (meaning me) receiving any unemployment money?”

      Legally, I am sitting right there and had just spoken outloud my name, property address and mailing address to verify that it was indeed my account we were calling about, YET, this little snake of a Green Tree CSR, has the nerve to ask the Counselor if I am receiving any unemployment money, when I had already told this GT person on the phone 2 or 3 weeks ago that I was NOT working or getting ANY unemployment compensation whatsoever.

      So, I am just saying … these people who do or say “anything” to trap you or get you to pay up. If I go bankrupct, they do not receive a dime. If my Short Sale is denied by the Lender, the 2nd Lienholder DOES NOT RECEIVE a dime. And they damn well know it, I have no doubt!

      Just wanted to tell any of you out there who happen to be in a terrible situation with your house and you aren’t working and don’t see how you’re going to make the mortgage payment and are contemplating going bankruptcy or letting the house go into a Foreclosure, then I would just tell you to please check out all and I mean “all” of your options first before making a decision on what to do.

      But, unless you live in a ‘non-recourse’ State, I have read plenty of shocking stories about Green Tree finding you down the road, 2, 5, 9 years down the road for their money and will do “legal” things to get that money from you.

      ‘Cos they (or credit “predators” LIKE them) do “not” play nice, or fair, or kind or even reasonably with you. You’ll do better though to stay calm, and polite. Try not to stoop to their incredible low level.

      Congress has GOT TO pass stricter laws on how they operate and how they treat people.

      Otherwise, maybe we should just stop answering our phones. If they can’t get on the phone in order to yell up a storm at you or threaten you. Well, they can’t if you don’t pick up the phone!!!


    • Lilly George // March 30, 2013 at 5:33 pm // Reply

      The reason that BofA, GMAC, Ally and other mortgage lenders dumped accounts to Green Tree LLC was that 49 State Attorneys General sued them on behalf of “distressed borrowers” beginning in 2011, according to the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office. The settlement was for 25 billion dollars in 2012, 1.5 billion of which was supposedly distributed to “eligible distressed borrowers” in September 2012 – The remaining $23.5 billion has not been discussed as far as I know. I had no idea that this is what happened to cause the bankruptcy of GMAC. None of us were told that our mortgages would be dumped into the hands of a debt collection agency, which is what Green Tree is. A mortgage that has never been in default legally cannot suddenly become a “bad debt” just because GT wants to put that spin on it, then engage in bullying tactics, fraud and theft (other mortgage holders report that GT cleaned out their bank account by running 3 EFT in 12 days).

      I, too, am having the time of my life trying to get the troglodytes at Green Tree to post my early mortgage payments correctly – they are trying to create default by losing my payments. On the statement I received, they report that they chucked a whole mortgage check to “Additional Principal” against my specific note to pay the interest first and another payment didn’t even have a total shown but they did acknowledge the date that it arrived. Let’s quit hollering about it online and do something. This company loves to be faceless. Their reps never give a name or extension number and good luck with the one customer service number they offer… for the entire country. Here you go. Tell the corporate execs what you think and contact your state attorney general; give them this info as well. Green Tree has been ignoring contact from my Attorney General for weeks.

      Shame on Green Tree. The company was founded in 1975 and is based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Green Tree Servicing LLC operates as a subsidiary of Walter Investment Management Corp. Instead of writing about it, give ‘em a call or stop by: 345 St. Peter Street,Suite 600, St. Paul, MN 55102, United States; Phone: 651-293-3400; Fax: 651-293-3622.

      • Lilly George // March 31, 2013 at 7:33 am // Reply

        This isn’t MY situation. I read this post on a consumer website and thought it might help readers, who might not have read it yet.

        Again, this is not my personal situation, but think you need to read it, for your own
        knowledge. I was not aware of GT being fined already in another state, etc.

        Stay strong … I’ll join anyone who starts a legitimate Class Action Suit against this “Debt Collector” company and their completely illegal current “practices” they are trained to use, in order to “Collect” those monies a consumer may owe.

        Today is Sunday, March 31st, 2013: Jesus Loves Us More Than We can Understand or Fathom! Happy Easter, Everyone!!! We’re Going To Live Forever Because of What He Did For Us. Don’t Forget Him. Keep Jesus in Your Heart and Remember His Words (from the Bible), OK? Love Him Always, because He Does
        Not Stop Loving Us Individually Even for a Minute. Now, that’s the Good News!!!!!!!!!


    • My loan was just sold from Bank of America to Green Tree effective April 1, 2013. I’ve never heard of this company so I decided to do a search on them. Thus far I am not liking what i’ve been reading about them. I better brace myself.

    • Another GT victim // March 31, 2013 at 9:47 pm // Reply

      I am sorry to hear all the bad experiences everyone have with Green Tree. My situation is a little different but I am still a victim of Green Tree’s unethical practice. My mortgage was tranferred by GMAC to GT effective on 2/1/13. The notice from both companies arrived on the 2/4/13 which already passes the 1st of the month due date. I am like most of you, the mortgage agreement said the monthly payment is due on the 1st but as long as it was received by the 15th, there will not be any late fees.
      When the transfer notices arrived, being not familar with Green Tree, I searched the web and found all sorts of complaints against them. I immediately called them and was able to get through to a person in that call. This turned out to be the only time I was able to get a hold of someone. The conversation was not too bad. Basically, she told me to check the info online which has hardly any info other than it is past due. This shows how they are setting up for collecting extra money they can get their hands on. They could have populated more info on account on line. Did they really don’t know anything more than it is past due. I told them according to GMAC’s notice that due to the transfer, for a 60 day period there will be no late fees charged. She agreed. I ask her when they will have info on the loan, payment info, payoff info available. She said because the loan was just transferred, it will be after the 18th before anything info will be posted . Again, maybe another setup for getting the penalty, interest, & etc. Anything worth mentioning is, when she is talking to me supposing helping me where to mail the payment in and how, she switched gear in the middle of a sentence and asked me why the phone number I am talking to her is different than what is on their record. Amazing! I guess they are training to collect contact info about you just in case they want to bug you later. Thanks to everyone’s posting, I smell something bad with this company. I was fortunate enough that there are only a few payments left so I decided to send them a bank draft for the entire amount that I think I owe. I wrote on the draft that this is for EXTRA PRINCIPLE ONLY figuring that at worst, they will charge interest for a few days in Feb for being not paying them on the 1st. About $15 – $$25 depending when they received this bank draft. The draft arrived at GT on 2/12/13 and was deposited right away. My added note was circled. Then on the 26th, I received a paper statement from GT. It showed they applied this for principle only bank draft to the Feb and March payment first before applying the remaining balance to the principle. It would take much to see what they are doing — to get more interest because there will still be a balance. On the statement, it further said that the next withdrawn will be March 15th and then a payment is due April 1st. While this is going on, I received a letter from GT saying the auto-pay from my bank account will continue. They initial saying a week ago is if you are on auto-withdraw, it may not continue. However, they said the amount will be deducted from my bank on the 12th. The setup with GMAC has always been the 15th. They switch the rules on the date. Rather than contacting these guys, I deposit enough funds in the account for them to make this withdraw. If this is not confusing and robbery, I don’t know what it is. Applying what is specified for principles to P & I payment and escrow first; make the March payment on 2/14/13 and yet want to make another withdraw on March 15 for the March payment; then do the auto-withdrawal on 2/12/13 for the Feb payment while applying another payment to Feb. It is double-dipping. I called but can’t get a hold of anyone. The phone system just tell you to call back later even I chose the to wait option I went on the web site on 2/26. It now showed a payoff balance amount. After talking to a few people that are more experience than me, they advise me to pay that first and ask for the extra moneyback. By law, they have to give you a breakdowon of the payoff fees if you send them a written request. I immediately wired the exact amount to where GT said the payoff should go to. Bank record showed that they collected the money on the following day (2/27/13). I looked up on-line. Now they showed the account is closed. That is it, not a single bit more of information. As before, you can’t find anyone to answer the phone. I sent them a certified letter and still waiting for their reply. I guess they will waiting for the 20th day since by law they have that number of days.
      With all the extra payments, I am wanting to get the surplus money back. I cancelled the auto-payment right away to stop these guys from getting withdraws. I also received a letter from GT on 3/14 dated 3/1 saying this loan is paid in full and if there is any extras, they will refund it within 30 days. Today is the 31st that they cashed my check for the payoff, I haven’t see anything yet.
      That whole situation is — they will call people many times a day if you owe them any money but they will write in their disclaimer and use words, may, could, & etc, if they ought you instead. I think the Attorney General, FTC && BBB should step in and help you and me!

    • Same here…….after being sold to GreenTree from BoA, I am looking to refinance……thank you for all the comments, I will do it SOONER rather than later…….now to go online to see if they have the correct info on me :(

  75. Anonymous in Maine // March 27, 2013 at 8:39 pm // Reply

    Not good. I just did a search on Green Tree to see what I would find. My mortgage was also recently sold to them. I work in Finance/Treasury Services and something just doesn’t seem right. I have made two payments electronically. Neither have been applied to my account. Nobody has ever answered when I call. I just received a response to an email I sent two days ago. I sent them back an email basically asking what the hell the email I received means. I, too, will refinance to get away from them. I don’t love BAML, but Green Tree is ridiculous. I have been trying to clear things up for months. I owe them another payment soon and I haven’t decided whether to make another payment or not. Makes me nervous that this may be exactly what they want. I’m not normally this wary.

  76. I have been with Green Tree for 14 Years now. They have been the nicest people that I have ever had to deal with about my loan. I had a problem with the insurance thing one time but the gentleman that I talked to was so nice. He took care of the problem right away and was corrected that same day.

  77. Okay, after reading these comments, something is DEFINITELY fishy.
    I, too, had my mortgage sold by B of A to Green Tree. Payment is also due April 1.
    And after reading all these terrible things about GT, I am absolutely HORRIFIED. Is there anything I can do to get out of this? I am NOT looking forward to dealing with them, but I have gained some tips from you guys, so thanks!! I have been advised that paying electronically or through certified mail/money order with return receipt is the way to go.

    • Brian Garrett // March 27, 2013 at 10:17 am // Reply

      GreenTree Complaint:
      GreenTree Services LLC purchased our Mortgage in early 2000 from Canseco and immediately began the speed dial of threats, rants and condescending dialect.
      I entered upon a conversation where my wife was in tears. I grabbed the phone and the GreenTree Customer Service Rep was ending his diatribe, I asked him what his name was and requested to speak to the Supervisor. When the Supervisor returned after a 18 minute wait, she explained that our Mortgage payment was lacking $75.00. I sent my wife to Money Express the $75.00 to GreenTree while I stayed on the phone with the GreenTree Supervisor.
      After 10 min. I asked if she had received the $75.00 and why it was necessary for the Customer Service Representative to frighten my wife to the point of tears to which she had no response(?) The calls became so frequent we changed our number. They even called our neighbors!
      To put an end all of this, I had an opportunity to purchase the Contract (Deed) for $120,000.00 prior to GreenTree Services LLC., putting me in Foreclosure, ruining my credit and smearing my name all over the County newsmedia, I called the Customer Service Representative, as the GreenTree Servicing LLC., website recommends and asked for the Pay-Off mortgage information. The GreenTree Customer Service Representative with a touch of sarcasm, made the comment: “Yah Right, you have $120,000.00!”
      After I received enough humiliation from this Customer Service Representative I once again called GreenTree Services LLC. & again requested to speak to a Supervisor. I explained that I wanted to Pay-Off my loan with GreenTree Services LLC and get the Deed to my home. After several minutes she came back on the phone and told me that the loan had already been tagged for a public sale. I explained that my Mortgage Contract allowed me to Pay-Off the Loan At Any Time. I was refused the Pay-Off by GreenTree Services LLC
      I suggest a combined effort with all of those who have similar experiences to unite and let these Customer Service Representatives of the GreenTree Services LLC Company let our message be told….

  78. I will be refinancing as soon as I can from this bunch. Credit Unions are THE ONLY way to go. They are not for profit and are owned by the individuals in the credit union. BANKS big or small are out for themselves and use other peoples money to make money. They do not care about anyone but themselves and their vacations and raises.

  79. My mortgage was “transffered” to GT from BOA and today I sent the first mortgage payment to them only by certified mail with a signature receipt returned to me. Additionally, all pieces were numbered, dated, with acct numbers (both) and 2 copies made before sending, including the envelope. I anticipate via ground mail it should arrive about Saturday, I’ve read nothing but BAD< HORRIBLE things about this company so far, and so far they are true. was on hold over 30mins just trying to get a password reset to a website that looks like it was developed by 3rd graders! I've been making online payments from my bank acct for a long time…and this has set time back 10 yrs in technology!

    Also, I sent them what BOA says is my principle balance as of the first payment to them, and I marked how much was to go to principle and how much was the other taxes, escrow etc. I did the math/accounting for them…I work in Finance, Accounting, and Forensic Accting, so I will know immediately and will NOT go quietly with these jokers..its MY money, and MY home they are me with! It cost me $5.78 today to mail the damn thing to them, but its all trackable back to me and that account.

  80. Hey Everybody,

    I called BOA this a.m. to inquire about the GTS and who owns our loan/made this decision etc. Customer Service rep says decision was made by the “investor” who holds our mortgage – FANNIE MAE!! They say that Fannie Mae made the decision to sell our loan, that BOA had nothing to do with the decision. I told him “b*!%$sh#@! I also told him that whether or not he is right, BOA looks responsible for the decision and BOA will pay. We will be closing all of our BOA accounts effective Friday and moving all of our money and investments to a credit union. Wake up everybody and let the big banks go! I’ll be closing over a dozen accounts with the big banks by Friday. Let them make money somewhere else instead of from my deposited money. Good luck to all!

    • Take Action // March 26, 2013 at 1:24 pm // Reply


      I agree with taking your money out of the “BIG BANKS” and going to a credit union. Credit Unions are basically non-profit, and the clients are the share-holders. Big Banks are out to turn over HUGE profits, and it is in THEIR best interest, not the clients. EVERYONE SHOULD ONLY DEAL WITH CREDIT UNIONS.

  81. I just got my transfer letter. BAC to GT. For payment, I have two different addresses mentioned. The letter I got mentions sending my first payment to a P.O.BOX in california, the website and the call I am on (been on this customer service line for 30 minutes now and no response) mention sending the payment to a box in illinois.

    any input is appreciated. where do i send it to or does it not matter. payment is due Apr 1, 2013

    • Take Action // March 25, 2013 at 7:41 pm // Reply

      Join the “Victims of Green Tree Servicing” on Facebook, they have a wealth of info to help you protect and prepare yourself.

    • CreditUnion Instead ForSafety // March 29, 2013 at 7:06 am // Reply

      My Green Tree mailing address went to a PO Box in Palentine, IL.

      Sometimes GT does what is called “servicing” for BofA, or perhaps other large banks.

      I can’t answer what is the right thing to do, … should you do as THEY tell you and mail
      your payment (your first payment) to the CALIF. mailing address and thereafter on to
      the IL address?

      Remember all of you; this is NOT an honest company. They have crossed about 10 lines
      as far as what a consumer is use to for the past 30 or 40 decades, of customer service.

      The chase is on for MORE MONEY; there seems to be an URGENCY in creating havoc

      with customers, accusing, charging more, calling us liars (even with paper “proof” that we
      mailed our payments on time, etc.).

      The love the guy a few posts up who copied everything he sent, even the envelope he mailed
      it in and then got it all by overnight (expensive mode, though), or “certified” mail, and paid
      extra to get a Green Tree employee’s “signature.”

      The consumers in this post … I truly believe …. are guiding us with their opinions correctly
      were they say to us readers to “get our money out of the big banks and put it into a Credit

      I have a sister in CALIF. She has a great job, great salary, etc. (unlike me in another state),
      but she emailed 2 days ago and was upset because Wells Fargo is charging her $30.00
      a month for a checking account.

      She told me that her and her husband were taking their money out of that BIG bank, and
      putting it into a Credit Union.

      Yes, I think that I am wakening up and writing this to you, to confirm that something huge
      in this world is taking place and happening right before our eyes. I think it is far bigger and
      deeper than what we’re seeing with GREEN TREE. I think that the Big Banks are making
      a Big, Big grab for the most money they can glean from us in the smallest amount of time.

      “Gerald Celente,” just heard him on youtube. Might be a good bit of truth in what he’s telling.
      He is suppose to be famous for predicting “trends” and has been on lots of well known
      news shows.

      To sum up, be as SMART as you can be from now in these beautiful United States with your
      money, but keep your faith and trust in Jesus, no matter what happens in this world, OK?

      God will protect, love, and keep us all faithful to his Way, no matter what is coming!

  82. For all those that have been ripped off and harassed by Green Tree Servicing please visit there is a class action investigation just starting in CA. They want to hear from you so please get involved and get this place put in it’s right place or closed down. I too just got transferred to these thieves and am ready to fight until I can refinance which is in the works.

    • Are re refinancing with green tree?

      • No I am refinancing with another bank to get away from Green Tree


  83. Scared of having to move to GT // March 25, 2013 at 3:20 pm // Reply

    So, I received notice that my loan was sold from BoA to Green Tree. I received a letter from Green Tree telling me my first payment was due 1 April and here is the customer service number to contact them regarding my loan information. My husband also received a letter from GT telling him that his first payment was due 1 April.

    The phone number rings twice then miraculously flips to a busy signal. The one time I was able to get through, I was informed by the digital recording no operators were available. I need to find out what is happening on their end with my loan and no one will answer the phone. I am scared to death, based on everthing I have seen on the internet about this company.

    I am a GS7 federal employee with the very real possibility of furlough very soon and my husband works in retail, and I am very much frightened that after years of regular on-time payments I will now be fighting to keep my home.

    • Scared of having to move to GT // March 25, 2013 at 5:09 pm // Reply

      We often hear or read about the concept of “values,” the principles that guide the manner in which we
      conduct our daily lives, interact with our families and treat others. In much the same way, a corporation
      relies upon the fundamental principles, or “core values,” of its directors, officers and employees to
      achieve its business goals.
      Of these core values, none is more important than integrity, the common thread that connects all of our
      core values. No matter how committed we are to quality, how innovative our products and services are,
      how many hours we work or ideas we provide, the long-term success of our company ultimately depends
      on building trusting relationships with customers, suppliers, business partners, shareholders and each
      Walter Investment Management Corp. and its Subsidiaries, including the Green Tree and Marix
      organizations (collectively, the “Company”) maintain policies and procedures that underscore our
      commitment to ethical, moral and legal business conduct. These principles and procedures are outlined
      in this Code of Conduct and Ethics (“Code of Conduct” or the “Code”) and apply equally to all directors,
      officers (including, the Company’s principal executive officer, its principal financial officer, its principal
      accounting officer and controller, and others performing similar functions) and employees of the Company
      (all are collectively referred to as “employees” throughout this Code). Many of these policies are
      expanded upon, and additional policies applicable to all employees, are set forth in the Company’s
      Employee Handbook. Employees are responsible for knowing and understanding the policies and
      guidelines set forth in the Code and the Employee Handbook. In agreeing to serve as a director of the
      Company or in accepting employment with the Company, directors and employees must accept the
      responsibility of adhering to the highest ethical standards, displaying loyalty to the Company, avoiding
      conflicts of interest, and adhering to all applicable laws and regulations. If questions or ethical concerns
      arise, it is the obligation of each and every director and employee to raise them as provided in this Code.
      The Company requires that all employees and directors comply with the policies set forth in the Code of
      Conduct and the Employee Handbook. Violations of the policies in the Code of Conduct and/or the
      Employee Handbook, including the failure to report suspected or known violations by others, may result in
      disciplinary action, up to and including discharge from employment.
      Employees are expected to conduct themselves appropriately while on the job and to adhere to and
      comply with the highest ethical standards in the conduct of business. Employees must act with complete
      honesty, candor and integrity when managing the business of the Company and in dealing with others.
      The Company entrusts its reputation to its employees and therefore employees should never be subject,
      or even seem subject, to influences, interests or relationships which conflict with the business interests of
      the Company. Employees are expected to comply with all applicable legal requirements. Conduct in any
      form that is disruptive to an efficient business atmosphere may subject employees to disciplinary action,
      up to and including discharge from employment. For a list of examples of conduct that is not permitted in
      the workplace employees are directed to the Company’s Professional Conduct Policy in the Employee
      Handbook. The Professional Conduct Policy is not intended, nor will it be applied in a manner so as to
      limit complaints or discourse which is protected by law.
      As an industry leader which values its integrity in the marketplace, the Company must adhere to the
      principle that all business decisions be made in the best interests of the Company, with complete
      objectivity and not in the personal interest of employees. In reaching such decisions, employees cannot
      be influenced by personal or family relationships. Employees should never be subject, or even appear to
      be subject, to influences, interests or relationships which conflict with the business interests of the
      Company. Accordingly, employees are expected at all times to display loyalty to the Company by
      performing their jobs in its best interest and not in the interest of any employee’s conflicting personal
      financial gain or that of a third party.
      A potential conflict of interest exists if a Company employee has, or appears to have a business, financial,
      family or other relationship with suppliers, customers or competitors that might impair the independence
      of any judgment the employee renders on behalf of the Company. A “conflict of interest” is defined as any
      situation in which an employee engages in activities or takes actions that may adversely affect the
      interests of the Company or that may personally benefit the employee. Such conflicts exist where an
      employee receives a benefit from a customer, dealer, contractor, vendor, supplier, manufacturer,
      appraisal company or other third party in connection with any Company business. A benefit may be in the
      form of money or monetary equivalents, gift cards/certificates, gifts, merchandise, trips, services or other
      form of a benefit received, directly or indirectly (see “Entertainment/Gift Policy” for additional information).
      As a guide, the following are examples of areas in which Company employees may encounter a conflict
      of interest:
      ? Investments: No employee or his or her immediate family may have a significant (controlling)
      financial interest or management control in a competitor, supplier or customer of the Company. A
      nominal or portfolio investment in a publicly traded firm normally does not represent a conflict of
      interest provided it does not affect the employee’s efforts on behalf of the Company.
      ? Outside Business Activity: No employee may have any outside business interest that diverts a
      significant amount of time or attention from the employee’s duties and responsibilities to the
      Company; and under no circumstances may an employee work for or provide services directly or
      indirectly to a competitor of the Company while employed by the Company.
      ? Employment/Business Activities of Relatives: If an employee has a spouse or close relative who
      is an employee and/or owner of a customer, supplier, or competitor of the Company, the
      employee is expected to disclose the relationship to the Company. The employee may not
      discuss any confidential Company activity with such persons or reveal any confidential Company
      ? Employee Relationships: Under no circumstances is an employee to use his or her position to
      influence the hiring of a close relative. Similarly, if an employee has a close relative who is also
      an employee of the Company it is unacceptable for the employee to be in a position to influence,
      directly or indirectly, employment or performance decisions regarding the relative.
      ? Business Opportunities: Employees are not to take, or permit others to take, advantage of a
      business opportunity that properly belongs to the Company, and should promptly report to the
      Company the existence of any such opportunities of which they become aware. Employees
      should not compete with the Company or use Company property, information or position for
      personal gain.
      ? Executive Loans: Directors and executive officers are prohibited from receiving a loan of any
      amount or type from the Company.
      If an employee is uncertain whether a particular transaction or relationship may give rise to a conflict of
      interest, the employee is encouraged to discuss the matter with his or her manager or supervisor, an
      Ethics Officer or a member of the Ethics Committee before taking any action.
      Business decisions by Company employees are expected to be made only on the basis of quality,
      reputation, service, price and similar competitive factors. Therefore, good judgment and moderation must
      be exercised when accepting entertainment and gifts in order to avoid even the appearance that a
      business decision has been influenced.
      Certain gifts and entertainment are not to be accepted under any circumstances, including loans from
      individuals or organizations having dealings with the Company (unless such individual or organization is
      in the business of making loans), any form of cash gratuities (including, gift cards/certificates), private or
      personal discounts not sanctioned by the Company, and any illegal activities.
      Specific guidelines relating to acceptance of entertainment or gifts from suppliers and customers are
      provided in sections relating to supplier and customer relationships and in the Employee Handbook.
      Employees who have questions regarding the appropriateness of accepting or giving entertainment or
      gifts are encouraged to seek the advice of their supervisor, an Ethics Officer, or any member of the Ethics
      The Company’s supplier relationships are to be based on fundamental concepts of honesty, fairness,
      mutual respect and nondiscrimination. We encourage continued supplier support that will enhance our
      mutual prosperity and build sound, long-term relationships. At the same time, we respect and value
      healthy competition for our business. Purchasing decisions by Company employees must therefore be
      made solely on the basis of quality, reputation, service, cost and similar competitive factors.
      Company employees who deal with suppliers or potential suppliers, whether routinely, occasionally or
      infrequently, directly or indirectly, must be beyond reproach in every business transaction and must not
      allow themselves to be put into a position where business judgments can be influenced. The following
      parameters define the overall environment in which business is to be conducted with our suppliers:
      ? Purchases of materials and services are to be performed fairly and impartially and are not to be
      influenced by bias or favoritism.
      ? All discussions with an existing or potential supplier are to be restricted solely to the Company’s
      needs and the materials and/or services being offered by or sought from that supplier.
      ? Any Company employee who has authority to approve or influence purchasing decisions is
      prohibited from accepting from suppliers or potential suppliers entertainment or gifts in excess of
      nominal value ($100 in aggregate over a 12-month period) without the specific prior approval of the
      Ethics Committee.
      ? If attendance by a Company employee at a vendor-sponsored event would provide a business
      opportunity for the Company, or promote a business relationship providing a tangible benefit to the
      Company, associated expenses should be paid by the Company.
      ? Reciprocity with suppliers will not be tolerated. Bribes, kickbacks, rewards or similar consideration
      are not to be solicited or accepted in connection with any purchasing transactions.
      ? Company employees who make or approve purchasing decisions are not to solicit gifts of
      money/time from current or potential suppliers on behalf of charitable, civic or other organizations.
      The Company is committed to providing services and products that meet all legal and contractual
      obligations and the Company’s quality standards. Our success depends on building productive
      relationships with our customers based on integrity, ethical behavior and mutual trust. All employees are
      expected to maintain impartial relationships with customers.
      We manage our business according to the following principles, regardless of customer merchandising
      philosophy, format or class of trade:
      ? We will treat all customers fairly, with courtesy and respect and without discrimination.
      ? We will not attempt to unfairly influence customer decisions regarding the purchase of competitive
      items or services.
      ? In dealing with our customers, Company employees should exercise sound judgment and
      moderation and should accept or offer entertainment or gratuities only to the extent they are in
      accordance with reasonable business practices and reasonable customs in the marketplace.
      ? The Company will not tolerate reciprocity with customers in any part of the business. Therefore,
      bribes, kickbacks, rewards, including cash gratuities (including, gift cards/certificates) and trips or
      other similar consideration are not to be solicited, given or accepted in connection with any
      business transaction.
      All Company business records must be accurate, honest and complete without restriction or qualification
      and completed in a timely manner. The accuracy of all records involves both factual documentation and
      ethical evaluation or appraisal. Accuracy of records is of critical importance to the Company.
      It is every employee’s responsibility to make open and full disclosure to, and cooperate with outside
      accountants in connection with audit or review of the Company’s financial statements. Employees must
      not knowingly provide an auditor with inaccurate or misleading legal or financial analysis. In addition,
      employees must not act in any way which may be perceived as coercing, manipulating, misleading or
      fraudulently influencing any independent public or certified public accountant engaged in the performance
      of an audit or review of the Company’s financial statements or other business functions.
      The Company does not maintain nor does it sanction any “off-the-books” fund for any purpose. Without
      exception, all Company funds will be accounted for in official Company records, and the identity of each
      entry and account will be accurate and complete.
      The Company prohibits the concealment of any payment by means of passing it through the books and
      accounts of third parties, such as agents or consultants.
      Employees are expected to be honest, objective and loyal in the performance of their record-keeping
      responsibilities. No acceptable reason exists for a deliberately false or misleading Company record.
      Employees are expected to report immediately any suspected inaccuracy or false statement in the
      Company’s books and records. Similarly, the Company expects employees to report all complaints,
      allegations and similar submissions regarding the appropriateness of accounting, internal controls or
      auditing matters, especially if an employee feels pressured to prepare, alter, conceal or destroy
      documents in lieu of standard accounting.
      The Company prohibits any action to evade taxes payable by the Company. It is likewise not permissible
      to aid or facilitate Company employees, vendors or customers in misrepresenting or evading taxes of any
      Some of the Company’s most valuable assets include non-public Company information. As part of an
      employee’s job responsibility, he or she may work with, or have access to, information and materials that
      are non-public and confidential. Information exists in many forms – it can be printed or written on paper,
      stored electronically (e.g., diskettes, CD-ROM, hard drives, etc.), transmitted electronically (e.g., via email,
      facsimile, file transfer, etc.) and spoken in conversation. Protecting this information is vital to the
      Company’s ability to effectively conduct its business.
      Employees must safeguard and must not disclose, misuse or destroy any non-public information that is
      proprietary or confidential to the Company. Non-public information is information of a confidential,
      proprietary or secret nature related to the Company’s business. Such information includes, for example,
      business contacts, trade secrets, lists of and data concerning leads, prospects, business and product
      plans, customer information, information about our business methods, pricing, computer programs, and/or
      similar information the Company maintains in confidence. Non-public information may also include
      information learned about customers, competitors, suppliers or others during employment with the
      Company. Additional information pertaining to Confidential Information can be found in the Employee
      The Company prohibits the use of Company personnel, facilities, or equipment (including vehicles,
      telecommunications equipment, computers, and computer-related properties) for other than Company
      business, or a Company-sponsored or Company-approved activity.
      For related information, including acceptable use of the internet and e-mail, refer to the Company’s
      Employee Handbook.
      Information and information systems are critical to the Company’s assets. Accordingly, Company
      employees have a duty to preserve, increase the effectiveness and reliability of, and account for
      Company information and information systems. Employees are expected to take appropriate steps to
      ensure that information and systems are properly protected from a variety of threats such as error, fraud,
      embezzlement, sabotage, extortion, industrial espionage, privacy violations and natural disaster.
      Security measures must be employed regardless of the medium on which information is stored (fiche,
      paper, magnetic media, etc.) or the methods by which it is moved (electronic mail, face-to-face
      conversation, etc.). Such protection includes basing access to information on the need to know.
      Managers are expected to devote sufficient time and resources to enforce information security for
      information under their control or use.
      For related information, refer to the Employee Handbook.
      Since common stock and certain other securities issued by the Company are publicly traded, the
      Company is subject to numerous federal and state laws regulating disclosure of Company information
      and the trading of its securities.
      Employees are prohibited by Company policy and the law from buying or selling securities of the
      Company at a time when in possession of “material nonpublic information.” This conduct is known as
      “insider trading.” Passing such information on to someone who may buy or sell securities – known as
      “tipping” – is also illegal. The prohibition applies to Company securities and to securities of other
      companies. Information is “material” if (a) there is a substantial likelihood that a reasonable investor
      would find the information “important” in determining whether to trade in a security; or (b) the information,
      if made public, likely would affect the market price of a company’s securities. Examples of types of
      material information include unannounced dividends, earnings, financial results, new or lost contracts or
      products, sales results, important personnel changes, business plans, possible mergers, acquisitions,
      divestitures or joint ventures, important litigation developments, and important regulatory, judicial or
      legislative actions. Information may be material even if it relates to future, speculative or contingent
      events and even if it is significant only when considered in combination with publicly available information.
      The Company has adopted a comprehensive Insider Trading Policy that is outlined further in the
      Employee Handbook and is available through the Law Department. If you have questions or are
      uncertain about how these laws may apply to a specific activity, contact the Law Department at (813)
      421-7605. Employees are encouraged to ask questions and seek advice.
      Employees of the Company are expected to follow the laws, regulations, judicial decrees and orders
      applicable to the Company, its property, employees and actions. While this Code of Conduct addresses
      some specific legal areas, it cannot comprehensively set forth all applicable legal requirements.
      Employees are encouraged to report their concerns to their manager or supervisor, or, if they prefer, to
      the Company’s auditors, legal counsel or other designated person.
      The Company’s business is conducted under conditions of intense competition. The Company is
      committed to the concept of fair and vigorous competition for contributing to economic and social
      progress. This specifically includes adherence to antitrust laws and regulations.
      Laws related to antitrust and competition are extensive and complex and not capable of being
      described fully in this Code. However, types of conduct that are likely to raise antitrust concerns,
      however, include:
      ? Agreements between competitors that limit independent judgment and restrain trade such
      as agreements to fix prices or to divide a market for clients/customers, territories or
      services. Any communications with a competitor’s representative, no matter how
      innocuous at the time, may later be subject to scrutiny and form the basis for accusations
      of improper or illegal conduct.
      ? Discriminating in terms and services offered to customers where a company treats one
      customer or group of customers differently than another.
      ? Exclusive dealing agreements where a company requires a customer to buy from a
      supplier or sell to only that company.
      If you have questions or are uncertain about how these laws may apply to a specific activity,
      contact the Law Department. We encourage you to ask questions and seek advice.
      Environmental / Health and Safety Compliance
      It is Company policy to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations. Upon
      discovery of any hazardous or unsafe condition or event that may affect the environmental impact
      of the Company’s operations, a Company employee should promptly notify his or her supervisor
      and, if appropriate, the Company’s Law Department.
      Every employee is responsible for attaining and maintaining a safe work environment, and each
      employee is expected to perform in accordance with all health and safety laws, regulations and
      Company policies. Employees are responsible for notifying a supervisor, or, if they prefer, the
      Company’s internal auditors, the Law Department or other designated person, of any hazardous
      condition in the workplace and any other suspected violation of health and safety laws and
      For related information, refer to the Company’s Environmental, Health and Safety policy available
      from the Law Department.
      Employment Practices
      The Company is an equal opportunity employer. Our policy is to maintain a working environment
      free from harassment and discrimination because of race, color, creed, religion, gender, age,
      national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy or any other legally
      protected status. Company policy and governmental regulations forbid harassment and
      discrimination in recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, demotion or transfer, layoff or termination,
      salary administration, benefits and all other terms, conditions and benefits of employment.
      Additional guidance on the requirements imposed by the equal opportunity laws and Company
      policies prohibiting harassment and discrimination in the workplace are contained in the
      Employee Handbook.
      Alcohol and Substance Abuse
      The manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance in the
      Company’s workplace is prohibited. Furthermore, the use of a controlled substance outside the
      Company’s workplace where the effects of such use impair the employee’s ability to safely and
      efficiently perform his or her job is prohibited. The presence or use of alcohol in the workplace
      will not be tolerated.
      Advertisements used by the Company are to be substantiated by supporting data before they are
      published or broadcast. Every effort must be made to ensure that the customer is not disappointed by
      claims for our services or products that are not supported by performance. The purpose of our
      advertising has always been to emphasize the quality of our services and products.
      Corporate political contributions made on behalf of the Company are permitted only with prior written
      approval of Company legal representatives and corporate and subsidiary officers, and only to the extent
      allowed by law. Unauthorized contributions or payments of any type (or promises of the same) to any
      local or foreign public officials are strictly forbidden.
      Acts of hospitality and entertainment directed to public officials should be of such a scale as to avoid
      compromising the integrity or impugning the reputation of the Company or the public official. These acts
      should not only be legal, proper and correct but should also give that appearance. All such conduct
      should be performed with the expectation that it will later become public knowledge. Employees, as
      individuals, are encouraged to contribute to the party or candidate of his or her choice. In no instance are
      employees to obtain reimbursement from the Company for any such personal contributions.
      Each of us takes pride in the high standards of conduct that identify us as Company employees. It is our
      responsibility to implement and carry out our commitments to our shareholders, customers, suppliers,
      fellow employees and society as a whole. Every employee, regardless of position, is expected to assume
      this responsibility to assist the Company in carrying out these commitments.
      All employees assume the responsibility to:
      ? Read and understand the requirements of this Code of Conduct and Ethics.
      ? Sign required acknowledgment forms and annual refresher statements.
      ? Abide by the Code of Conduct and Ethics.
      ? Demonstrate through daily conduct their personal commitment to complying with the Code of Conduct
      and Ethics
      ? Remain alert to actions by any employee, or any other person or organization with whom the
      Company has a relationship, that violate the Code of Conduct and Ethics.
      ? Report all Code of Conduct and Ethics violations, including complete disclosure of all relevant
      To ensure compliance with this Code of Conduct and Ethics and all legal and regulatory requirements
      relevant to our business, a compliance procedure has been established.
      This Code of Conduct and Ethics is designed to provide guidance to all employees on matters of proper
      business conduct and ethics. The Code should be viewed as supplemental to other Company policies
      which are equally binding on all officers, directors and employees. This compliance procedure has been
      established to answer questions, provide advice, investigate allegations of wrongdoing and arrange for
      appropriate corrective and disciplinary actions if violations are discovered. The Corporate Ethics
      Committee oversees administration of the program, reviews allegations of Code violations and
      periodically reports to the Company’s Board of Directors.
      Improper Use of the Program
      In no event will the Company take or threaten any action against an employee for making a report or
      disclosing information in good faith. Unfortunately, any program can be abused. For example, an
      employee might attempt to harm another employee through false accusations. Improper use of this
      compliance procedure will not be tolerated, and such actions will be subject to discipline.
      Penalties for Code of Conduct and Ethics Violations
      Depending on severity, violations of this Code of Conduct and Ethics may result in the Company:
      ? taking disciplinary action, including termination of employment, suspension or demotion.
      ? pursuing civil remedies for restitution.
      ? referring criminal misconduct to appropriate prosecutorial authorities that can result in criminal jail
      sentences and/or fines.
      Additionally, violations of federal, state or local laws can expose both you and the Company to criminal
      and/or civil prosecution.
      All employees of the Company have the responsibility to report any violation of this Code of Conduct and
      Ethics. Violations should be reported in detail, conveying as much information as is available to facilitate
      proper, effective and timely investigation. Allegations will be reviewed and investigated promptly in cases
      where sufficient information has been provided. If all known facts and/or documented evidence are not
      provided, appropriate review and follow-up will likely not be possible.
      Violations, or possible violations, of the Code of Conduct and Ethics should generally be addressed first
      with immediate supervisors. This may provide valuable insight or perspective and will encourage
      resolution of problems within the appropriate department. However, an employee who does not feel
      comfortable discussing the matter with his or her immediate supervisor should address the matter with the
      appropriate department head, a member of the Ethics Committee, an Ethics Officer, or report it over the
      special telephone Ethics Hotline, IN TOUCH, which is available for this purpose. IN TOUCH is an
      independently operated, confidential and anonymous telephone hotline that can be reached at 1-800-835-
      5870, PIN #48733. Reports received by the operator of the Ethics Hotline will be forwarded to the Ethics
      Committee for review and investigation if appropriate. Reports may be made anonymously, however,
      should an employee choose to identify him or herself, the communication will be kept confidential, i.e.,
      shared only with persons who have a need to know, and the matter can be investigated with greater
      accuracy and efficiency. When possible, or in the alternative, written reports should be submitted on the
      attached Ethical Conduct Inquiry form.
      During the review, the person or persons conducting the review will not be at liberty to discuss the
      progress of the investigation or any preliminary findings with the complainant. Depending on the
      circumstances, upon completion of the investigation, a summary of findings may be reported if requested.
      Confidential Ethics Hotline*:
      * operated by IN TOUCH, an independent third party provider
      Phone: 1-800-835-5870, PIN #48733
      Stuart D. Boyd, V.P., General Counsel and Secretary
      Walter Investment Management Corp.
      3000 Bayport Drive, Suite 1100
      Tampa, FL 33607
      Phone: (813) 421-7605/ Fax: (813) 281-5635
      William Meurer
      Chairman Audit Committee of the Board of Directors
      Walter Investment Management Corp
      3000 Bayport Drive, Suite 1100
      Tampa, FL 33607
      Ethics Committee:
      Charles Cauthen, COO and CFO (813) 421-7612
      Stuart D. Boyd, V.P., General Counsel and Secretary (813) 421-7605
      Del Pulido, V.P., Human Resources (813) 421-7662
      Brian Corey, S.V.P., General Counsel and Secretary, Green Tree (651) 293-3472
      Barbara Didrikson, S.V.P. Human Resources, Green Tree (651) 293-3497
      Ethics Officers:
      Members of the Ethics Committee
      The Senior Human Resources / Employee Relations official
      of each WlMC/Green Tree subsidiary company
      Code of Conduct and Ethics
      Ethical Conduct Inquiry (ECI)
      1. If you are unsure of specifics, estimate or leave the space blank.
      2. You need not identify yourself as the person making this report. You may also list yourself and others in the
      appropriate section as persons who may have relevant information.
      3. You may leave your report with an Ethics Officer or mail it to:
      Corporate Counsel – Law Department
      Walter Investment Management Corp.
      3000 Bayport Drive, Suite 1100
      Tampa, FL 33607
      Phone: (813) 421-7605/ Fax: (813) 281-5635
      Attn: General Counsel
      Circumstances of Suspected Violation*
      (Attach additional sheets if needed)
      Briefly describe suspected violation (what happened)? _____________________________________________________
      When did it happen? ________________________________________________________________________________
      Where? _________________________________________________________________________________________
      Person(s) suspected of involvement: ___________________________________________________________________
      Person (s) who may have relevant information: ___________________________________________________________
      Date: _________________________ Printed Name and Signature: (optional)
      *Failure to disclose all known facts will prevent a complete and timely investigation.
      The contents of this document do not constitute the terms of a contract of employment.
      This document should not be construed as a guarantee of continued employment.
      Rather, employment with Walter Investment Management Corp. or its subsidiaries is on
      an “at will” basis. This means that the employment relationship may be terminated at any
      time by either the employee or the employer for any reason not expressly prohibited by

      • Scared of having to move to GT // March 25, 2013 at 5:14 pm // Reply

        I know this was a REALLY long post, but I wanted to share with everyone. Here’s their contact information. I think I will print and mail a copy with my first payment, (it might cost a few bucks but it would be really nice if everyone FLOODED their mail with individual copies of that! You can get your own copy at:

        Walter Investment Management Corp.
        3000 Bayport Drive
        Suite 1100
        Tampa, FL 33607
        Click here for Google™ map and directions.
        Phone: (813) 421-7600

  84. Take Action // March 24, 2013 at 5:30 pm // Reply

    I have never been late in all the years I lived in my house. And if I am made to look like a dead beat so these *^&@^*# can STEAL my house, I will post on Craig’s List a free-for-all on everything in my house, e.i., kitchen cabinets, sink, toilet, heater, radiators, heating system, central air unit, lighting, water heater, copper pipes, tub…anything that can be carried out. I refuse to let these bottom-feeders make money off my hard-earned money. Anyone else who loses their home due to these snakes unscrupulous tactics, leave them a shell.

    • Take Action // March 25, 2013 at 11:08 am // Reply

      Class action Law suit Investigation as of March 25, 2013. Finally…

    • I got the transfer letter from BofA last week. Thanks to everyone who took the time to post to this thread, I was able to take action. I wired my loan pay off to BofA before the transfer took place. That’s not an option for most probably, but it might work for some who read this and realize it’s possible.

      Here is some info I found while researching this problem. I hope it helps.

      This link ( ) is to “Fitch Monitoring Green Tree’s Servicing LLC Rating,” a Reuters article.

      The gist: BofA sold the Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSRs are NOT the mortgages themselves) to 650,000 loans with “Stable” forecast ratings to Green Tree in 1Q 2013, which is just about to end. The loans had a value of 93 billion dollars.

      This suggests that Bank of America decided to make money at the expense of a lot of very nice people who typically pay their loans without any issues. Instead of having a cost entry in their ledgers (the cost to pay people inside BofA to service the loans), BofA got money from Green Tree. The cost entry turned to an income entry.

      Green Tree, then, appears to need to recoup the cost of their purchase of the MSRs, plus pay their staff for accomplishing the same job that BofA used to pay its own people to do, plus make a profit. Hence the crazy.

      I’m very unhappy with Bank of America today. I’ll never do business with them again if I can help it.

      Best of luck to all.

      • Hey 1 in 650K.

        I got the same letter in the mail on 03/18/13 and took the same action you did by paying off the loan in its entirety at BOA before the transfer took place on 04/01/13.

        Did you get any statements from Green Tree in the mail even though the loan was paid off in full? Have you called or verified with Green Tree yet if the balance was 0 as transferred or anything?

        I got one notice of assignment shortly after from Green Tree with old data on it… but nothing else.

        Just curious as to your experience.

        Let me know!


  85. My loan was sold to them too, I am not looking forward to dealing with them. Can we organize a total inundation at the attorney generals office? Here is the link…

    Lets all fill out a complaint form about GreenTree and their practices. If you have had anything that is not kosher, please…fill one out. With hundreds and thousands of complaints, they will eventually have to take some kind of action. Elections depend on our representatives finding the right band wagon to jump on. If we make it a big one, somethings gonna give.

    Fill yours out today!

  86. Take Action // March 21, 2013 at 7:04 pm // Reply

    Victims of Green Tree can also join Facebook. The more, the better.

  87. My husband and I are being sued by Green Tree. We were served our papers last month and have received our court date in the mail from the county courts. I am in shock, and so is my husband. We are finally getting back on our feet after our foreclosure, only to have to owe on our forclosure from 5 years ago. The story is that my husband and I were married in 2006. We both just graduated college with plenty of student loan debt, I was unemployed at the time, and he was working in construction making about $20 an hour. Being young and naive, we decided to apply for a loan to get a house. Needless to say, CountryWide approved my husband! Because I had some college credit card debt, they only wanted his name on the loan. He was able to purchase our home for $135,000, but in order to get our home with no money down, CountryWide had him file for two loans. One loan was for $105,000 and the other one was for $30,000. We were so excited to move in, but learned shortly afterwards that we could NOT keep up with the $1,250 house payment a month. We struggled immensely and it was such a hard first year of marriage because we had no money and were trying everything we could to make our house payments. Finally, in March of 2008, we put it up for sale. With no luck in selling it by May, we started calling CountryWide and writing them letters asking about for a short sale or a deed in lieu. They would not appove either of them. Then, in August, we came to our senses and realized we were in over our heads. After two years of living there, we moved out. We didn’t even wait to get our “kicked out” notice. We notified CountryWide that the property was vacant and we moved out. Well, because of the law they weren’t able to officially sell it until 2009. However, right before they sold our home, they sold off our “little” loan to Green Tree for the $30,000 and used the money from the sale of the home to pay the $100,000 “big” loan. Meanwhile, thanks to CountryWide’s scheme of not including me on our previous loan, we were able to purchase a less expensive home in my name. We got our first notice about Green Tree shortly after we moved in to our current home. I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, because I thought CountryWide had sold our home. After doing a little research I realized that they sold our little loan for $30,000. After many harrasing calls and letters to pay the $30,000, we were served our notice last month to appear in court. We have hired an attorney but he pretty much just said that we have to pay it. I have honestly not heard of anyone being sued by a mortgage company! Is this going to be the new American catastrophe? First, having a nation foreclosure crisis; next, those same people that went through foreclosure being sued by the mortgage company? What should we do? Any suggestions?

    • Judy Brown // March 21, 2013 at 4:46 pm // Reply

      I’m very sorry to hear what has happened and am shocked that NO ONE seems to be doing anything about sharks, such as Green Tree.

      It’s very scary for consumers. Especially if they continue to act as they do for another few years, before the government does anything to stop them or at least curb their terrible actions upon people, sharply.

    • I have heard that the people at can be very helpful to remedying foreclosure problems. Definitely worth the time to check them out.

      • Take Action // March 23, 2013 at 10:14 am // Reply

        BEWARE!!! “Anonymous” is just another troll preying on the desperate. Research before taking anyone’s post as WORD.

  88. Take Action // March 21, 2013 at 1:35 pm // Reply

    Green Tree Servicing, which is owned by Walter investments, appears to not be doing so well lately in the Stock market. I wonder why?

  89. Take Action // March 21, 2013 at 10:56 am // Reply

    “When I consider and weigh in my mind all these commonwealths, which nowadays anywhere do flourish, so God help me, I can perceive nothing but a certain conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of the commonwealth. They invent and devise all means and crafts, first how to keep safely without fear of losing that which they have unjustly gathered together, and next how to hire and abuse the work and labor of the poor for as little money as may be.”

    Sir Thomas More, [1478 – 1535] Utopia

  90. Has anyone else had late fees applied to an “unapplied funds” balance? Weve never been past 30 days due and its because of when payments due and receiving paychecks, but theyre not applying the late fees were paying to the late charges. Theyve been doing something else with our late fees and we just found out we have a balance due of late charges. So basically when we pay the nearly $40 late fee, they dont apply it to the late fee. Its weird too because apparently we owe 4 months of late fees, but only have $40 in the “unapplied funds” balance. So we have no idea where that extra $120 is in the “u f” balance that should cover the late fees. Theyre monthly statements are horrible and theyre website is essentially useless.

    • worried in Mo. // March 20, 2013 at 10:36 pm // Reply

      I also recievied a letter from Bank of America and am very worried, mine is to start the 1st of april.I have gotten some good advice on hear but wonder why my letter said my insurance would be cancelled as of 1st when my insurance is paid till september.

      • I was a customer of GMAC until they were bought out by Greentree. I just received the most rude and obnoxious phone call ever! They are awful. They accused me of refusing to pay. I am completely blown away by this behavior. This is unacceptable!

      • Get a lawyer NOW don’r wait for nightmares to start or build up….Also repor this company to all agencies that they an be reported too.

  91. I also received a notice that B of A sold my mortgage loan to GTS and just read these horrific comments. Someone mentioned a class action suit. Another suggestion is that there is a new Federal Government agency created for just this purpose. Go to and report your experience with GTS to them.They do want to know!
    Thank you for the information. I will be sure to send my mortgage payments in advance and certified mail!

    • Like alot of you I just received my letter from Bank of America stating our home loan has been sold to GreenTree. I am very concerned about what to expect from this company. I was concerned 2 or 3 years ago when my loan was sold by Countrywide to Bank of America after the horrible stories I heard about them after 9/11. Foreclosures that were done with an investigation into the homeowners financial state. But we didn’t have any issues with them. I am trying to be proactive with Green Tree. I plan on calling our local news station tomorrow and see if they have any interest in investigating the complaints I have read here and on the RIPOff website. I know in the past I have had problems with certain banks with car loans and harrassing calls and how upsetting it can be when you know you are in the right but they just won’t listen.

  92. I have been trying to refinance my home for almost a year under the HARP program without any success at all, even with decent credit and never having a late house payment with any lender. This month I was informed that my Mortgage was being transferred to Green Tree Servicing and my first house payment will be April 1, 2013. After reading many comments and reviews regarding Green Tree Servicing I am very concern about the service and professionalism of this company. It is very obvious that something must be done and I wonder why one of our aggressive lawyers do not try a class action suit. I for one would be more then willing to get on board, companies like this should not be in business at all. If it is not true, then where is there Public Relation Department, or the media with the truth!
    I hope maybe sixty minutes, or some large media news company will do an article on this subject and something will be done. Lets start a campaign to get the news out to the big three television networks and see what happens.
    Good luck everyone, batten down the hatches and get ready for a storm.

    • Take Action // March 20, 2013 at 6:39 pm // Reply

      Zegota, my first payment with Green Tree is also April 1st, and I have yet to receive any notice of my new account number, etc. I tried calling several times, but get automated options with an eventual disconnect. I am writing them tomorrow to ask them to forward me my account information so as I can make my payments – can’t make one without it! Also, make your payments either through your bank’s Bill Pay option or certified. If you send a check, you risk GT holding it until pass the grace period and socking you with a late fee.

      Everyone who posts on this board should contact their local news stations, and the BIG Investigative Reporting shows; 60 Minutes, 20/20, 48 hours, Dateline.

      • My Aunt had that problem , so she went back to her initial lender Bank OF America and they called Green Tree and make her first payment telephonically…But she isnow experiencing all the problems hat I see posted..We will be speaking to a lawyer, But will also join in the class actio ut and report to the agencies posted.

  93. Take Action // March 19, 2013 at 3:41 pm // Reply

    My gosh, I feel so bad for everyone (I will be feeling bad for myself soon enough, I’m sure). EVERYONE, contact your local news stations, 20/20, 48 hours, any show that does investigative reporting. It is going to take a lot of “noise” from all of us to be heard.

    • avenger101 // March 20, 2013 at 3:39 pm // Reply

      We also just got a letter from BOA saying they were transferring our loan to this Green Tree Servicing outfit, which we never heard of. After reading these comments and others we decided to Pay Off Our Loan to BOA immediately. Nice thing is that Green Tree Servicing isn’t going to get 1 cent from us. They can go to hell and I want to help make their life hell after reading how they have been treating people.

      Here’s some things everyone can do to make Green Tree’s life a lot more difficult and maybe
      help put them out of business.

      1. Record all conversations with anyone from Green Tree (BTW, check your state laws to be sure you can record without the other parties permission. If you need their permission, advise them the call is being recorded). If they become abusive that is GREAT, because they can be sued for engaging in abusive behavior. Get as many recordings as possible of them engaging in abusive behavior. Then contact large Class Action law firms like “Morgan & Morgan”. They are actively looking to sue abusive creditors. Multi-million dollar lawsuits could help shut their doors

      You can also send copies of the recordings to TV NEWS programs like your local trouble
      shooter, 20/20, 60 minutes, etc. Sounds like these guys deserves all the NEGATIVE Press everyone can send their way. Bad Press has put many businesses out of business

      2. Everyone who has a mortgage with Green Tree should demand they complete a Qualified
      Written Request. By law, Green Tree has to respond and complete QWR’s and if they don’t
      within 60 days, that is a RESPA violation and you can file a complaint to HUD against Green
      Tree for failing to complete a Qualified Written Request. In some cases, you can even sue
      the mortgage company $1,000 per question if they fail to answer. Type RESPA violation in google to find out more. You can find QWR’s all over the internet. Look for QWR’s which have 25 questions or more. The idea here is to OVERWHELM Green Tree with paper work.

      3. If your mortgage was written between 2001 and 2009, there’s a good chance your mortgage
      was bundled with other mortgages and securitized (sold as stocks). Several attorneys has
      told me that once a home mortgage is bundled with others and sold as stocks it is no longer
      a mortgage. This falls under “double dipping” laws. The legal argument is that a mortgage
      cannot be a stock and mortgage at the same time. A securitized mortgage earning interest simultaneously as a part of a bundled stock AND in interest on the loan is illegal according to various attorneys. Under these conditions, a home owner would have a legal argument that the bank responsible violated finance laws and therefore are owed nothing more. Several attorneys have told me a owner of a securitized mortgage could even ask that ALL of the payments made on the home be refunded

      4. Find the deed to your home and see if it was recorded by MERS. If it was you may have a
      case to get your home free and clear. Search for “MERS Mortgage Transfers Deemed Illegal by
      Federal Judge” and “MERS Violations” to learn more.

      Hope this helps and best of luck to everyone!

      • Take Action // March 20, 2013 at 6:57 pm // Reply

        Avenger101, Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions and incite – knowledge is power, right? How fantastic would that be for many of us to find out that our mortgages were securitized and we could be released from the lion’s den known as GT.

      • george pascale // March 27, 2013 at 7:31 am // Reply

        please send your posting so I can fallow thru

      • Please send information to me please at my email I was told I could send the forms to them for in lieu of foreclosure but some lawyers are telling me jan 7 2014 they will sell it. I just wanted them to take it back as promise and even get a relocation fee hum. I can’t afford this crap. Please advise

  94. I agree with all that have said Green Tree is a Nightmare! A few years back I went through a bad divorce and couldn’t afford payments anymore. I was now a single mom with 4 children and a 1,300 house payment. My ex-husband no longer had parental rights because he molested my daughter. I called them to see what I could do to work this out. They immediately started yelling at me. Telling me I shouldn’t have taken on such a big debt if I couldn’t afford it. My mortgage was 10 years old! I explained to them about the divorce, the molesting and how I no longer had help from my ex. They in turn yelled at me and said it was my fault that my husband molested my daughter. Seriously?? I gave them a piece of my mind, hung up the phone and walked away from it all.

  95. well terrific. We just got a letter from BOA stating our mortgage was transferred to Green Tree. Should I expect to deal with crap from now on?

    • Take Action // March 19, 2013 at 11:25 am // Reply

      Welcome to the nightmare.

    • Should the people come up with a law that forbids selling mortgages to other companies without the consumers permission?

      • Also our mortgage was sold to GT. We are also having the phone problems. Our payments have always been deducted from our checking biweekly. GT will not set this up so we send them a check. But we get the phone calls my 13 year old called my wife at work all upset because GT called the house and my son told them we were working. They told my son we were to call them as soon as we can. Bull!!!! And when you do call you get no one. My wife and I are searching for a credit union.

  96. Take Action // March 19, 2013 at 10:56 am // Reply

    I got a letter from BOA yesterday, informing me that my account will be transferred to Green Tree April 1st. I was up until 5:00 am reading these horror stories, and I feel sick about it. I have never been late on any bill in over 13 years, and I refuse to be treated like a sub par human by these lowlife can’t-get-a-better-job robots.

    I am appalled that this bottom-feeder company is allowed to operate in such a manner. This company needs some investigative reporting. I wrote to 20/20, my local news station, and cfpb. We all need to make noise about these scammers, so start writing and complain!

    • Take Action // March 19, 2013 at 11:24 am // Reply

      Forgot to mention…E-how has instructions on how to file a Class Action Law Suit. If anyone is privy to how this woks, please reply.

      • Just got a letter from BOFA. I’m terrifed. My neighbor’s home was forclosued on last month, and I personally witness the homeowner sending in full payments via Fedx, and now GreenTree claims they never got the payments. Checks were cashed by their collections department but were never enter. Someone is pocketing the money!! I want to join a class action law suit.
        Damn rep was ruin with me on a few questions I had about sending payments.

    • I am beginning to wonder if our homes were not bundled as stock and sold to Green Tree Servicing, if that is the case, I saw on this page that it is illegal? My Mortgage was also owned by BOA and my first payment is due April 1, 2013 to Green Tree, sounds a little fishy does it not? We should try and get the news out and see just how many homes might have been transferred to this great company and from Green Tree, we just might have something.

  97. Our mortgage was sold by Bank of America to GTS back in October. We’ve had our mortgage for 17 years and have never had an issue with payments. Back when we bought our home the original lender offered us the option to split the payment in 2, paying on the 1st and the 10th. Our loan has been sold/transferred 5 times and GTS is the first company not to honor this arrangement. I was told that they won’t auto draft in 2 payments and i should pay via my bank’s online bill pay. This month my first payment installment wasn’t posted until the 13th, the second which they should have received by the 10th has not yet been posted. When our “account manager” called me tonight to demand my full payment I explained that they should have had it in hand 8 days ago. He told me that the Dallas postal service is holding their mail for 10-15 days before they deliver it! Claimed it was cutbacks by the post office and the only way to insure my payment is posted in a timely manner is to call it in and pay the $12 fee every month. What a crock!!! So now I’ve been charged a $28.53 late fee and am being harrassed. I’ve never in my life been told not to mail a payment to a creditor. These people are cooks, plain and simple. Guess it’s time to refinance!

    • Take Action // March 19, 2013 at 1:17 am // Reply

      I received my notice yesterday from BofA, that I will be transferred to Green Tree beginning April 1st. Needelss to say, after reading these horror stories for 12 hours, I am not looking forward to it.

      I am appauled that this company is ALLOWED to operate in the manner is has for so long. I have contacted my local news station, 20/20, and fcpa on behalf of myself and everyone on this board. I don’t know if we are going to get anywhere complaining to each other, though, this board is invaluable in informing people of what they need to expect from this company.

      Like many of you, I have NEVER been late on any of my debts for the 13 years I’ve lived in my home. I would assume that Green Tree’s objective, besides the obvious one of making money with fees and $12 charges, is to make money on the equity in our homes. Some of our homes are worth more now then they might be in 15 – 20 years, assuming your home is 60+ years old. This is assuming that they actually foreclose or just threaten to.

      I plan to make my payments certified mail/return receipt, and turn the house phone off, and look to selling. There is no way I am going to put up with this BS company for 10 or so more years. I would rather rent!

    Name Fiscal Year Total
    Mark O’Brien
    Denmar Dixon
    Charles Cauthen
    Keith Anderson
    Kimberly Perez
    Whitney Finch

    Brian Libman

  99. Report to: >>>>>>>>>

    This is the parent company.
    3000 Bayport Drive Suite 1100
    Tampa, FL 33607
    United States – Map
    +1-813-4217605 (Phone)

    Officers and directors
    Mark J. O’Brien Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
    Denmar J. Dixon Vice Chairman of the Board, Executive Vice President
    Charles E. Cauthen Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer
    Keith Anderson President and Chief Executive Officer of GTCS Holdings, LLC
    Kimberly A. Perez Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
    Whitney Finch Vice President – Investor Relations
    Brian Libman Chief Strategy Officer
    Steven R. Berrard Independent Director
    Ellyn L. Brown Independent Director
    Alvaro G. de Molina Independent Director

  100. I sure pray you guys are wrong but my common sense and intelligence tells me your not wrong. My Mortgage Company just contacted me by letter telling me they have sold my Mortgage to Green Tree Servicing. Besides refinancing is there anything a consumer can do, when they have good credit and never been late with a Mortgage payment, Green Tree Servicing worries me…sounds like a lots of problem. Thanks and God Bless.

    • Ronald Morris // March 19, 2013 at 7:50 am // Reply

      I have never been late on a payment until the loan went to Green Tree. I sent my first check, they cashed it, then called me from collection for payment not received. I had to go thru hell and back on their stupid promp calls to nowhere. I have the cashed check in my hands. I can see this is one horrible morgage company. They are rude, inconsiderate, unprofessional, and lack the people skills needed to do what they do. Now they will fuck my credit up. Thank You Green Tree.

  101. This is the worst mortgage company i have ever dealt with. Green Tree bought out Walter Mortgage company. Once they took over, i have had nothing but pure hell. The representatives of the company are all rude. So since they are rude, i show them rudeness back. I wouldn’t recommend this company to a dog. This company is money hungry and before i tolerate them for 23 more years, i would rather live under the bridge.

    • Could not agree more. I was with GMAC for years and had set up payments on line for 6 months at a time. My mortgage was transferred effective 2/1, and they did not take my scheduled payment. However, they said it could take weeks to catch up. So, I tried to find out IF they would be taking the auto payment scheduled or not. Trying to get an answer is like pulling teeth. You call customer service, and you either get a voicemail that is full or transferred to a voicemail that is full. Then they started leaving voicemails trying to collect, and when I try to return the call, their automated system either disconnects me, sends me to a voicemail that is again full or sends me the voicemail for their agent. I’ve sent emails with no response. I’ve told them I just want to pay them but want assurance that they are not dinging my credit report for payments that had been prescheduled and that they will not come back and take the scheduled payment after paying separately. I feel like this is a very fly-by-night company.

      • AB – Same thing. Was a GMAC customer utnil 2/1 with a clean history until Green Tree took over the loan. My Feb payment was never applied, Green Tree slapped on a $557 late fee and a $12 processing fee to bring my account current. I can’t get through to anyone, emails go unanswered. Phone calls are disconnected by their automated service.

        I’ve sent all the documentation into my State Attorney General. This company needs to be stopped.

        • Paula Bair // March 12, 2013 at 7:37 pm // Reply

          I’m so glad I found this site. Green Tree took over mine on Feb 1, also from Gmac. Has bee a nightmare; I sent my shortage payment; they couldn’t find it. They did credit my Feb payment, but now say I’,m late with March, although I sent a payment on March 5. Got a bill saying I owe twice what I should owe. In 19 years with Gmac never had late payment. I don’t know where to go for help; this is awful. How can they get away with this?

          • I also was with GMAC and my account was sold to Green Tree as of 2/1/13. I received March’s invoice which did not show the receipt of my February payment. However, my bank shows that they cashed the check. Then I also got billed a huge amount for escrow but trying to call Green Tree to get an explanation is impossible since they have you on hold forever. I am not happy so far. If I start getting harassing phone calls, as others have, I will look to get my loan transferred elsewhere, either through refinancing or something. I am retired, so this will not be easy, but I will not be bullied.

        • Yep, same here. I was traveling from mid January until mid March, so I never even received any warning of the GMAC to GT transfer. I only found out when I tried to log in to my GMAC account to find out why I had not received notice of my Feb payment being received. I then spent the next three weeks trying to contact GT by phone and e-mail to get it straightened out. No answer on their phone line, and no response to e-mails. Finally reached someone in Customer Service, explained the situation, was assured that there was a 60-day transition period during which no penalties would be assessed, so it could all be resolved once I got home. The dunning calls started two days later.

          Got home last week, put the check in the mail the next day. Just finished another dunning call in which they claim they have not yet received the check. Stupid me, should have sent it registered mail, but at that point, I was still giving them the benefit of the doubt, and just wanted to get it sent ASAP. Now I realize that they don’t WANT it to be resolved, they would rather generate late fees.

          • Was also a GMAC customer for years with no problems. I have an escrow account and every year I would pay my shortage to keep my house note the same. Did not have any notice that green tree was taking over until the day before my house note was due. I paid green tree my escrow shortage in the amount of $1600. They raised my house note by a extra $120.00. Plus I paid $300 over because they said I did not pay enough on my account. Once someone tried to figure it out I was told the extra money was sitting in principle. Now this month the web site says I owe less than what my house note is. All of this is an attempt to make my credit go bad. I have never been late on my payments. I am disgusted with this company. Good luck trying to talk to anyone in escrow dept. They are untouchable and unreachable even to their own co-workers. I was told they can’t even speak to anyone in escrow. Good luck in trying to speak with anyone in upper management. They give you to collections first. Then a customer service person and then their manager. The buck stops there. They are crooked and I will be selling my home to get out of their mortgage. I hope anyone who is looking to finance a home don’t go with green tree. I like many others did not have a choice. But I won’t stop until my wrong is made right. They want you to turn over and just take it. But I refuse. I call them everyday. Sometimes I get someone and other times a answering machine that is full. And good luck with someone calling you back. That doesn’t happen.

      • I just received a letter from BOA today stating that Green Tree Servicing will take over my mortgage 4/1. After reading everyone’s comments, I am going to refinance with another lender.

        • Ellie, Ken and all others, I got the same letter from BOA on 3-19-13 and like you, am scared to death. Wish I had gone with a Credit Union earlier. Ellie, if you refinance, doesn’t that take several months? GTS could be racking up bogus charges before even if a refinance could go through. Wish I had listened to Dave Ramsey and gotten away from BOA!! Thanks for all of your post. At least I am not alone!

  102. Glad to know im not the only one having a horrible experience with GreenTree. This company is terrible and the employees are very rude unprofessional and disrepectful.

  103. I became a customer 2/1/2013 transferred from GMAC. I mailed my payment 10 days early. It didn’t process for 10 days. They say it was the mail. There is no way it takes that long in the mail.
    I sent proof of insurance 2 weeks ago. They are telling me they did not get it. I Have 45 days to comply. What do you do when they hold or said they haven’t. received it.

    • I also was transfered to them. I have done EVERYTHING with this company in writing. I send my check every month certified. It is a pain in the butt, however totally worth my piece of mind. I have brought errors on property taxes to their attention, and they responded very fast. Because I sent it certified, and in writing. Whatever you do, do NOT give them access to your checking acct. I have not gotten calls from them or had an issue YET. But I document everything I do because I am going to be ready. You can discound many comments, but you can’t discount over 50,000. SO I believe what I read here, and take notes!

    • I sent a wire part from my bank after we refinanced. They told us the wire transfer would not be processed for a few days. That is ludicrous! The money is sitting in their bank. And for all of thou BOA customers who got sold to green tree, guess where the wire transferee went, you guessed it……..BOA!

  104. I became a customer 2/1/2013 transferred from GMAC. I mailed my payment 10 days early. It didn’t process for 10 days. They say it was the mail. There is no way it takes that long in the mail.
    I sent proof of insurance 2 weeks ago. They are telling me they did not get it. I Have 45 days to comply. What do you do when they hold or said they haven’t. received it.

  105. I have recently been transferred to these idiots by GMAC. My payments have always been on time for the past seven years. Due to the transition I too had to send payment by check. Amazing how it takes almost half the month for them to process your payment! My phone has started ringing as well with these harassing calls. One lady I spoke to was so rude I hung up on her. If I could refinance I would. I think the next several years are going to be a nightmare!

    • This happened to me too, one CSR even told me that it could take up to 10 days to process the payment after they received it. So if u send your payment a few days after the 1st of the month and they get it whenever and take 10 days to process it, they could claim it was late and charge u late fees. They also try to steer u into paying online for a convenient $12 fee. The calls from green tree continued until i started sending my payment through usps with receipt confirmation. From personal experience, once they confirm receipt, they credit ur account the same day or a day after. So they can’t start calling u asking about the payment claiming they haven’t received it. I’d rather pay $5 for confirmation receipt that $12 online.

      • Agree with you! That is how I sent mine, and have not had a problem. They post on time, and since I have been with them not a single call. But they sure make it hard just to pay the damn payment. They really want you to sign up for their “auto pay” program. I think that is why they discourage other methods. As I said before, EVERYTHING you do with this company has to be done in writing, and sent certified. If you get nothing from my comment get that, that is what will save you when they come screaming!

  106. Pure and simple – they’re crooks. They sat on $250k + for 1 month without letting the title company know that the payoff was short. All the while collecting interest. So now they’re expecting us to pay a full month of interest while they held 99% of the payoff money interest free. So glad I’ll be done with them soon. Would strongly advise all to steer clear of these crooks.

  107. Mark Miller // March 6, 2013 at 10:37 am // Reply

    Our mortgage was held with GMAC and since their bankruptcy has now been bought by GREEN TREE….everything from the start has been bad with this company. Terrible customer service….I spoke with 3 people (one a supervisor and she was the worst). On their website they want people to “go green” yet they charge a FEE for that.

    Reading all the posts above I am both horrified and petrified and while I was on HOLD with Green Tree (extensive hold period) I emailed 5 friends sharing my dismay with this company and asking who they have recently REFI’d with. My mission for today is to REFI immediately this company is clearly BAD NEWS.

    • All of you posting here are real deadbeats. Pay when your payments are DUE and you won’t receive calls! All of you need to take a look in the mirror and slap yourselves for posting such stupid comments.

      • Have you had to deal with these idiots? Apparently not….They are rude and are only concerned with getting your payment…they have given me 3 different stories why my escrow was in the negative (1. it came over to them that way…not true…researched it 2. they paid $ 5500 to my insurance company…not true 3. they did not have proof of insurance when my mortgage was sold to them so they charged me $5500 for insurance when I already had insurance) . They were faxed the insurance coverages from the entire time we had the house and then they tell me that it takes 2 business days for them to get back to me…They will get their payment on time when they fix my negative escrow problem…they are trying to recoup the $5500 by raising my payments to put into escrow…not happening…taking my escrow out of the mortgage…will pay my insurance and taxes on my own!

      • Really? How about you post your real name and stand behind your comment. I am far from a deadbeat. Pay this bill on the 1st and have not had a big problem with this company.(YET) That being said, their notices, statements are late, they are vague and they are usually wrong. They screw up people’s escow accounts and property taxes. We have to jump thru hoops to get a response to anything. Sounds to me like they are the deadbeats. You are a coward, who probably works for them. You probably troll these sites as part of your job. 50,0000 comments and counting, a FB page, and many lawyers chomping at the bit for GT………hope you have a “plan b” doesn’t sound like your job is going to last long.

      • do everything by certified letter even one of their employees told me to hang up on them. one more certified letter stop calling me you will get my money. instead they can write to me every day and if you are out their miss collection woman and I know you know who you are I hope everything come to 2 more times worse, get a real job!! this company scks.

      • The Voice, is a Green Tree manager, as you can be current but get the harrassing calls AND other mortgage situations vary differently. Only a dumb-ass Troll would tell someone make your payment as if it were THAT simple with Green Tree…

      • No one cares about your ass. You are not protected remember that.

  108. I also was just sold to Green Tree. Received numerous letters about my insurance coverage. Sent them everything they needed = got my ins. rep to fax also. I then received a letter from them asking for the same thing so I called them to make sure they had received it all. I had no idea what I was facing. I was transferred to some jerk that made me feel like a criminal. I have been late because of my pay schedule and their due date but have never missed a payment. I was forced that day to make a payment with the $12 fee attached to it. I am not sure I can get re-financed but I have not to do something. I have never been talked to like that in my life and ended up hanging up on the man. Why can’t someone do something about this company.

    • This company is horrible. I made a payment over the phone and then called back because I gave the wrong date for the payment and I was told to FIND the money, borrow it etc. They would not change the date. It was only 1 week different. I was transferred to 3 different people. They were unprofessional and disrespectful. My bank cancelled the payment for me and scheduled it through their bill pay (for free). Need a new mortgage company. I orignally had bank of america and never had a problem. I was never charged to make a payment like GTS does now.

    • positivepotion // March 6, 2013 at 6:21 am // Reply

      Thank you to everyone for coming forward to share yourexperiences with this company, because we just found a beautiful home that was a foreclosure and although it needs TLC, we are still interested. However,when I called the number listed, it was Green Tree and left my info for a call back. Someone called me back, and seemed to sugarcoat that financing deal for the home, so that is when I googled GT!! Did I just dodge a grenade? I am a first time homebuyer and REALLY LOVE this house, so does anyone know if there is a way around going with Green Tree, yet still get the purchase price quoted? Thank you, and I’m sorry for everyones problems.

      • Avoid this company like a runaway train!!! I am an anesthetist with excellent credit and multiple properties. I am a victim of a GMAC sell-off to GT. I am currently pursuing every avenue (including dumping savings, or selling the property) to get rid of this company! I have never dealt with a mortgage company (I think they are a newer version of the MOB), that is as crooked as this company.

        • I totally agree. I am not a deadbeat either. This company is deplorable. We will refinance and get out from under this rude, unethical company. Run… Run fast,

      • Go to a real bank and see if they will give you a mortgage.

    • Amen, I totally agree with payments not being accepted on time although proof of mail receipt, being harassed by multiple phone calls in one given day, after the first of the month, being charge $12 over the phone fee, have your payment held over a week if sent via on-line banking, watching your escrow increase yearly, hung up on by the employee or being rudely forced to forward a check although you don’t have the money avail in your bank. I too notified FTC several times and basically GT no longer calls my home but still sends incorrect monthly
      statements, including current, past payments due and added late fees. This company is only a mortgage server that can’t and would not if they could, keep your mortgage safe. Everything needs to be be documented, whether sending payment, speaking to GT via phone, identification of the party speaking to you. Since our economy is so different, the rules of crooked businesses hasn’t changed. We must keep on reporting this failure of customer service and evidenced crooked business behavior, until the right change comes. How can business succeed if “we” do not give them any. GT is disgusting and many times I have to take
      a deep breathe, while waiting for long periods of time. Some of us are not able to refinance and even so, we deserve to be treated according to the correct laws. We need the right attorney to fight for us because we do not need a business degree to see that this company is a source of obvious crooks.

  109. Seems the owner of Green Tree, Walter Investment Management LLC, controlled by S.A.C. Capitol Management, a major Wall street hedge fund, controlled by a seemingly slippery fellow named Cohen, holds a majority of the Green Tree stock and has recently added the former CEO of GMAC to it’s board of directors management team.

  110. Seems the owner of Green Tree, Walter Investment Management LLC, a major Wall street hedge fund, controlled by a seemingly slippery fellow named Cohen, holds a majority of the Green Tree stock and has recently added the former CEO of GMAC to it’s board of directors management team.

  111. Everyone knows how Green Tree operates. It’s Terrible. To add insult to injury they ask the Federal governement for money so they can help their customers. Please sign the petition below. We need 150 signatures to get it posted for all to see on the White House site. I guarantee you more people than that go to the web daily in frustration. It is painless. We need to do more than post page after page on the web.

    Please let others know. Post it on complaint boards and blogs. Use Facebook, tell others. Only people in large numbers scare Green Tree. Bottom line, vent your frustration in petitions, letters to congress, media, attorneys general, investigative and regulatory agencies, etc. Again, please sign this petition below… 150 signatures, initials, will get it on the White House site.


    Hold accountable mortgage servicers who game the system to the detriment of the middle class.
    Green Tree Servicing, as well as other non-bank servicers, has grown, no flourished, over the past ten years. If even ten percent of the anecdotal evidence concerning this company (as well as others) is correct, it is nothing less than unbelievable they are still allowed to operate. Green Tree has honed an art form out of squeezing disadvantaged and middle class homeowners in what should be a good faith relationship.

    Please be on the right side of history and ensure ordinary Americans have a good faith relationship with servicers concerning their homes. Today, these companies mock regulators when speaking to consumers. Plainly, the threat of a well-crafted mechanism (company) squeezing American’s who lack knowledge or resources is much too great without significant oversight and review.

    Short URL:

    • My GMAC mortage was sold to Green Tree. Green Tree’s Customer service department was not helpful and in fact combative when I called to ask them how to best handle an inadvertent double payment I had made to them during the confustion of the transition period from GMAC to Green Tree. They suggested I allow my checking account to be overdrawn, then to contact them regarding returned check fees I would be assessed for a possible refund. When I objected and cited confusing correspondence from them and GMAC, I was demeaned and rebuffed. At the end of the conversation I was offered a preapproved mortgage refinance, but not helped with my concerns. In addition to the double payment issue, they are holding nearly a year in tax payments in my escrow account which I do not owe (most of which for was tax year 2012) because I have been granted 100% tax relief from my county government. I dread my next encounter with them as I try to rectify this situation and ask for a refund of this money.

    • I just got the letter from BOA today that my mortgage is being transfered to Green Tree LLC as of April first. I googled them right away and have not been able to find one positive comment about them. It sounds scary……….what ever happen to all that Change we were promised?
      I am by the way never late on any payments and my credit score is above 800

  112. Web page doesn’t work AT ALL, mailed a check, Harrassing phone calls, called them back and these crooks hung up on me twice, mortgage was sold from USAA (GMAC) to them…DO NOT do business them GET away as fast as possible or get a really good attorney cause you are going to need one. TERRIBLE Company go to NAVY Federal

  113. This is who owns Green Tree
    Corporate Information –

  114. I spoke with Todd Kelly there, and was treated completely unprofessionally. I have multiple accounts, have never paid late, and this fool, who could barely put a sentence together, was literally screaming at me on the phone. I was called multiple times after 7 pm, and he wouldn’t let me get a sentence in.

    This man should be fired-I would avoid doing business with this company because of him

  115. The nightmare has started. After holding for 30 minutes and going thru my account, she says she has to transfer me as the amt is not the correct payment. They sent a payment slip but still took a payment from my account. Has anyone contacted attorney general in Illinois and or South Dakota.
    I went on line to cancel the auto payment and it says to come back in a few days.
    I am ready to change my bank account, scream, then let them foreclose

  116. $12 to process an electronic payment? How about everyone start mailing check so they have to hire more people to process them! I’m looking into refinancing.
    Their customer no service reps are intelligible!


  117. I’m another GMAC transfer to this POS company. Not shocked to see so much bad info here. I tried to make my payment on 2/15/13 and their site crashed and was down for the entire day. Called customer service and the rep couldn’t even pull up their system. Waited 2 days and went online, found out about the $12 and said screw them and mailed in a check. Went online again to set up the automatic payments and you can’t unless a payment has already been processed against the account. Seems like they are holding it in the mail room since it hasn’t gotten there in 10 days. The harassing calls started yesterday. I don’t want to pay the $12 so I may try calling them tomorrow to make the March payment over the phone with no fee.

    These guys suck !!!

    • I failed to mention other things from my call with one of their collectors who was treating me like I was 6 months behind on making payments and ducking every call they made to me. I answered the call on my cell while driving and didn’t have my hands free bud with me, which is illegal in CT. The guy started harassing me for a payment and I basically told him I’ve bent over backwards in trying to pay them, online system down, can’t set up auto pay unless 1 payment is already processed against the account, then mailed a check 10 days ago which they didn’t get yet. Told me I was now going to be late for March too since the due date is on the first. I told him, legally I’m not late nor can I get assessed a late fee through the 15th per my contract. He said, “It’s unfortunate you handle your payments that way because you are really due to pay by the first.” UNFORTUNATE?? I said it’s Unfortunate you arent’ familiar with my contract and I’m not late unless payment isn’t received by the 15th. I said it’s also unfortunate your company took on too much business that you werent’ equiped to handle and now you are treating me like an account in deep collections. He wanted to transfer me to his supervisor and I said we’ll I’m driving on my cell without hands free which is illegal. Yea it was my fault for answering in the first place, but since I’m not ducking any collction calls I answered. He said, please stay on the line I’m getting my supervisor. I said you want me to stay on the line illegally so I can get harassed some more? You are a jackass.. and I hung up..

      My payment was listed on their site today and I was able to set up the auto pay. Good luck to the rest of you.


      • Ugh!! I had GMAC through USAA. Forget this!! I’m refinancing through Navy Federal!!

      • Wow. To all of you for stating these complaints. I thought hey maybe I’m doing something wrong. These people Green Tree are horrendous. They left a message on my phome to call with no reason. I thought maybe its the letter I sent to SD office about their rep. Anthony and me wanting mymortgage to be in my husband & my names as it was w/GMAC. I have never been late; also NYS has the 15 day, & all I have got is nasty people whotalk over you & act like you are always late. I know this will be a horror. I have never been spoken to like this. I prob. need to refinace. Right now I am so upset about these people . I called NYS but don’t think anything will happen. I worked on a 800 billing line for 5 yrs. & would of lost my job yesterday talking like these people. I am wondering about this country & who they allow to be in charge of certain things that are so important to people-how things go wrong letting these people in charge of lives. I can see how furtrated people are in these times & who are allowed to speak this way to people. Its the companies that created these problems & it seems they are still doing whatever they want to our lives. How sad. My dad who believed in everythign good must be turning over in his grave. I am so mad right now I can’t even write what I should.
        To refinance costs money which should’nt be correct that is what we want to do is it?????????

    • Good luck, I was told $12 to make a payment over the phone. Poor customer service!

  118. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act also none as RESPA (Regulation X) defines the Notice of Transfer. This notice “shall be delivered to the borrower not less than 15 days before the effective date of transfer.” I reveived mine on January 30th. It was dated January 22nd. I was to make my payment to Green Tree by the 1st of February? I use online banking thru my local bank, but Green Tree is not set up to receive electronic payments. They want you to use their website and collect a fee.

    They received my mailed payment on the 8th of February and show me past due for February and insist on the March payment now. You also have lots of rights during the first 60 days of the transfer. I will be sending a letter to them using the above regulations, informing them of my rights and their obligations and I will copy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You can file a complaint aboutn green tree online with this agency at . It is important that you flood this agency with complaints regarding green tree.

  119. Green Tree is bad news! When I payed on my second mortgage with them late they took some of my late fee and applied it some were else. They use to call my daughter on her phone and say rude things to her and she had nothing to do with this company. She had to get her lawyer to send a letter to stop the calls. When they call me I do not answer there phone calls. I look at caller Id and if I don’t know the number I do not answer. The have left me so many messages saying they are going to take action and they still in the process of taking action. They don’t back up there threats so I don’t pay them any mind!

    • braulio
      my loan was sold by bank of amreica too. i was making my payment by mail. it was always late for them, to avoid it i started to make a payment trhought the bank. it is make three or more day early; but even those every other months they call saying that they didnt receive the payment and when it be one or two days late they charge a late fee even those i have until the midle of the month.

  120. I thought I was the only one with these issues. My loan was sold from Bank of America and my nightmare started two weeks after they acquired it. I hate them, they are so rude and ignorant and always threating.

  121. I thought I was the only one with these issues. My loan was sold from Bank of America and my nightmare started two weeks after they acquired it. I hate them, they are so rude and ignorant and always threating.

  122. specialmom625 // February 25, 2013 at 3:42 pm // Reply

    I also have a loan with Green Tree. Years ago they used to take payments at their office. Of course they had to be in check or money order form. I would make the payments there at the office on the due date but every month I would get a late fee as they would mail it to their lock box and open it when they felt like it and then post it. So I was getting late fees and extra interest assessed. Now I pay through money gram so they don’t get any fee. Yea I pay 9 for the money gram but I have a tracking number to show they got it. They will still take 24 to 48 hours to post it most times. They are a pain to deal with.

  123. wonderingiftheyareethical // February 21, 2013 at 1:10 pm // Reply

    I stumbled upon this site, because my mortgage was sold from GMAC to Green Tree Servicing. I received the information on Jan 29th, 2013, with the first payment due Feb 1st. On Feb 1st I went online to pay online and found out about the $12.00 fee unless you set up auto pay. I decided to setup autopay because have no desire to pay that $12.00 fee again.

    Whats interesting is, I create websites for companies ad they do it to save money over the cost of dealing with checks. Processing through a web site not only saves the company money, it appears it has become a profit center the Green Tree. Never seen that before.

    • My GMAC mortgage was also sold to Green Tree. I too was surprised to see a $12 fee just to make a pyment especially when we never had to do that with GMAC. I also was surprised at how little of information we have access to online. I have read a lot of reviews on Green Tree and have yet to see one positive. I guess we will have to wait to see if all the negative comments hold true or not! It’s hard to believe that a company with this bad of a wrap, is still in business

      • I agree how do we start a lawsuit they are some rude people

        • I too was sold from Gmac to GT I have been trying to get my escrow shortage added to my mortgage and it is still not done I told them I am not paying the higher mortgage since I already paid my shortage to gmac. I am getting no where and have already been hung up on. All I can say is this sucks

      • Oh trust me – they are ALL true – This is an evil company. I would re-fi now just to get away. Their customer service rep started my conversation tonight (and mind you I am a brand new customer from GMAC) with, “Do you want to keep your house?” This was over a bill discrepancy whereby they began charging me $50 more each month than I had been paying GMAC for years and years. I never had an issue or complaint with GMAC in all my years with them, nor have I ever been late or missed a payment (I even have a near perfect credit score) and I was threatened and harassed by this awful company (GREENTREE) for no reason! Run fast to a sane customer friendly mortgage company while you still have your sanity!!!

        • We are also GMAC transferrees. We received notification from GMAC on Jan 29th of the transfer….we immediately stopped payment on our GMAC payment and sent one to Green Tree. The moroons at Green Tree tried to process our GMAC check and it was denied so they then took the check addressed to green tree and credited it to our principal. Now we are receiving non stop mail and harrassing phone calls from debt collections. I have phoned every day since Feb 7th for a resolution. Adam, Greg, Hildi, and every other fool who works there tells me it will be resolved. So far aint happening. We also have never had a late mortgage payment. Now the March payment is due and has been mailed…god knows how they will handle that.

      • No it is suprising not they are still in business that they are allowed to be in business

        • sapped by GREEN TREE // March 6, 2013 at 7:34 pm // Reply

          I don’t know much about this company except I already hate them, I too inherited them via GMAC going bankrupt!, they already have two of my payments one they don’t deserve, since it was withdrawn without me knowing by the prior company, today they called and asked about payment,after I called them and tried to make them listen that I sent the full month payment and that another partial payment was already withdrawn from my account, I think we are all going to need an attorney or refinance with somebody else because they are trouble!

    • Our GMAC mortgage also was sold to Green Tree. However, because we have automatic deduction on the first of the month for our payment, our Feb. 1 payment went to Green Tree. Last night at 9:00 we receive a letter from Green Tree that we are in debt and owe our Feb. payment. When my husband called them today, he was told that it was our problem to get our money back from GMAC to give to Green Tree, despite GT’s voice message that it wouldn’t be a problem, only that it could take 15 days for the transfer from GMAC to GT to occur. The woman on the phone told my husband that customer service wasn’t her job, and continued to add up the interest on our “missed payment.” Despite telling her numerous times that the money was taken from our account already on Feb. 1, this woman treated my husband as if he had missed a year’s worth of payments and was worth garbage. She was rude, didn’t listen to one word he said, and insisted that we were delinquent in our payment and all she wanted was to know when we would be paying. My husband told her March 1, when our next payment is due and which will be taken automatically from his paycheck. We now are looking into either refinancing or paying off the mortgage. Calling numerous times, asking to speak with a supervisor, did absolutely nothing.

      • My GMAC mortgage was also sold to Green Tree. I mailed my mortgage payment on the 6th and for some strange reason they have not received it. I am not paying a $12.00 fee to pay online. That is ridiculous, they need to catch up with the times like everyone else! Paying online should save them money and provide customer convenience. It costs money to have people opening envelopes and depositing checks into the bank!

    • I too have gone through the exact same senerio from GMAC to Green tree. I refuse to pay a 12 dollar charge for a service that whould save Green Tree money. I have always paid my mortage payment on-line with GMAC for the last 13 years. I will now snail mail a check (if I can remember how to write one) to this preditory lender. Just like the above story, I have never been late (with in the grace period) or missed a payment for 13 years. I started receiving collection calls from Greentree on February 8th, My account was not even available yet on their website. This is going to be alot of fun for the next 17 years! Thank God for caller ID.

      • I just got notice to be in court to “determine the rights of the parties to possession.” I am one month behind, but have made arrangements to catch up. They still have not said whether or not they intend to show up for court. I have had at least 2 if the reps call my mortgage rent. If I were renting, I would not be dealing with them. It took 3 months to get them to release an insurance chec for tornado damage. My insurance is not even through them. I did file a claim with the BBB over that. A coworker told me they actually put a sign in her front yard saying “locked out – repossession.” Her lawyer told her to take the sign down and go on and live in her home. The only reason I financed through them is no one else would finance a Doublewides and now you’re saying these companies are selling them your mortgages. I feel for you. When they are not calling me, I call them just to chat because I miss talking to them. :) Just kidding! After the tornado I finally told them since they thought they owned more of it than me they needed to come fix it. Glad to know, it’s not just me.

      • GreenTree states per phone conv that once they receive pymt it takes 7-10 days to process!! The only way to get credit & not incur fees or charges is to bill pay from your financial institution then you have proof of date& they can’t dispute

  124. Sounds like it is time to start a class action lawsuit.

    • I have had the same issues and almost fell for their loan modification scam,(I only wanted lower my interest rate, and after many hoops, they admitted they would not.) What needs to be done to start a class action lawsuit?

    • I’m in.
      I just tried to make a payment online, my payment is due on 1st. This is the 28th and the first available payment date it would let me choose was March 5, online. I can only imagine how soon the collection calls will start. I am really scared after reading all these entries.

  125. I just received a letter from BAC that my loan would now be serviced by Green Tree Servicing. Not real thrilled after reading some of these comments. But, even in the case of the author, she admits that her payment is due on the 1st day of the month. Even though they may not access a late fee until after the 16th, she is still technically in default, if the entire monthly payment is not received by the 1st of the month as agreed upon stated in her mortgage agreement. And the mortgage company would be entitled to the interest from the 1st through the 16th, but this is not allowed.Use online bill pay from your bank. Green Tree would have no chance claiming your payments are late if your bank is sending them. Even if they are sent a check in the mail and not electronic. So why not honor the mortgage agreement you signed and pay on the due date?

    • So morality is whatever makes Green Tree money and evil is what doesn’t? Should they call someone ten times a day in light of consumer protection laws? Knowing its against the spirit of regulation? If it makes them money it’s ok right? Should they call your nieghbors? grandmother? I believe there is already a remedy in the contract when someone doesn’t pay by a certain date. Ten phone calls a day.. where is that in the contract? Could they call 100? would that be ok? That guy that died mentioned above… that rep is proud that guy lived his last days harrassed by Green Tree right? He was on the side of angels.

      What about contracts being a good faith relationship? If I send them 7 remod faxes, or 7 proofs of insurance and they “loose” them, thats ok because it wouldn’t make them money right?
      If i cant trust what my rep tells me, then its ok because they are acting to make Green Tree money. Good faith relationship as the foundation of a contract? please…

      When simple, actuarial, accounts have monthly fees and fluctuations that are never explained.. thats the right answer? Green Tree, maybe, makes money off confusing fees and billing statements. But its Ok. Mortgage fraud, robo-signing, was OK when Green Tree did it because… it made them money.

      All sarcasm aside, If even ten percent of the anecdotal evidence against Green Tree is true thats horrendous.You’ll know a tree by its fruit… this is a money tree making money for a few investors and it squeezes the homeowner in every possible way. Nothing but a few hundred million in fines will change it. Investors will be be “apalled”by their phone reps and “service” then. Sign petitions, send letters, report to the cfpb.

  126. Same issues as most everyone here. Paid the $12 fee, and I am setting up payments with my bank to send them a check … I’ll be damned if I pay a $144 bucks a year to make my mortgage payment. Strongly suggested to the customer service rep (very nice person) to go look for a new job with a reputable company.

    • GV… did you do that??? Will it be a wire transfer sent on the 1st of every month and will it avoid the $12.00 charge????

    • I would like to share some information that I have discovered about the “Green Tree” loan servicing after speaking with a supervisor at the company and dealing with several of their “representitives” after our mortgage was sold to them by Flagstar. First let me say that you should NEVER SEND THEM A CHECK. They use this process to begin a default and then forclosure proceedings on your home. According to the supervisor I spoke with, the US Mail system takes 9 business days to deliver a piece of mail, and therefore when we sent them a check on 2-5-13, they claim that they still have not received in on 2-16-13….yes, 11 days later. This is a trick they use to begin proceedings to steal your house. Our mortgage with Flagstar was not due until the 15th of each month, but after the transfer to Green Tree, the date they claim it is due is the 4th, so after that, they begin calling you and claiming the payment is LATE. They also will begin a FORECLOSURE process on your home if they have not received payment in 90 days of the tranfer of your loan. In our case, the loan transferred on 1-1-13, and by 2-5-13, and had already claimed we were in default of our loan, even though we had sent them January’s payment and they cashed it on 1-11-13, and we sent them the February payment on 2-5-13. BE AWARE: that they can keep your check in their mailroom as long as they want and never open the envelope and process your check – and just say WE NEVER GOT IT!!!! What they ultimately want is for you to either pay by phone with a $12 charge, or transfer money directly from your bank account giving them access to your funds. They way they hold you hostage to pick one of these choices is by letting your check sit in their mailroom and sending you documents saying that you have defaulted on your home. BEWARE: THEY HAVE THEIR GREEDY PAWS SET ON STEALING THE EQUITY IN YOUR HOME! DON’T BE FOOLED BY THESE CRIMINALS. Their “representitives” get commisions for every house they steal, and they do it by losing paperwork, holding on to your checks and adding additinal fees to your mortgage via escrow fees. After they cashed our check, they did not credit the payment to our account because after their “welcome letter” came which stated the payment we should make, they changed the payment to ad an additional $57 to it, and claimed that since the check was not the full amount they would just hold on to it, which is another trick they use to ad addtional days on your account to say it is in default, ultimately trying to foreclosure on your home!!! Here is another thing they do….I received a statement from them dated 2-5-13, and it did not arrive in my mailbox until 2-15-13 and it came in a envelope that did not have a “date stamp” from the post office. It is a “presorted first class mail U.S. Postage paid by BANK OF AMERICA”. They have devised a way to ad an addition 1 1/2 weeks of time from when they send it to when you get it, another trick to push your payments to be late, ultimately puttin you in default on your mortgage. When our mortgage was with Flagstar, we never had a late payment in the 7 years we had the loan, never had a problem with the “mail” and never once spoke to any representative of their company on the phone or had the need to. I have spent around 6 hours of time on the phone with Green Tree to resolove all of these problems, and have never been so frustrated with any company before with the exception of Wells Fargo. My advice to you is to either refinace your loan immediately if these crooks buy it, or sell your house and move.

      • larry hanlon // March 5, 2013 at 7:51 pm // Reply

        Same thing here. Got my mortgage from GMAC transferred to Green Tree and the threats started. I’m sending mine certified signature required. These fuckers are predators and I for one have already told them I am not going to take their threats lying down. I will not let my credit rating held hostage to these assholes

        • I haven’t seen ant posting of the address used for certified mail. I checked their website and did not find it. I got my letter today that BOA has sold my mortgage to GT. I plan to spend the extra $$ to send first payment certified return receipt. I have already sent email to family member who is a real estate lawyer. Thanks for any info you can provide.

  127. Had a mortgage with Greentree on my first vacation home and had nothing but problems and could not get anyone to resolve any issues. Customer service is anything but a service. Much closer to a collection agency than a service organization. Year after year they stuck insurance on my loan even when they had been notified that I held private insurance. When they finally agree to remove the “Mandantory Placed” insurance they do not refund the amount charged in error. when I paid off the loan to get rid of them it took more than 8 weeks to get my titles. Second home was purchased thru a different finance company who promptly sold it to Greentree. Amazing, same problems all over again. When I tried to pay off the loan they gave me a payoff verbally which was good for 10 days. I paid the amount in two installments within the 10 days but that didn’t pay off my load due to neither of the checks being for the correct amount. When I asked if they totaled the correct amount I was told it didn’t matter because they were processed differently? Company if full of IDIOTS

  128. I’ve been patiently waiting for Green Tree’s website to be up and running so I could make my February 1st payment…..quite late, but otherwise within the grace period. I was unsuccessful many times up till this morning so was quite happy to finally get connected…..UNTIL, I was told it would cost me $12.00 to make my online payment. I cancelled out of that and decided to do some research. I found, at the link below, that unless that $12.00 is in my original contract, they can’t charge it.

    This section particularly is what references the above:

    UNFAIR PRACTICES: Debt collectors may not engage in unfair practices when they try to collect a debt. For example, they may not:

    •try to collect any interest, fee, or other charge on top of the amount you owe unless the contract that created your debt – or your state law – allows the charge;

    •deposit a post-dated check early;

    •take or threaten to take your property unless it can be done legally; or

    •contact you by postcard.

    I’m sure that many of the instances mentioned on this forum can easily be resolved by reading the link that I’ve provided. I’ve also decided that when and if they phone me, I’m going to request right off, respectively of course, the name, title, location and any identifying employee number that person calling has and record all of that information in a log that I’ve already started. I hope this helps ALL OF US in dealing with this company that has so many horror stories following it.

    A great day to all!!!

    • Same thing happened to me, but I got scared and setup automatic payments. Still scared of having them as the Servicing Company.

  129. So let me tell you about green tree had a home through them for 10 yrs bought home for 106,000 and when they foreclosed because they would not help refinance for lower payments we were paying almost 800 a month but when they forclosed they said the balance was 97,000 tell me they dont rip people off. So now comes the big one the home was sitting on 2 lots they went to sell it through a realty company and someone wanted to buy it and said they could not buy it because there was other people that owned pieces of the property so it had to be taken off the sell block. The only way it could be sold was to resurvy the land. This home has been empty for 15 months no electric or gas on but get this it mysterly caught fire now who might have done something like this sounds kind of fun to me, SO BE =WARE GREENTREE WILL RIP YOU OFF……………………………………………………

    • I quit making the payments to G’Tree on November of 2012. I am unemployed and have had trouble getting a job in this economy. The payment I made was for the October 15, 2012. I got calls every week from G’Tree and was told they would come lock me out of the house by changing the locks so I couldn’t get in. I was told it didn’t matter if I was home or not…they would come. I financed $72,000 in 2000 and after paying over $120,000 I still owe $64,000. Despite trying every thing in my power to get them to do a refi, it never happened. My credit was not good enough to get a conventional mortgage. The good part about this story is the day before G’Tree was to come and “lock up” my house, I got a call from the Asst Attorney General of my state on a different matter and mentioned what G’Tree had told me and was emphatically told by the AG’s office they could not just “kick” me out of my home, but that I had to be court-ordered to leave which has still not happened a month later. The AG’s office said it may take months to get a court order and in fact it may never happen at all. G’Tree talked with the AG’s office that day and have not called me since. I filed a complaint with the AG’s office and am seeking free legal advice in my state to see what else I can do to them. Ultimately, I’m not sure what will happen, but it’s empowering to know I can’t just get “kicked” out like they swore they could do. I would hate to work for this company.

      • toyoungtoknow // February 25, 2013 at 10:53 pm // Reply

        I know exactly what you mean. In 1999 we purchased a mobile home financed at 35,000. 14 years later we still owe 32,000.00 and in the mean time we had rain damage and filed a claim with our insurance company who is you guessed it Greentree and were told that they would not pay not enough damage. We got it repaired and there came a hurricane and we had more damage and filed a claim, and yep you guessed it they would not pay saying that previous claim had already been filed. We tried using the insurance that we pay monthly for our claim on 5 different occasions and still nothing. I hate the thought of Greentree and everything that represent (which is themselves). Now we are stuck in this mess and can’t receive any help. If you can find any way we all can get away from Greentree and there shady underhanded SCHEMS PLEASE SHARE INFO

        • Frustrated // March 13, 2013 at 1:27 am // Reply

          I purchased my home in 1996 gt has done nothing but threaten us since than its not bad enough that they call and harass us they called our parent and now our adult kids. The original amount that we borrowed was 75000 Recently my statement from them reads that I still owe 74000 so I looked at Jan bill it showed the end of the year principal paid 0 interest paid 1896.40 so where did the rest of the money I paid to? It’s been a question that has not been answer two months later. So I started going over my statements from them i pay what they say i owe, in further examining the bill there’s a payment for my home and than an amount that listed as other when I ask what the other is that Im paying no one seems to know so I stopped paying anything more than my payment was called by them and told if I didn’t pay the full amount listed on
          The bill by the end of the month I need to pack my stuff and get out of their home. This has gone on for years. The best one is my check has cleared my bank on the 18th of the month my payment is not due until the twentyrh
          On the 21th they called me thirty times called my husband twelve time my mother three time my father in law twice and my home seven times, when I could finally answer the phone and told them it was paid and the check has already cleared my bank they tried to charge double for three months and was putting me in foreclosure.

  130. That is funny! GMAC just sold my mortgage to GT Servicing starting 2/1/13. They still sending me papers related to the loan and today I received two letters stating ” This comunication is from a debt collector” This is the first time I heard from them about how much I suppose to pay as I have an additional insurance that they did not know if they will continue honoring. Anyway I was planning to pay the same amount I used to pay to GMAC. I always pay by the 15th of the month, the letters were dated February 7. … Uhh! Lo que me espera. I am glad that I will be refinancing my mortage next month. Thank you for the information.

    • Going thru the same thing with GMAC transfer. Can’t reach a real person when I call customer service, and keep getting a “Scott Scribner’s” voice mail. My correspondence also said they were a debt collector. Will be checking out refinancing. I’m not going to mess with this. No wonder gt accepted mortgages from a bankruptcy proceeding. More people to feed on. I’ve kept a log of phone calls and emails. I just received my ‘payment tickets’ last Thursday, even though my original letter said I’d get them a month ago. No patience for TERRIBLE customer service and putting my home ownership in a jeopardy.

    • GMAC told me that the government mandated that all of their Fanny Mae/Mac Loans go to Green Tree because of their Bankruptcy. They had no choice. Green Tree is the Servicing Company, a Debt Collector, not the holder of the Loan.

  131. tony green tree // February 8, 2013 at 6:21 pm // Reply

    Do not give them access to your bank account. Youll be surprised how much a payment can fluctuate by “mistakes”. When you call about the “mistakes” the line is how you are late because its the second of the month and they cant do anything until paid.Yeah they may call you but your better off.

    Some people decide to add to the world…others go work for Green Tree. If you see any positive comments, they (i mean you) are paying for it.

    Please sign this petition sent to the White House if you agree. One day this will end.

    Also, please use facebook, email, twitter, etc. to get others to sign it. Thanks.

    Re-paste the link in your response

  132. Yep,

    Same here. Flagstar ( never will go near them now, either ) sold my loan in MI to GT. Already have had to pay a late fee last month. Completed an online form for a monthly withdrawal on the 20th of Jan…guess what no automated withdraw on 2/1/13. Can’t get on the site…its down. Just mailed in a payment which I am sure will have a late fee added to it. I have called my congressman and plan to visit his local office on Monday. Too many horror stories for me all over the net.


    • I just filed a complaint with the FTC and so should everyone who reads this. Also I found a Class Action petition on the page and I suggest everybody sign up. These guys are crooks and they must be stopped. They are your classic predatory lender. I had my original loan thru BoA and I had my due date always on the 17th. I would typically pay between the 1st and the 10th of each month and never had an issue. But since my loan got transferred to these jack asses, they would start calling be around the 6th of each month even though my payment was not due until the 17th. They would always pop in a late fee on my home page even though legally they can’t collect it unless I make my payment for the month after the 17th. Every time I talk to them they would argue about the difference between Due Date and Late Payment date. They can keep throwing the technicality for all I care and I will pay when I have to pay – so don’t get forced into paying before the 17th. They cannot assess a late fee if it is NOT late – lol. They might still keep calling you – my answer put a phone block. Alternatively pick up the phone and throw some obscenities and we will see if they will call you the next day.

      I have a perfect credit history and as long as I am not 30 days past due, they can’t do shit.

      • I have the same problems. I have been called a liar. I have been told that I got the money order and then cancelled them. I receive phone calls 3-4 times a day. They will even call me on the weekend. They, have even called my mother at one time and told her that I was four months behind and they were coming to my home, throw all my stuff out in the yard and take my home. Mind you, my mother had just had a heart attack. So, of course I was pissed. I called them and told them just what I thought. I then filed a complaint with the BBB. And, they are not allowed to call my home anymore. They are only allowed to send me letters through the mail. But, they started harrassing my mother and we had to change her phone number. Now, they are harrassing the co-signer of my loan. He told me that they call him 3-5 times a day and even when he is at work. They, keep calling and leaving all kinds of messages on his phone. He is fed up with the harrassment and don’t know what to do.

      • I have never heard of a first mortgage due on any day other then the 1st day of every month. This is standard in the industry, but perhaps yours is the exception. This is why you pay pre=paid mortgage interest when you sign the mortgage. Seconds can be any day of the month. Even in the case of the author, she admits that her payment is due on the 1st day of the month. Even though they may not access a late fee until after the 16th, she is still technically in default, if the entire monthly payment is not received by the 1st of the month as agreed upon stated in her mortgage agreement And the mortgage company would be entitled to the interest from the 1st through the 16th, but this is not allowed. So why not honor the mortgage agreement you signed and pay on the due date?

      • Kumar-I just had my last day of trying to talk to these low lifes. They contribute to why people feel about things these days. I also have excellent credit-never late to GMAC-never a bounce check. i will pay as i did to GMAC-going out on the 6th.

        I tried to access that petition site & it states it has expired becuas eof lack of signatures. Prob. bec. people except us who are left w/GreenTree don’t know about it.

    • Oh my god, I thought I was losing my mind until I found this website. Our loan was transferred from Flagstarr to Green Tree in December 2012, and even though we have sent them payments for January and February plus additional escrow fees, they have not credited any of the payments to our account, and I received a bill today saying that our account is seriously past due and we should call them for payment arrangements. It also says that “you have an unapplied funds balance due to a partial payment”. They added an additional $922.34 escrow to our balance and they said that they would not credit our mortgage payment because it didn’t include the additional escrow demands. Also yesterday I received a packet of forclosure/short sale documents!!!!!!! WHAT? Wait!!!! Is this company trying to steal our house? Yes, I think so! This is the worst scam I have ever seen, criminals posing as a mortgage financing company trying to steal people’s homes. We made all of the payments on time and did with our previous mortgage company for the past seven year. They have sent our account to collections even though we paid on time and they cased the checks. I am so upset I can’t eat or sleep. If you scroll down further and see a post from “rockyboxer2011″ who works at Green Tree, he explains how this scam unfolds so they can make commision and rip people off. What the hell is going on here?

    • Thank you.

  133. Please sign this petition sent to the White House that specifically mentions “Green Tree” if you agree.

    • cornelius shattuck // February 12, 2013 at 11:38 am // Reply

      i was two payments into a loan mocification when i was advised my loan was sold to green tree from gmac . i received the letter on 1-29-2013 and my payment was due on 2-1-13. i had already sent my payment to gmac. they said that that was okay and would be forwarded along with out whole package. they advised us to contact green tree and when we call them they have a recorded message saying that they were overwhelmed with this proess and to call back after 2-20-13. our check has not been cashed and the modification process that we went through twice with gmac will now have to start all over and if they dont cash this check we will be charged late fees and threatened with possible foreclosure. please help us. i tried to go on their web site but i dont have an account number for them and absolutely nothing from them. please help stop these unscrupulous actions.

      • Here I am, similar situation, and PISSED that GMAC got to file bankruptcy and sale our mortgages; however, if we as consumers were to file bankruptcy we loose everything, including all funds previous…. If this is what I have to look forward to with Green Tree then they are about to get some angry customers who will refuse to take their shit!

      • Take Action // March 19, 2013 at 3:40 pm // Reply

        My gosh, I feel so bad for everyone (I will be feeling bad for myself soon enough, I’m sure). EVERYONE, contact your local news stations, 20/20, 48 hours, any show that does investigative reporting. It is going to take a lot of “noise” from all of us to be heard.

  134. Got switched to Green Tree from Flagstar for my mortgage. Their web site is overwhelmed by GMAC customers but getting upgraded. Should be back up this weekend. Talked to customer service (Ray) who was incredibly helpful and polite. It did cost me $12 to pay over the phone, but that is pretty much par for the course.

    • The way it was explained to me is that if you pay on their website or over the phone a $12 fee is charged because it goes through Western Union. If you pay from your Bank automatically, there is not fee, as it is processed through Green Tree.

      • This is what I have found to be true as well. When you try to make payment ONLINE or thru PHONE they are being processed thru a BILL PAYMENT Service handled by Western Union.
        Go to your bank’s website and use the Bill Payment Option for your banking account to foward your mortgage payment and you will not have to worry about having to take care of it each month.
        You have until the 15th of each month on Conventional, FHA or VA ,15,20 or 30 year loans with Fixed rates to make payment prior to late fee being charged. You are technically late after the 1st and the calls to collect are likely handled by a outsourced call service which is often the reason the calls are handled so poorly. In my history in mortgage lending ( NO NOT GREENTREE) If you want PERSONALIZED customer service go to a PERSON, meaning if you want better service, have your mortgage done at a Bank or Credit Union where you are able to speak with a Mortgage Professional at the location.

  135. Green Tree is the worse mortgage company there is . They want their money but if you try to pay off your loan you get nothing but the run around . I also have my insurance thru their company that I pay $40.00 a month towards and have had the insurance thru them for years and I pay monthly. Well They gave me a pay off amount for my loan I sent it in and they said no your loan is not paid off we paid a years worth of insurance with part of the money you sent in so you still owe on your loan …. I said why would you do that I have never paid a lump sum for insurance so what gives you the right to take money I intended to pay off my loan with and pay a years worth of insurance? They said well thats just how it works when you pay off a loan we pay any other outstanding debt first . But I had no back insurance premiums that were not paid and if I am paying it off as of Jan. 30th 2013 why would you pay insurance premiums thru December 2013 ??? They said all I can say is you have to send a letter in writing telling us to cancel your insurance then they will refund it to your account and then we will give you a new pay off ammount .. Really ???? If I can ever get them paid I will never ever use them and I will definately be telling everyone else to not use them as well .. They will RIP you off

  136. I love this company they save my house

    • troll

    • you are crazy green this might be green tree employee. I have been paying $12.00 for payment every month for years after I mailed my payment and they charge me for $75.00 late fees. They are unbelievable company.I refinance after I fixed my credit

  137. We have had an account with Green Tree for several years now. Not once, and I mean never, have we had a problem with harassing phone calls or anything. If payment is not made by the due date, they will call, but all I have to do is tell them when I will be making the payment. They never call again, unless the payment is not made on the date I tell them it will be there. We have made our payments by phone, automatic draft, mail, or money gram each time, and we have never been charged a fee. As far as not being able to get in touch with a live person, I have never had that problem either. I have always called 1-800-643-0202, press 1 for account information, and then press 0 to speak to a customer service rep. They usually answer within a minute. They have always been nice and courteous to me.

    • Old Lady being victimized // February 7, 2013 at 4:27 pm // Reply

      I have tried all of the above and everything that GMAC has instructed in their transfer letter—no live person seems to exist at Green Tree on the phone or at their on line site. I received notice from GMAC that they sold my mortgage to GT. That note was dated Jan. 23, 2013, however, it did not arrive in my mailbox until Jan. 30th. My mortgage was always drawn by GMAC electronically from my bank account by the 5th of the month. I have received absolutely no word from Green Tree regarding the status of my account. So far the mortgage has been not been drawn from my bank account. I CANNOT afford to give them two payments in one month. (This could happen by my sending a check and then finding that they made a tardy electronic withdrawal, anyway) in one month and I know they would not refund a second mortgage payment made in an effort to keep my account current.
      I have had two loans with GMAC. I have NEVER been late with payments on my mortgages. I can’t believe we don’t have an agency that would represent the consumer and correct these morally questionable problems with Green Tree.
      Why do I think the people making entries defending Green Tree are agents of Green Tree?

      • I am in the same boat, I just received a letter on January 30th that my GMAC mortgage was sold effective February 1st to Green Tree. I have never been late on a payment (no more than 10 days late) and pay on demand generally after my first pay check of the month. Now, I have tried calling with no luck to the number on my letter, and their website is conveniently “down” so I can’t set up payments through there. This all feels like a scam to me and I have no idea how to make sure I don’t get bullied, since it sounds like even accounts that are paid on the 1st of every month, people get harrassed or thier escrow accounts go “missing.”

        • Hi my concern is their fee! They do CHARGE a FEE! I also came from GMAC…n never complained up until now…why did they file for bankruptcy? Thats a whole other blog…anyhow I was able to speak to a live person froM GT n they said they cannot do anything about the fee because it is Western union that charges THEM that fee. I think its bologna. However it is free to enroll in automatic payment program. I dont prefer that option because my payment amount fluctuates each month therefore paying once AT MY TIME AND DATE is what works for me….this is unfair from GT….this has to change and idk what to do!!

          • Believer in debtor's rights // February 10, 2013 at 10:21 am // Reply


            You bank or credit union probably has “Billpay”. You can probably use that to make electronic payments to Green Tree for free. That is the best choice because you can very the amounts and dates payments are sent as you wish.

            In the meantime, if you are worried about Green Tree (for good reason), take up lots and lots of their time. Call them everyday asking for information and status reports. Call a few times each day. Don’t sign up for e-statements, however, or use their auto transfer service — they can then just take money out of your checking account.

            And, if you can, try to get another mortgage. The sooner all honest borrowers leave Green Tree, the faster they will bite the dust. P.S. Remember to have your insurance company send proof of insurance to them so they can’t rip you off on that issue.

            Worried about this month’s payment? Send it to them via certified mail. Send all communications to them certified/return receipt requested mail. This puts you at the top of their list.

        • Hi,
          My loan was also transferred from GMAC to Green Tree. I got a letter from GMAC informing me of the change. I have never been late with my payments to GMAC but since I can’t get through GT I guess that’s about to change. If they charge me a late fee for their screw up, this will be the only month. And the can collect that fee in 2025!!! I’ve been trying to make my payment since February 1st and even after setting up my account online at GT I’m unable to make a payment. I get a recording saying “bankruptcy department is now closed!!!” What in the hell are they talking about?? Great idea!! I plan to send Feb’s payment and all others by certified/return reciept.

      • I am in the same boat and to boot they are claim my payment due is more than what my feb statement from gmac says they are noting my old payment before my escrow was reduced due to my re tax being reduced by 500 – I cannot get to their website at all – and I refuse to make a phone payment due to the fact that they have the wrong info for the payment. I am seriously thinking of refinancing with another company after hearing all these complaints. this is bull – their website is down – when i call all I get is a recording with no live person to talk to I tried emailing to no avail – no response.

      • I stumble upon this page because I too have had the same situaion as you have all described…letter dated 1/22/2013, receipt after 2/1, it clearly states if you make electronic payments through GMAC “this service will most likely continue”. Nobody is available talk to, and I do not want to send an extra payment. I cannot get to their website either. This feels like a scam; already not happy.

      • david alster // February 8, 2013 at 2:54 pm // Reply

        If you read the letter they ask you not to call until after the 15th. Go online and register your new account with green tree. It is easy.

        • Joyce Stevens // February 14, 2013 at 10:04 am // Reply

          I have been in contact several times with GT as my mortgage from GMAC was sold too. I have had a pleasant conversation and results each time. They have not charged a fee at all. I did not wait until the 15th. Like everyone else, I received my notification the day the payment was due and had already sent my payment to GMAC and that caused me a headache; but all is resolved now.

        • I registered my account. But when I tried to make a payment, it simply told me to call customer service, and I can’t get a person there.

    • you are crazy green this might be green tree employee. I have been paying $12.00 fees for payment every month for years after I mailed my payment and they charged me for $75.00 late fees. They are unbelievable company.I refinance after I fixed my credit

  138. Problems already. Anyone else had this problem. I set up my account for payment through my checking account and got the message that “the bank identified by this routing number is unable to process ACH payments”. I’ve been paying GMAC mortgage for many years using this exact same bank account. Why would it suddenly not work now is beyond me.

  139. Just got a letter from Green Tree stating that they are taking over the servicing from GMAC. If these guys are just the servicers, why do they ask that their name be added on the insurance as loss payee? They should only be loss payees if they bought the note (mortgage)!

  140. My mom’s loan was just transferred from GMAC. Green Tree is pathetic and there is no option to speak to a representative. Gettign ready to sue both organizations.

    • GO KID!

      • GMAC SOLD ME DOWN THE RIVER // February 11, 2013 at 6:36 pm // Reply

        Good Luck, I hope someone takes out a BIG LAW suit that all GMAC people can join in. Feel very let down and sold down the river.

        • Please include all those that came from Bank of America also because there seems to be many of us this month March, 2013 also, I wonder if Bank of America bundled all of our Mortgages together and sold them as stock, which I hear is illegal? Good luck everyone..

  141. Has anyone been able to fina a phone number that actually has a “live” person on the other end? I’ve been trying to get through for days & the recorded options – as you all well know – just don’t cut it! Has anyone been succeful in making contact with Green Tree about the GMAC switch?

    • I guess I am a new “victim” can’t get thru to them. Does any one have there address to send a payment I can’t get it from GMAC

      • This is what I have

        Green Tree Servicing LLC
        PO Box 94710
        Palatine,Il 60094-4710

        • That address is correct

          • The # is 800-839-9188

          • The # is 800-839-9188

            • GMAC SOLD ME DOWN THE RIVER // February 11, 2013 at 6:37 pm // Reply

              I too have been sold out by GMAC and don’t like what I’m reading, will be looking to re-fi very quickly, I did manage to get through on the 1-800 number but will be calling back tomorrow to discuss the fact I have homeowners insurance so they can’t scam me out of that. I am so disturbed by what I’m reading about this shady company. :(

        • I just received letter also. My payment address is:

          Green Tree Servicing LLC
          P. O. Box 7169
          Pasadena, CA 91109-7169
          Is there an option to make payments on line or is this not happening??

          Is there an option to cancel escrows and pay insurance and taxes directly?
          I think we all should make sure our insurance companies get involved and take notice that this company is wanting to take over the insurance policies and cancel ours and make each of us pay for theirs. Just another way to make them money.

          I have Farm Bureau and I plan to make sure they are in the loop. Can each of you do the same???

          Is anyone in Tampa and can physical check to see if the corporate office is an actual location of just a front?

          The corporate is : Walter investments located at 3000 Bayport Dr., Tampa, FL

          If this is we can, as many as possible show up at their office and let the media know, Saint Petersburg Time, Tampa Tribune and all the Broadcast stations, This will get the word out about Green Tree practices.

          Let’s keep fighting together please!

      • Count me in as one who just got stuck with Green Tree because of GMAC’s problems. First thing that pissed me off is they charge $12.00 for one- time online payments. With GMAC there was no charge.

        The other option they offer online is the Autopay, where the mortgage is deducted directly from your account. I don’t like that one, but since I need to make my payment I figured I’d give it a try. Just tried it before I came here and once I filled out the primary info and clicked “Next”, I got the message that that function was unavailable at the moment.

        I originally called their 800 number just to see if they were going to send me a packet of payment coupons so I could go back to just mailing the payment in. I was given no option on their phone menu for speaking to a live person.

        These guys suck!

        • Well I am so angry about this merger. I can’t even access the site to enroll in online debit payment, so in order to not have to pay them a later fee I paid by phone and was charged a $12 handling fee. I then spoke to a customer service agent & was told that even if I could get on line to make a online payment it would still charge me a $12 handling fee because my payment is due on the 1st and wasn’t paid on the 1st. My question to her was how could I have paid it on the 1st when your company just took us over on the 1st & I still can’t get access to the site. She let me know that I could enroll in the auto debit after my payment by phone was processed & I would not have to pay the $12. She still didn’t get the fact there was no way I could have made the payment by the first since I did not get my paperwork till the after the 1st. I am going to move my loan to a local company.

          • GMAC SOLD ME DOWN THE RIVER // February 11, 2013 at 6:41 pm // Reply

            There doesn’t seem to be any consistency with this company, I spoke with them today, I said my payment was supposed to come out on 1st Feb, they said it would come out in the next couple of weeks so I asked should I mail a payment and lady said no, they’d take a payment out in next couple of weeks and then again on 1st March and assured me I’m all good, needless to say I’m feeling very worried. I think a re-fi is needed for sure. This company seems very shady.

        • I agree- I have never and don’t have to pay a “FEE” for payment over the internet to any of my accounts. As we all know G.M.A.C. never charged a fee. $12 for the process of an electronic transfer ( all computerized, one to another ) is nothing but a method of collecting a higher fee. Flat told them that and mailed it.
          Betting they will cash it ( its money! ). If everyone mails it they will have to hire real people to process the checks, increasing their labor costs. Looking at refinancing now- too much on the internet against them!

      • go to

        • Idon't thinkso // February 8, 2013 at 4:06 pm // Reply

 is not online — see for yourself. Nice welcome for their new customers. No humans at their 800 number either.

    • I made contact by hitting zero after first selecting “payment information. The person I spoke to said they are a servicing company and that I couldn’t make a payment unless I was charged 12.00 for the option for them to take my payment. She was polite the whole time. Seeing stories like these scare me. I have also NEVER been late and pay bi-weekly. Why GMAC DECIDED to sell my loan is beyond me. GMAC is also a bad mortgage company because they are hard to negotiate with regarding your terms with your contract and mortgage.

      • GMAC has filed bankruptcy and is liquidating which is why all of our loans have been sold to this horrible company. I am having the same experience as everyone else is reporting . After clicking on one-time payment and refusing the $12 fee, which is a seriously BS fee, I called and was informed that I could send a check, but it would have to be received before the 1st or it will be late. The woman, who did not state her name, went on to tell me that if payment is not received on the 1st, my account goes to collections on the 2nd and I will receive harassing phone calls all day, every day, plus late fees until it’s paid. She did say that late fees will not be charged until the 17th of the month. I told her to go ahead and call since I never answer my home phone anyway. I did not give any other phone numbers or banking information to the company. I plan to arrange payments through my bank’s bill pay.

        • GMAC didn’t sell them ALL their loans. We talked to someone at GMAC and something like 390,000 loans were sent over to Greentree. We asked them if it was just “certain” loans. The lady wouldn’t answer – she just said it was random loans.

          • Interesting pattern. Looks like people who were close to paying off their mortgages were dumped by GMAC and sentenced to Green Tree.

            This is sickening.

            I called GMAC to verify that my account number should not change – the letter I received from Green Tree today shows that I have been assigned a different account number. The GMAC staff person was useless and could have cared less about my concerns. They said that OCWEN bought the note but that Green Tree was the servicer. I visited the OCWEN site which was an exercise in futility.

            I have always paid our mortgage a month early and will continue to do so, but, will send payments with both the original GMAC account # and the new GT assigned account # on the check, by registered mail. I will also contact the FTC about options to get out from under the is creepy organization.

    • You have to go through the first list of menu options to the “more options” option, then listen to the second set of options all the way through, there is a delay after the have played, and it will say to speak to a representative press ?. I hope this helps someone, and if anyone has figured out a way to sue these SOB’s id love to hear it. Ty

      • But wait it gets better // February 8, 2013 at 5:17 pm // Reply

        There is a website that is assembling a case. You can email your story to them at their website. I do not know who owns the site.

      • We have just been switched from GMAC to Green Tree. After reading all the negative
        comments I am ready to deal with them. If you are not late with or missed a payment
        they have to deal with your schedule. If they start calling to collect a debt while you
        are well within the grace period, tell them they have no right to bring unnecessary misery
        to your life with these ridiculous idle threats and to leave you no other choice but to
        contact your attorney and sue them for harassment. Has anyone tried that approach?
        I have been in this world too long to have my intelligence insulted by the likes of a\grreedy company.

        • Yvonne – they are trying to steal your house. They are slick corporate theives that have a plan and a method to do it. BEWARE and refi ASAP!

    • You have to use a different phone that was not in GMAC’s profile. Everything that GMAC had in their profile is automatically in Greentrees profile, so it kick’s it out. We used a different number, and finally got thru, but we didn’t press any numbers, we just let the recordings play thru and eventually got someone, BUT, it didn’t help…

  142. We just found out today from our realty lawyer that GMAC has sold our loan to Green tree mortgage. We were forewarned that this mortgage company has a very bad reputation and that they are very difficult to contact too by phone or by fax.

  143. If you received a letter from GMAC Mortgage indicating that Green Tree Servicing will be your new servicer, you will also be receiving a welcome letter from Green Tree in the next few days. The welcome letter will contain a payment coupon and mailing envelope, along with additional information regarding the transfer of your mortgage servicing to Green Tree. We regret any frustration that this delay has caused new customers like you.
    As you noted, Green Tree has experienced an unusually high volume of phone calls, which has increased the average wait time to speak to our customer service representatives. Some new borrowers have also reported trouble registering for secure access to our web site during peak hours. We appreciate your patience.
    During this initial transition period, you will not be charged a late fee if your payment is delayed in transit. Any mortgage payments received by GMAC Mortgage on or after February 1st will be forwarded to Green Tree and your payment will be posted effective the date it was first received. Your welcome letter will contain more complete information about the transfer process. We are looking forward to serving our newly-transferred GMAC Mortgage borrowers, and expect to have live account information available on our website starting February 11th.

    • We never received a payment coupon or envelope with our “welcome letter”.

    • I had my first contact with GT today. I was so upset by how the operators spoke to me I was shaking. Extremely rude, and very unprofessional. Our old payment from GMAC was 30$ more, and the second lady I spoke to couldn’t understand my concern as to the difference. Then the third lady wouldn’t even speak to me because she said I’m not on the loan. Huh? The 2nd lady took a payment but the third wouldn’t answer my question? I have a feeling they cancelled our home owners…

  144. Really don’t know what to expect but after reading these emails, I don’t really feel too good about it. We got a letter on Jan 31, 2013, that GMAC had sold our account to this company and it was effective Feb 1. I’ve tried numerouos times calling their Customer Service Line ((800.643.0202) only to get an automated phone response that loops you back to the main menu no matter what you select. You never get to talk to a person and that concerns me. I contacted GMAC and was told that they lumped all Fannie Mae loans together and sold them. We also only have about 3 years left to pay on our loan and it has always been set up as an automatic deduction.

    • Green Tree Hater // February 4, 2013 at 12:21 pm // Reply

      It is only going to get worse!! Are you calling from a cell phone or land line? We called the same number this morning from our cells and got no answer, just the same run around as you got. We blocked out land line and called, same thing. Finally we called (no blocking our number), went straight to a rep. I think they only talk to you on a land line that way they can log your number in their data cause we never told them that number but they seem to have it now, go figure!!

      • I chose the option to access my account using my account number. It gave me the account info and then rattled off mostly the same stuff that came with the letter from GMAC.

        Somewhere in there they gave an option to make my payment but said a one- time payment would cost $12.00, which is b.s. as GMAC didn’t charge for payments. Then I tried to find some way to speak to a live person but was unsuccessful.

  145. When they call us crying default we just tell them to come pick up our mobile home!! It doesn’t stop the phone calls but they take a little bit of a different tone. I do not recommend every do this but we don’t live in the house anymore. We rent it out, so its no sweat off our back if they do come and get it.

  146. OMG, we just found out today that GMAC has sold our account to this company. And I read all of this about this company, and I am scared. Going to call our bank and see if we can get them to buy our mortage. We only owe maybe 3 more years.

  147. I was so happy to run across this site. My husband and I thought we were alone in the Green Tree nightmare. My second mortgage was from National City and then sold to Green Tree in 2008. I have paid every month at the same time and for the same amount. We started getting harassing calls, so many that we disconnected our home phone. They kept saying we were late, but I kept telling them we were not and that I showed my checks clearing the bank for every month. They ended up doing a skip trace to find my husbands cell phone number, which they said is “legal”. After speaking to them they informed me that I had not paid in July, 2011. Of course I am thinking WTH? Then I went on and looked at all my statements from my bank and I showed no missed payment in July 2011. I immediately called back their collections dept. and sat with them on the phone for almost an hour going through every payment. Which they agreed that I had not actually missed the payment. Then all of a sudden they said because of the date they received it made my payments behind one month. I kept trying to make them see this was not right. I have never missed a payment. I argued and argued and they mentioned something about a $300. late fee for one month that they could enforce. Keep in mind my payment is only $248. and then threatened to put me into default. By the end of the conversation they had me agreeing to make an extra payment or they would not stop calling(harassing) us. Now I have to make an extra payment next month. Their practices are unethical and I wish I could stop them. I may go to my Credit Union and see if they will buy out my loan since it is so small (28,000). I wish all of you the best of luck.

    • Green Tree Hater // February 4, 2013 at 12:26 pm // Reply

      same thing here – our payment was early – and they refused it!! I think they are trying to make people loose their homes!! I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I put someone on the street – they have no heart and especially NO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS

  148. Nancie Chang // January 30, 2013 at 2:35 pm // Reply

    I just found out on the 14th January 2012 that my mortgage was sold to Green Tree Servicing LLC from my original mortgage bank Flagstar Bank. Since then, they had been calling non-stop, even after I request they send me the bill in the mail since that was what Flagstar used to do for me. I send a check for the mortgage amount plus the escrow and they are still calling non-stop at least 5 times a day. They will call me as early as 8:20am and will keep calling after 9:00pm. I keep telling the person on the phone that I need the bill to be send to me and the reply is I must pay because my bill is due. This is getting bad because I was not aware my mortgage was sold in the first place, and neither Green Tree Servicing LLC or Flagstar Bank send me any notice of the change until after January 15, 2012 and Green Tree is insisting my bill is due on January 1. How can I paid a bill when I did not even knew who the payment was for. I had thought my January 2012 bill was still going to Flagstar and I attempted to paid my bill online with Flagstar and got a big surprise when I was unable to log in.

    • I found out on 15th of January 2013 that my mortgage was sold to Green Tree Servicing LLC from Flagstar Bank with no notice from Flagstar or GT Servicing until I went on line to pay my bill as I generally due every month. You are right, this is bad and I’m getting scare that this company will start charging me for late fees or any thing else that they can come up with.that. will theaten forclosure on people. I’m going to write Fannie Mae and the President’s Office if need be to make sure this company will not try to screw me.

  149. I have had many of the negative experiences you guys have. Please sign this petition sent to the White House that specifically mentions “Green Tree” if you agree.

    Please cut and paste it into your url.

  150. I hate Green Tree. I had a FICO score of 800. My loan went from Bank of America to Green Tree Servicing. Last July 2012 I experienced some health issues and could not make my mortgage payment. That’s when the harassment started. Green Tree’s representative Taofik constantly called during my sleep hours. He threatened me and stressed me out. In the second month he asked me when I would be vacating the property. They told me they would send me a pkg to apply for a loan modification. They never did. He forced me to short sale my house. I had an offer on the house Oct 2012 and Green Tree is doing everything they can to NOT allow the short sale. I am convinced they want my house to go into foreclosure. I found out that Green Tree is reporting meto the credit bureaus in foreclosure even though I am in the process of a short sale. I’ve written letters of complaints now to the Attorney Generals and Better Business Bureaus in the respective states where Green Tree is. Green is the the most unethical “modern day” loan sharks. They’re despicable. I have done a lot of research on line and have found hundreds of complaints against Green Tree. I am going to pursue legal action against this company.

  151. sorry pay them off that’s the only way your gonna get rid of them.I been fighting with them since Feb. 2012 when i lost my job.. they are very rude people.And they don’t want to work with you. so my husband and i cashed in our I.R.A. to get these people out of my hair….. good luck people, they out gone out of my life AMEN

  152. pay them off

  153. I had a mortgage with bank of America. I went in and asked to have my mortgage modified and they told me they would get back to me. After not hearing anything from them I found out 4 months later they handed my mortgage over to green tree servicing. I had found out by way of mail saying I was delinquent on my paents which I couldn’t understand because it was auto payed through BOA. It took me another 3 months to figure out what was going on because neither would explain to me when and why my mortgage was handed over to them. I am a 100% disabled veteran. I am unable to work and have 2 young children i have to take care of. I requested green treeto help me modifying mortgage to make it affordable. After 6 months of not being able to get anyone on the phone To help me or work with me I cancelled my payment to them 2 days later I received a call satin I was late on my payment and they wanted the money. I explained to them my situation and refused to pay them until they work with me. Now a year later and finally they offered to work with me. I am only one month behind and have them auto payed every month. Yet they are ruining my credit for the next 4 months until my mortgage is adjusted. They are a horrible business and don’t care about your situation or anything other then their money. They do not care about any laws that the president passed to make our homes more affordable. If you are forced to work with th as I was I recommend getting a lawyer and reporting them to the better business beauro.

    • steve and carolyn parker // January 24, 2013 at 3:42 pm // Reply

      In January 2012 my wife was awarded disability and we started immediately with Green Tree to get our house mortgage lowers from 7.125% to help us with the monthly payments. Now ONE year later they finally have come thru BUT–they refused to lower the interest rates, added 16 yrs to the loan and only reduced the loan down $75. They think this is a real deal for us–we’re not happy because we’ll be in our 80′s and 100′s by the time the loan is paid off if we agree to this. We also were dealing with Green Tree for over a year with paperwork back and forth that they said they never received and did in fact have it in their possession. We were dealing with our account rep Annette who we thought was legitimate-however when speaking to her on the 31st of December 2012 she advisd that our trial payments had been received successfully and that our loan would be reduced considerablly in interest and lowers approx $400. But now we find out that this is NOT the case and Annette’s not here anymore (which is what we’re told-ha ha) and that we HAVE to sign the paperwork by Monday or else! We filed a complaint with the State Banking Dept and with the Consumer Financial Group and hope that they can help us. They also were responsible for not adding our life insurance monthly payment in with the trial payments for 4 months–therefore the insurance company dropped us for non-payment and now we have no life insurance! Isn’t life great! I just wish we could talk to someone in higher gov’t about their fradulent practices which we have tried to do today for 3 hours and wasn’t successful in talking to anyone who cared. Maybe we should contact Diane Sawyer or Michael Moore to get them on board with Green Tree. It seems to us that we can bale out banking institutions but where is the help for the common person?

  154. My mortgage was sold to Green tree from National City mortgage in 2008, their service is horrible and disgusting. Their sales reps are rude, disrespectful and nasty. They have no empathy for any one, they call 20 times a day. I lost my 5,000 per month job 2011 and used up my entire 40,000 severance payment to pay my mortgage, now I am unable to pay that 3,300 mortgage. I tried to have a loan modification, I submitted all the requested paper work, they confirmed they received them then sent me a letter claiming they did not received it. I was outraged. There is no where to turn when this happens, Can Fannie Mae or Freddie do something about this problem. Look at the enormous similar complaints? May be we should go to the white house for help if no one can assist with this ridiculousness. If they cannot then our next step is GOD!! GEEZ, HELP

    • my mortgage to was sold to green tree, I received a modification from green tree about one year ago, my mortgage payment has been on time since then. I have it set up through my bank where I do a one time payment sent electronically. I received a phone call on the 16th of January from a representative to ask when i would be sending in the payment, I told her my payment had been sent and was cleared on the 15th, the rep. stated they had not received my payment. I check my account only to find out that I made the error in sending my recent payment to my previous lender Litton Loan Servicing (which is no better than Green Tree). I made a subsequent call to them to make them aware of what happen to my payment, and was told from the manager that I needed to borrow the payment from a friend and if i didn’t get it to them by the end of the month I would default on my loan modification and my home would go into foreclosure, I asked him if he would be my friend and loan it to me.he got extremely angry and told me that he was going to forclose on my property and hung up on me, but to add insult to injury. I have no way of getting in contact with Litton Loan Servicing, they now go under the name of Homeq Servicing Corp located in NC.and i am unable to contact either, but someone has received my payment and it has cleared.

  155. My mortgage was sold to Green tree from National City mortgage in 2008, their service is horrible and disgusting. Their sales reps are rude, disrespectful and nasty. They have no empathy for any one, they call 20 times a day. I lost my 5,000 per month job 2011 and used up my entire 40,000 severance payment to pay my mortgage, now I am unable to pay that 3,300 mortgage. I tried to have a loan modification, I submitted all the requested paper work, they confirmed they received them then sent me a letter claiming they did not received it. I was outraged. There is no where to turn when this happens, the only thing is to report this to SBA? refinancing of my loan would be the wiser thing ??.

  156. I assumed a mortage 12 years ago that was held by Conseco. A few years after I lost my job and got behind on the payments. I was contacted by an individual that happened to be in my state and actually had some brains and courtesy. After working really hard together, I was able to get my mortgage back on track. Somewhere in all this, Greentree took over, and the nightmare began. After getting things back on track, I mailed in my payment for the first time. I even mailed it early so that it would not be late, since I was now being told there was no “grace period”. And it was lost. So back to the nice lady in collections, again. After allowing them to draft my bank account for the payment, they magically cashed my check. Only thing was, it didn’t apply to my account. Lucky for me I had landed a job with a wonderful attorney who was more than happy to go after them and eventually they found where they had applied my payment and credited me. Ever since then, I have paid extra to have the same person process my payment over the phone, or send it by money gram. This doesn’t even touch all the calls to my parents from idiots in Tempe, AZ harassing them when the payment was only days after the due date. And the insurance issue. Thank God that we did not use escrow to handle the insurance and handle it all ourselves…

    All in all, I would not have made it through this mortgage if it were not for the nice lady in collections that worked so hard to help me. I have noticed that the friendliness from her is less and less, mainly because they instruct her to follow a “script” and record everything. I am just thankful that I only have 1 year left to pay this mortgage out. Good luck to anyone having to deal with them.

  157. In my opinion, this company is the WORST mortgage “servicer” in the nation. Since they don’t “service” anything, even their name, Green Tree Servicing is misleading. Their agents are crude, rude, unprofessional & ineffective. They are completely void of ANY people skills. Since their jobs are 90% dependent upon working with people (and they lack those skills), on their BEST day, they can only be 10% effective. These people never miss an opportunity to attempt to demean, degrade & agitate their customers. Typically, it would be a good idea to work WITH a mortgage servicer. However, Green Tree is different. Since there is NO possibility to work “with” them, you must work “around” them by knowing your rights and the tactics and timelines utilized by Green Tree. Keep records and a chronology of mailings, comments, phone calls, etc. Most importantly, offer up minimal information other than the obvious (your address & home phone). If you are capable of refinancing with another lender, you should exercise that option. If you can get your account up to date & current, you should do that (if possible). If Not, then you should NOT attempt to work with these scurrilous people. Simply withhold your payments & begin planning for your next relocation. Contacting a foreclosure attorney is also an option. At some point, I’m confident that the Federal Government will get involved and shut down this corrupt organization.

    • Green Tree Hater // February 4, 2013 at 12:36 pm // Reply

      Lord I hope someone closes them – I will pray for that every night since I know they are praying to find a way to take my home!!

  158. Johnny McNeil // January 12, 2013 at 12:08 pm // Reply

    I thought, I was the only victim of Green Tree. Ive been dealing with this company since my mortagage was sold to them in 2009 and it been a nightmare. I called my Congress woman on this company and that was the first time Green Tree got scared and they stopped calling me for almost a year or so. I recommend people contact their Senator and Congress Representative for their state and explain to them how this company conducts it’s business because this company is very shady.

  159. Rude manager, worst company, cant believe a company like this even exist. DONT DO BUSSINESS WITH GREENTREE SERVICING EVERYBODY.

  160. On facebook . Victims of Green Tree Servicing .

  161. I had the same rude phone calls from representatives when my mortgage was sold to Green Tree. My mortgage was never late however, I did pay it after the first and before the 16th due to my pay cycle. Finally I figured a way to stop the calls and still pay after the first and before the 16th…I set up an automatic withdraw from my checking account on the 14th of every month, this gave me the time I needed to get the money into the account and stopped all calls regarding late payments and It’s a free service. Hope this helps….it did for me!

    • I agree with everything. They harrased us and they never gave a chance to talk. I really want to get a lawyer to go after them. Does any of you know of somebody that can take the case.

    • Thank you so much for your valuable information. We pay the same as you…after the 1st and
      before the 15th…in accordance with the time we get paid. A brilliant idea!!!!!!!! I will use it if

  162. Greentree is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They are very rude and ugly everytime I have ever spoke with them and the message they leave are nasty. They will call you every 5 minutes and will call neighbors and family. I will be so glad to get away from this company. I would not recommend them to no one. Aweful never in my life seen such a horrible company to deal with.

  163. CorruptFannieMae // December 25, 2012 at 4:56 pm // Reply

    Don’t blame GTS, blame Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. The government-sponsored enterprise (Fannie Mae) acquired the rights to service hundreds of billions of dollars of loans and transferred responsibility for managing them to a select group of large subservicing business, i.e. Nationstar, Green Tree, Seterus Inc. and an IBM unit. Former Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives charged with securities fraud on December 16, 2011 are now working for one of the above mentioned subservicing businesses. FYI, taxpapers have advanced almost $50 million in legal payments to defend former executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The business of selling servicing rights for mortgages represents a large business niche and a good way for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to reward those executives responsible for the mortgage crisis.

    • You’re exactly right. But it doesn’t negate the fact that the GreenTree Service representatives are bottom-feeding collection agents.

      I always paid on time, ALWAYS. Never late and they started calling the minute Suntrust handed my account over to them. I have a very nice home and pay approximately $1500 a month for it and refied a few years back from my 30 to a 15. I owe the equivalent of 4 more years.

      I could pay it off now, but it’s the only interest deduction I have left. When Congress changes it, I’ll pay this place off so fast it’ll make their heads swim.

      I actually called the Green Tree Servicing rep today to tell him what I thought of him, he was actually nice (I was shocked, compared to the messages he’s left). I chewed him up one side and down the other and he was very apologetic, but I’d bet good money that I’ll get a call a few days before the payment is even due.

      Go figure.

  164. I fought with these a$$es for 10 years.I now filed bankruptcy and they are fighting that now.

  165. Greentree is the most crooked company i have dealt with. I have been paying on my house loan for over 10 years and very little has gone towards the principal. when i asked them about this they told me about their “simple interest” which is adding $6.53 daily and more. The customer service person i talked to said that others have had the same problem with not being told about this before the loan, which should be illegal. There is no way in my lifetime that this note will be paid for. They should be put out of business. I would recommend that no one ever use them. Even when you call to get a payoff they state that they reserve the right to add more to it. How wrong is that!

  166. MY Insurance agent of OVER 20yrs. said “i give up trying to deal with green tree”. This co . is by far the worst. I also was sold by National City Mortg. A civil action suit may be the answer

    • What a company that Green tree is.The harassment never stops with them,and I like the fact that treat one like a child.I am so sick of these people.

      • My husband and I got divorced five years ago. Green Tree keeps locating me wanting to talk with my ex. I have nothing to do with Green Tree or my ex husband. They keep asking where is my ex. Like how would I know. I am not his babysitter. I don’t talk or see my ex husband. They keep harassing me by mail or phone and it won’t stop. how did they get my new address with my new married name and phone number? Green Tree said it was their job to call me looking for my ex husband.

        • All collection agencies use advanced skip tracing tools to find anyone who may know you; this includes family, friends, neighbors, relatives and business associates. It is incredible the amount of information that is gathered by the credit bureaus, CBC, Accurant, as well as social sites like Spokeo and Face book.

          In most cases they will tell you that they will remove you from their list, but as you know by now that is a lie.

          The best way to stop the harassment is to send them a certified letter and file complaints with the FTC & States Attorney General’s office.

          Good Luck!

    • We should have a class action lawsuit. My Attorney has been working with Green Tree on by behalf for almost a year. They are being outrageously difficult. We came to an agreement just to get this over with and they sent me the wiring information. I went to my bank (Bank of America) and they could not complete the wire by the deadline because the wiring instructions were not complete because it did not give the state where the wire should go. When my attorney called them to get the correct info they said that offer was no longer available (past deadline) and now the settlement would be higher. They did come back with the same amount but still without the correct wiring information, all they gave this time is a street address. I googled it and it is for Bank of America in NY… interesting considering they work together. Still in limbo at this time. So glad I found all of this information

      • I agree with the class action. I am in anybody else

        • Charlene Naation // January 22, 2013 at 2:46 pm // Reply

          Let me know, as well. I have tried to deal with the people for the past 10 years and got no where. i finally just moved out and let them have the house. I might pay later but the house is just sitting there with no “for sale” signs out. Doesn’t look like they are even trying to sell it, their loss. Maybe they are too busy harrassing other people. They were calling neighbors and every one around the neighborhood.

        • im in hit me 3109087075 or

        • alice turner // February 1, 2013 at 5:11 pm // Reply

          i say class action law suit. yes yes yes . they are a nightmare,where did they come from. lord help us. Alice Turner

  167. clinton pitts // December 2, 2012 at 5:39 pm // Reply

    To branch manager;
    I have been trying to buy a foreclosed trailer located in Oakwood tx fpr 2 years however no one seems to know how to handle this request.I have talk to Charles Buchanan, an ex’s 61144 and 61112.the trailer is located at 644 S Moody in Oakwood tx 75855. loan # 36307410. I made an offer of
    $2000.00 however the trailer has set open and the kids have been going in and out taking what ever they can carry out the front door is open and the rain has destroyed the in good faith I now will offer $1500.00.

    please call me at 9035452194
    or email me

    semper fi

    • Help – Green Tree foreclosed on my property after they sent me an approval letter for my short sales. We had buyers in place – however Green Tree still sold my home in forclosure.

      What can I do – I. Still have the approval letter from Green Tree

      SIgned – Left on the streets by Green Tree

  168. Well GeenTree did not pay my taxes now my moble home was sold . I put my land up for the home when i got the loan .I owned the land at the time .Now i have no home but i have the land .Doze any one know if i have to keep paying the payments . I call and asked green tree the guy i talked to did not know.

    • They did the same thing to me. Go to your county offices and ask them if there are any leins against your land. The people there are jerks and unhelpful

  169. These people have hired an attorney law firm in Columbia SC in which they do hteir expedient dirty work. I will never buy another mobile home again or advise anyone to just because their mortgage may get serviced by these folks. They are not the holders of your account they just do the collecting or service for the mortgage holders which mine is U S Bank N.A. meaning the bank is foreign owned just located here in the USA. Go figure…

  170. Has anyone recieved a letter from Quicken Loans that you can refinance at a lower rate? I did and I called Quicken Loans to ask some questions. I WILL NOT GO TO QUICKEN LOANS. I have no idea what kind of company they are but I no longer trust anyone. NOW I go and log into GT to make my payment which is due on the 1st but all my info is gone. All I can see is my profile. I call GT and they tell me they are having issues with their website. WTF, what year is this???? This is just crazy. So many people not paying for their homes and I want to pay for mine and they won’t let me? I already pay the $12 extra a month to pay online so they can’t tell me they didn’t recieve the payment. I would like to know what trick they are trying to pull now. THEY WILL NOT GET MY HOUSE. I have never missed a payment and actually paid extra when I was with BOA but cannot get my payment amounts because my info is all gone from BOA.

    • JeffJejjjjjjjjjjjj // November 6, 2012 at 12:23 pm // Reply

      I also was contacted by Quicken Loans. Like you, I’ve always made my payment on time every month and then some. BOA screwed me after years of being loyal to them. I dropped all my accounts with them and went to a credit union. I tried 4 different lenders including QL back in April to use Harp 2.0 and was denied every attempt. So frustrated I said never again. Just continued to make my payments. I’ve always had a good relationship with QL as I’ve used them before and they were fair and honest with me. I’ve heard horror stories though. QL contacted me and I explained I tried before and was rejected and I was not doing this again. Tired of the emotional roller coaster. he explained this was started by Fannie Mae to get more homes refinanced. GT doesn’t refinance, they only service loans so Fannie Mae powered GT to join forces with QL to get homes financed. I said what the heck and tried again. Worst thing is I get another credit inquiry. I just found out yesterday I was fully approved. Current 6.625% is now a 3.75%. Had option to go with 30/25/20 years. No appraisel fee and closing costs were a modest $1800. I will lower my payment by $297 a month. Rolled everything in and pay nothing out of pocket. I do have debt and no assets and my credit is only in the mid 600′s. I am still shocked it went through. I almost never called them back. I do also have PMI and about 140% LTD.

      • JeffJejjjjjjjjjjjj // November 6, 2012 at 12:26 pm // Reply

        I will be so happy to be done with GT. The $12 online fee is BS, and last summer they never paid my city taxes from my escrow and I had to do all the leg work for them to get this paid. Questions or want to know whom I used at QL email me…j w m a j t y k a@ g m a i l . c o m

        • JeffJejjjjjjjjjjjj // November 8, 2012 at 1:58 pm // Reply

          Applied with QL on 10/25. Closing is already set for 11/14. Saving $354 a month. I’m so excited and happy to be done with Green Tree.

          • Don’t get to excited I too refinanced with Quicken and then they turned around and sold my loan right back to Green Tree

    • Listen, it is important to educate yourself.
      The program that you got the letter on is a government program called Harp II. It is only for loans that are Fannie May or Freddie Mac backed. If your original loan is backed by one of these, this is a legitimate program and you need to look into it. HARP II is targeted towards underwater homeowners and investors who otherwise would not be able to refinance. I just refinanced my way underwater rental home in Florida, with PMI, under Harp II. I went from a 30 year at 6.75% to 15 year at 3.62%. You can imagine the savings.
      You don’t need to go to QuickenLoans for Harp II. But don’t do yourself a disservice and dismiss this completely. Other lenders can offer you Harp II. Do some research, and get informed ASAP! The Harp II program is time limited (until December 2013).

    • Quicken was awesome to work with, I would highly recommend them. My score too is in the mid 600′s and all the (very reasonable) closing costs were rolled back in to the loan. Went from interest only to conforming, 30 years @ 4.2% (was at 6.75%). Amazing experience.

      The only downside is that the loan goes back to GT for servicing (puke). They are hands down the worst company I have ever dealt with. I paid my mortgage on time for 6.5 years. In the past 6 months things have piled up and I slipped, late, but never past 30 days. They blocked my online payment (added on a bunch of fees I didn’t agree with, and couldn’t pay just the payment, so I HAD to call them). Then I would get lectured about what an an absolute jerk I must have been to even purchase this property in the first place. What was I thinking? Didn’t I know I would have to pay these payments? Who did I think I was buying a property I obviously couldn’t afford? What had changed to make this a problem now? Do you know what it feels like when someone owes you money and they don’t pay you back? Not a good feeling is it? That’s how we feel. (banks have feelings? whatever).

      “Boy, you are very irresponsible and you aren’t a real thinker, are you?” -> direct quote.

      Uh, HELLO, in seven years everthing has changed, and alot can happen, and that is sufficient time to drain most people’s saving due to the economy, home values, not to mention a heart attack (mine) emergency surgery (husband) brain tumors (mother) and the death of my father. Still, none of this is really their business! I was paying the payments (late) but with the late fees until they pissed me off. It was weird the way they act all upset by late payments. You are a business, just accept the payment, the late fee, and keep the lectures for your kids. And the 12.00 fee to pay online…dont get me started.

      Here is a secret for anyone with a bunch of fees they cannot pay at the moment. Call the 800 number you find on your online account, on a weekend. Usually you get someone who will just state the regular payment and don’t get all wrapped up in outstanding fees. :)

  171. I stopped paying my second mortgage to GTS about a year ago due to losing my job. It was for less than 50G. They called me three times a day for a few months and then I haven’t heard from them for quite awhile. But then my car was stolen last week off the street in broad daylight by someone who had to have the access key code to my car. Anyone else dealing with GTS have their car stolen? Am I paranoid? Yes. But scumbags like GTS will make life miserable for for everyone any way they can.

    • From what I hear is they will call neighbors/friends/relatives to get any info on you that they can. I have been current on my payments but have had weird people on my property which has caused me concern.

    • They didn’t steal our car….yet. They took every penny out of our personal and business bank accounts. This can’t be legal, and we are fighting it. All of our bill payments bounced, we can’t pay contractors and they had already harassed us, sent us anonymous (obviously them) threatening letters and were watching our accounts until a large sum was deposited for a job, and they swooped in. How is this legal? Where is the law? They are vultures living off of good people. Who are these people that work for them? I can’t imagine being that much of a bottom feeder. Where are the class action lawsuits?

  172. Chris Wharry // October 30, 2012 at 5:40 pm // Reply

    Our mortgage was sold to Green Tree in Aug of 2011. We have never been late a payment. Twice in this 15 month period we have had individuals call us to ask us where our mortgage payment was. Both times verifying posted payments with my online bank account while on the phone. The first payment was posted on the 28 th of the month. 3 days prior to their “due date” and the second payment was posted on the 2 nd of the month. These idiots don’t know what they are doing.
    This past June our home sustained severe roof damage and our insurance covered the cost in full. My insurance company issued a check in the amount at 3780.00 as a downpayment to the contractor, the rest would be paid in full to the amount of 10085.00 . The inusrance company made the check out to myself and Green Tree ( the holder of the mortgage). Green tree stated they would sign the check and return it, and to send it to their Claims dept. I called 2 weeks later because we had not recieved the chekc back and I spoke with Kathy in the Claims departmetn who said they were holding the check until all work on the roof was completed. She said she wanted a fax from my insurance company stating that the second check would be made out to them as well. When I asked how they could hold onto my money, she stated that it was in my best interest that they hold the money. They stated that upon completion of the roof they would review the work with an adjuster at my cost and decide if the work was adequate to release the funds. We refinanced last week (thank God) and I spoke with Kathy this morning who said that Green Tree had 30 days to return the money and that I should expect my money to be returned in aprox 30 days. I plan on calling her 2-3 times a day until my money is recieved. This company is vile.

  173. By all means, this is a robber company that is too dumb, incompetent and greedy! It’s hard to believe that such a company can exist anywhere, let alone America.

    We have insurance for our house, and the agent faxed over the document. And they went ahead and bought the insurance for us and bill us for it. We will fight them to the end and expose them to the whole world. So unfair!

    Where are the good lawyers?

    Has anyone else suffered similar stress and frustration?

    • We are going through this right now with them. They are so rude and they leave the most threating messages on your voicemail. We are thinking about just letting them have the house back and getting us a new one.

    • Look at the post from another site about them and even other sups there responded

      I do work for green tree and I am a supervisor of 9 reps and very good, meaning that my team does hit their goals. I win contest for sups company wide, i only say that so people don’t think im just some dis grunted ex employee. Green tree doesn’t itself doesn’t condone hard collection tactics, but the pressure from the VP of collections and the directors to the sups and reps is beyond rough, they know what tactics we use and even advise us to string along customers. One director even took me to lunch and advised me how to call a customer for a mobile home and act as a repo agent. Most customers that go over 30 days pass due are called in excess of 30 times a day when it becomes end of month, we will call your neighbors , relatives and place of employment. We have a skip tracing program that will locate all that for us. What we do as employees is not right, what we say to you all is the truth bent to the point of breaking. If you are a BofA loan we wont file for foreclosure before 61 days, any other loans it isn’t until 90 days, we tell you that you are over 1 month past due which is the start of the foreclosure process……..Um what we do is send out a notice of default which does give you 30 days to pay that past due amount, all you hear is foreclosure and we know this. What we don’t tell you is if there is under 10k in equity in your home we wont do anything and will charge it off at 180 days, but in the meantime your sweating it out and scared that we are going to lock you out. As sups we have been directed by our directors to be logged off our phone and make our calls because they are not recorded, that gives us the chance to tell you what ever and we do. Your probably thinking what a *** and how can he do this, well we are driven to it and our bonus is based off our reps hitting goal, (which they do lower most months which makes reps push the envelope harder). Im sorry but there is alot more we can do to help you all and we don’t, we hold on to your docs that you send us for a STRM, HAMP, HARP, just so we dont have to carry your loan that month and you are forced to pay to keep the default from going out which cost you around $175 bucks and put into your advances that raise your note,. I’m tired of doing this and lieing just for the bonus when it is at your expense’. I know of reps and managers using the docs you send us to get your checking info and run the check at end of month if you didnt pay, I know of reps and sups creating a false check on your account just so it shows payment in hand and it doesn’t carry for that month|. Your asking yourself why is he saying this, if greentree finds out I lose my $3000 bonus and my good salary, well Just had an incident that happened and it came out about one of my reps lifestyle (which didnt reflect her job) I was scolded about it and said i should be embarrassed to have that around, and they made false accusations about the incident, this rep did nothing wrong and I refuse to let them harass her because of this her sexual activity outside of work doesnt matter but as it was told to me its not moral?. How can I has a person continue to lie to you and allow them to treat people wrong because of their sex life,. If you have a question send me and email and I will respond to it;. Again if you were on the receiving end of our deceitfulness im sorry/.


      • wow my process was so horrible i still am having night mares about my treatment with greentree. Several times i have been enied faxed and even mailed paperwork borrowed funds to catch up mortgage on a fixd income and still get absolutely no where with these mortgage people. have jumped every hoop and followed directions to the tee many times still denial. what can i do? Help yes i was told about hamp, harp and their own program to no avail. I am on fixed income and it is a fannie mae loan. i have a first and second but cannot get the se ond done because i need to get the first done i am told. Yes Boa has the second and gave Greentree the First and yes the property will no longer appraise to value. Is there something i can do am struggling.

    • Deleep Kumar // October 30, 2012 at 5:01 pm // Reply

      I am going through another scam of Green Tree about the PMI Cancellation .

      I requested to cancel my PMI and the Green Tree arranged their own property apriser and this man came and done the apraisal in 6 minutes and 14 seconds ( My security camera recorded the time) and apraised far below the value. I have the following reasons to believe that this is a pre arranged apraisal;
      1. This same house was aprasied by an independent agent in 2010 for $450000.00.
      2. From 2010 to 2010 I put 112000.00 to upgrade the house with a new kitchen, marble floors, finished basement with wet bar, movie theatre and Billiard room New windows and sidings etc etc….
      3. The comparable shows no where in the neighbourhood or the foclosed homes, it is not by mistake,

      The upraisal was a show they did for the benifit of Greentree just to show there is no equity, so I cannot get away with PMI ( Private Mortgage Insurance.

      4. The day I called even before submitting the applications, the women agent attended the phone said that I will not qualify without even checking the status.

      5.In their comparables, there are no information about the sale of property in this own nighbourhood, The house right across my house sold for 499000.00 two months ago, This house does not even have a finished basement and smaller then my house and not in excellent condition.

      This people are higway robers, I am in the process of getting 2 independent apraisel who knows the property valu of Montgomery county and take them to the court.

      I am aslo looking for good lawer, Anyone knows any good lawyers in Montgomery county, please let me know.

  174. AMEN to this Article! I hate this company and they harrass me night and day and I am not even 30 days late ever on my account. They are so stupid to think I am going to answer thier calls and they call from a bunch of different area codes thinking they are slick! They have screwed me around so bad. I am glad to know others feel the same way.

    • like many others they bought my comtract. they are the rudest people I have ever talked to. just talked to them and they wanted me to schedule payments till the first of the year. they so called man threatened to call my family. friends, and neighbors. something needs to be done. and of course when you talk to his boss he did no wrong. I will put down you refuse to make a payment. why am I going to make a payment for a month that isn’t here yet. wish I had the money to pay it off. would love to walk in that office and hand the balance to them in unrolled pennies.

  175. Instead of whining here, file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Do something.

  176. Let me help out the author of this little blog by explaining the definition of LATE: if payment is due on the 1st, LATE is anything that isn’t RECEIVED by the 1st. Just because they don’t charge you a late fee doesn’t mean its not late. It also is probably showing up on your credit. I wouldn’t be able to tell because in 10 years I’ve never been late (the actual definition of late – meaning that my payment was made, mailed and RECEIVED and CREDITED before the 1st of the month.)

    They’re unprofessional jerks, I’ll give you that, but the fact is YOU’RE PAYING LATE! Of course they’ll call you…YOU”RE LATE. Geesh…what a maroon. If you’re already late, and you pay last month’s payment the following month, why do you think they’ll not apply it to interest? Seriously, dude?

    Say you’re a landlord, and you make your mortgage payment on time (like, the actual definition of on time) and your tenant just takes their sweet time paying you their rent…say they pay it on the 15th. Are you telling me you wouldn’t collect some late fees and maybe kick them out if they keep paying you 15 days late? You’re out that money for 15 days.

    If you’re not paying your bills on time, expect someone to call you on it. You can think it sucks and you can complain about it, but don’t take the stance that you pay your bills on time. YOU DON’T! YOU’RE LATE!

    I hate Greentree, because even their billing statements are written like collection notices (they state “This is a notice to collect debt.” Yeah, no kidding. It took them 6 months after they bought the servicing of my loan from BofA to stop printing such negative crap on my statement. It really bothered me (because, I pay my payments 5 days early).

    Their website also sucks and they don’t take online payments (unless you want to pay a $12 fee, regardless of when you want to make the payment). I hate them because they make me crack open a dusty checkbook from 2004 and physically write, sign, stamp and mail a check. I called them once and asked them if they had electricity and computers where they worked, because I couldn’t wrap my head around this po-dunk company who’s main business it is to accept mortgage payments. I guess its because most people can’t choose who services their loan.

    So, hate for the right reasons and take responsibility for yourself that you are the one who is causing them to call you by consistently choosing and then defending the practice of paying your bills late.

    LATE – look it up, dude.

    • Nellie,

      You are actually incorrect. I have worked in this industry for over 20 years. Late payments are not reported on your credit report until they are 30 days past due. Payments are due per your note, however not considered late until whatever specified date in your note. (most say the 16th) If you request NO phone calls they are not legally allowed to call you again. They can only contact you by mail. If they are violating these rules contact an attorney.

      • Chris,

        You are actually incorrect, and Nellie is correct. Like she said, look up the definition of late. Her example was prefect. Your due date is the 1st, anytime AFTER the 1st of the month is it late. If your DUE date is the 1st, how can you pay the 6th and say it’s not late? At that point, it is now 5 days PAST DUE, aka LATE. The date on the note is saying there will not be a LATE FEE. There is a difference of it being LATE and getting a LATE FEE.

        You are, however, correct about the reporting, nothing is reported to credit until it is 30 days late.

      • Nellie
        I have to agree with Chris about the meaning of LATE…In all the years I dealt with
        GMAC …even though my due date was on the 1st, the late fee was not applied until
        after the 15th. When I called them they told me from the 1st to the 15th was what
        is called a “grace period”. They also told me unless I skipped a payment completely for
        30 days it would never show up on my statement and it never did. Sorry to dissolution
        you on your theory of the meaning of late. We’ll see how this method works with Green
        Tree. From all the negatives I have been reading it will be interesting to say the least.
        I have learned not to put too much importance with people who insult my intelligence.
        If Green Tree is as bad as many of you say…then I say…bring it on…they have met their match in me. I have been on this earth way too long to allow them to talk to me
        in an unprofessional manner.

    • have paid Greentree before the 1st of month and they split between principle and interest as an extra payment stating that it was received before the due date and that I owe another payment to bring my loan current,these people love to screw with people and laugh and tell you to manage your money better.for me it is tough because after 2 payments before the due dates I was forced to pay an extra payment and am currently a month behind and they just keep telling me that I get current or they will foreclose. conclusion pay your mortgage after the due date or you too will forfeit a payment and be forced to make an extra payment as if the American people can afford to just make extra payments to avoid losing there homes.

  177. Must agree their service is just awful. Worse internet service EVER.

  178. The Bad Debt Collections Act needs to be amended to include in-house collections departments. I strongly encourage everyone to call their congressmen and request this be done. It is the only to fight companies like this. We have been continually harassed by Greentree since our note was sold to them by Bank of America a year ago. Like the author of this article, we are never delinquent or in default on our loan and the payments are always made before it is 30 days. The phone calls begin before the grace period to make payment is up and continue many times a day until several days after they have received payment (several days after because they never post the payments timely). Greentree has been asked many times not to call me at work and yet they continue to harass me there, seriously jeopardizing my employment. They have yelled at my children, mother-in-law, and babysitters who happen to be home and answer the phone. They have absolutely no reason to call me since if they bothered to look at our payment history they would see that their calls are a needless waste of their time and money because they are going to be paid.

  179. Think about this – IF GreenTree does NOT own the NOTE, they cannot harass you. It would benefit you to check this out. Get an attorney! Research securitization – and quiet titles. Consumers cannot be done this way, only if you allow it. If they do not OWN the NOTE, they cannot refinance or help you with any documents. Should I say fraud?

  180. Think about this – IF GreenTree does NOT own the NOTE, they cannot harass you. It would benefit you to check this out. Get an attorney! Research securitization – and quiet titles. Consumers cannot be done this way, only if you allow it.

  181. Today is the anniversary of my son’s death. I went to the cemetary and cried because everything is falling apart for my family and I just want to fix it!! Especially my house- Bank of America wouldn’t help me. Like a fool I put my husband’s name on the mortgage and deed of my house which I have always paid for. His feelings got hurt a couple of weeks after my son died because he wasn’t getting the attention he needed from me so he left. He never paid anything but he is holding the house over my head for $$$$. Now today when I got home from the cemetary I had a letter saying Bank of America is transferring my loan to Green Tree and after Oct 31st everything would go to Green Tree. Came to the internet to check them out. I could not even finish the posts there were so many. I guess I can’t count on any help from them either. Any suggestions before I start the payment process with them and escrow??? Obviously I shouldn’t let them draft my payments or set up an escrow account. Well it was a bad day for me- after reading the posts-it didn’t get any better!

  182. We are seeking help through,and Green Tree refuse to produce two documents in order for us to save our home from foreclosure.

  183. I have had the worst experience with Green Tree Servicing on the short sale of my home. I have been going through a short sale for almost a year now and I have had several offers on the home. The first offer went to green tree and though I called several times as a follow up I was always given voicemails that were full. No one took my call and I found out three months later that my information was not even put in their system! The buyer, needless to say, pulled out. I went back on the market and got another short sale back in August. I am STILL waiting for green tree servicing to help me. I call every day and no one answers my calls or gets back to me. Fannie Mae wanted more money so my new buyer went up, but it has been with Fannie Mae for over 20 business days. This is beyond ridiculous. I went through a horrible time in my life and it is so unfortunate that I can not afford my home anymore but let me tell you.. Green Tree makes it EXTREMELY difficult for people to do the right thing. I would prefer to go through a short sale rather than a foreclosure but it is the worst experience I have ever dealt with.

    • I am going to be filing a complaint with the BBB. Where else can I file one?

    • I have experienced the same exact treatment from Green Tree. I thought BOA was horrible but Green Tree is from the pit of HELL! My realtor and my phones are programmed to go to a “Wanda Davis’” voice mail. We never received a reply from our messages and most time the voice mail is full. I have contacted consumer financial protection bureau ( at 1-855-411-2372. I submitted my complaint on line along with attachments of documentation. You are right, Green Tree never processed my paperwork and the buyers walked away! I have requested consumer financial bureau to assist me with serving GT with a deed in lieu.

      If someone starts a class action suit against Green Tree I will be the first person to sign up!

  184. I have been harrased with up to 14 calls a day from green tree, for the last year. todasy I was told how to answer my phone, “i better answer my phone” and threatened with vacating the rental property I have which is usually late 29 days, never more. They have called me twice today, and left two messages by 2 different people, one in california (Travis) and the other one (Joan or Jon ) in Chicago, both threatening and this woman called 7 times one after the other when I sent her to voice mail. this under fdcpa has a clear intent to harras and intimidate. Taking care of my grandchild, im irate upset nervous and frankly scared to loose my property. times are tough, green tree doesnt care and they dont have to, what they have to do is call once a day and leave a voice mail. once. not call 14 times from different numbers, leave 2 voice mails and threaten people with actions that people dont understand (vacate the premisses?)

  185. i became unable to pay my mortgage in february 2012…i immediately contacted Green Tree via mail to let them know and to ask for either a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure as i knew my situation would not change. they replied by telling me to try to qualify for HAMP (i think it is), but that was not what i wanted to do as i knew i could not keep my home any longer. every time i contacted them, i was given some irrelevant information. they would call and i finally requested in writing that they cease calling me. they did put a cease and desist order on my account. i wanted all communication with them to be in writing as i did not trust them to tell me something over the phone, then say they did not at a later date. i wrote voluntarily giving up my home for foreclosure…i told them i was finished and to go ahead and begin and told them where to find the key. i received a letter from a lawyer telling me that they would begin foreclosure. i sent them copies of all the correspondence i had previously sent to GT. two days ago…6 months later…i received a letter from the tempe arizona office of GT telling me that to keep a foreclosure off my credit report i had two options…yes..the very two i had originally asked about. i called them the next days and they said they preferred the deed in lieu which was my first choice…things are in motion (hopefully) and should be completed by the end of october or first of november according to the man i spoke with. i would recommend to anyone who has their mortgage purchased by GT to see if they can’t get out of it and have someone else finance…they are terrible to work with.

    • explain deed in lieu. ive been paying on my mobile home for 13 years. at 13.5 & intrest ive only got abt 2500.00 off my princable.ive tried to get them to lower payments and rate because i going broke.all they want me to do is foreclose. finally i aasked if i could offer a payoff they said yes and offered them 10000.00 pay off. i havent heard back yet. they are very rude to work was hard for me to get through the conversation without getting mad.

      • I am going thru the same thing with GreenTree..I have had my mobile home for 12 years and after adding it up, I have paid way more than what the mobile home costed and the present value now. I asked for a lower payoff amount of 18,000.00 because I am ready to buy a house and the lady was very rude to me. I called her manager and discussed it with him about the lady attitude & he said that he will have to call me back so I am waiting to hear back from her manager. This just happened this morning.

  186. Sorry. The corporate office for GTS is 651-293-3401 ext 43591

  187. I just hung up with customer service..I too am being harrased verbally and insulted by the employees from the San Antonio branch…they are rude. They use scare tactics and demean me everytime we talk. I am behind due to unforeseen financial situation and have tried everything to work with them I am not able to talk 30 seconds into a conversation without getting insulted…I am truly annoyed now with their manners..and every one I talk to gives me a different story. Someone came to my house..a female collector that they are now denying..threatening my family members and giving account information. I called attorney generals office to set a complaint and called their main corporate office 93-3401 ext 43591 with MsLehmann..assistant to Mr Andeson. I’m gonna call BBB for a complaint as well.

    • Have taken all I can take // October 3, 2012 at 5:55 pm // Reply

      submit a compalint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at It’s free and if you don’t agree with green tree they will personally investigate the complaint. Make sure you document dates/ times/ names/ extensions/correspondence etc

  188. I have been harassed continualy over six years. My husband died and my income was reduced. I became disabled . I have tried numerous times to get my payment date changed. I have my payment automatically deducted from my checking account monthly when my disability social security is electronically deposited. Green tree calls me about twenty times a month harassing me about the payment. Their employees are rude disrespectable, and very con distending. They are not willing to work with me to change my payment date (only ten days), they would rather harass an old woman. May God have mercy on their souls.

    • Samantha Contreras // September 29, 2012 at 10:55 am // Reply

      My Mother is going through the same thing. as wee speak Green Tree has called 3 times in less then 5 minutes. Threatening to foreclose on my moms home. I made 2 payments from Chase Bank last year, Green Tree is with Chase, money taken directly from my account and went to them the same day. They claim they never got it. They offered a Deferment but they talked my mother into me making another payment, and THEY FOUND the payments.. Now we are still past due, when I know we are not.

      When My mom got the home it was finance for 60k, my mom and dad put 10 k down. Now 12 years later only 104.00 is going to the principle. On her statement it is saying a payoff of 46k however there is additional amount of over 5k for other escrow and insurance. We have paid the insurance monthly from a private insurance, they claim they had insurance we have asked for paperwork, they refuse.

      THEY are verbally abusive and rude and have my mom in tears, and will probably drive her to a death

      • Have taken all I can take // October 3, 2012 at 6:02 pm // Reply

        Contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at green tree is very corrupt and need to be stopped. This service is free to everyone and they will investigate the problem just make sure you document as much as you can dates/times/names/extensions/what was said in conversation, etc.
        I have personally dealt with these retards and they lie and can’t read a letter properly or LISTEN!!!!!!!!!! They need to be put OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greentree is the worst mortgage company I have ever dealt with. I hate them and do wish they wish they would sell my mortgage. My mortgage manager started out fine and then became do rude. Customer service never tells me the same thing. I have read many horror stories like mine. I was told I wouldn’t have late fees and now all if a sudden they are tacking them on. Stay away from this mortgage company if possible. THEY SUCK!!!!!!

      • I thought i was the only one that was going through this at green tree. I was told the same thing. They told me i would never get any late charges on my account long as i set my payments up 3 months in advance for the end of each moth to draft my checking account. In May of this year we had a fradulant act in our checking account and became late with our payments. I worked with a wonderful rep their named Sarah she was so nice. In the past months i was able to pay at least something every month and then in september i caught all my payments up. So now the horror has started my wonderful rep Sarah quit and now i have a new girl. I set the 3 months drafts to come out on the last day of each month and they said everything was fine no late charges no problems. That was last wednesday. I have gotten 3 urgent calls today and they told me they cancelled my future payments and they need the money right away. I explained i set my payments up so they would credit on the last day of the month and then draft on the first., when i get paid.. so they tell me today that if i do not pay the monthly payment by the 31 of october that my account will go into default and i will have to pay 2 payments on november 1 plus 550.00 in late thats a total of almost 5000.00. I dont have it and wont have it. I honestly think they are trying to take my house. As of today i am only 24 days past due since i am due on the first. Help what can i do????

        • Those of your complaining of late fee’s, those late fee’s are per your contract, the amounts and the dates. Look at your notes. Why complain about something that is also out of any mortgage companies hands? They did not sign those contracts, you did, they just enforce them.

  189. Worst customer service experience ever. They are completely uncooperative, and do not care one bit about their customers. I was trying to help complete a short sale, and Green Tree was the second on the property…they wouldn’t budge and were asking for an exorbitant settlement amount; even though they won’t get anything if the house goes into foreclosure because California is a non-recourse state, and it is ILLEGAL to go after the homeowner for any deficiency!

    They all sound like a bunch of sleezy used car salesmen. As far as I am concerned, they are a fraudulent company with immoral business practices. I would love to see them get shut down…

  190. Can we get a class action lawsuit for harassment? Anyone interested send an email to me and I will try to figure it out. Thanks

  191. I do work for green tree and I am a supervisor of 9 reps and very good, meaning that my team does hit their goals. I win contest for sups company wide, i only say that so people don’t think im just some dis grunted ex employee. Green tree doesn’t itself doesn’t condone hard collection tactics, but the pressure from the VP of collections and the directors to the sups and reps is beyond rough, they know what tactics we use and even advise us to string along customers. One director even took me to lunch and advised me how to call a customer for a mobile home and act as a repo agent. Most customers that go over 30 days pass due are called in excess of 30 times a day when it becomes end of month, we will call your neighbors , relatives and place of employment. We have a skip tracing program that will locate all that for us. What we do as employees is not right, what we say to you all is the truth bent to the point of breaking. If you are a BofA loan we wont file for foreclosure before 61 days, any other loans it isn’t until 90 days, we tell you that you are over 1 month past due which is the start of the foreclosure process……..Um what we do is send out a notice of default which does give you 30 days to pay that past due amount, all you hear is foreclosure and we know this. What we don’t tell you is if there is under 10k in equity in your home we wont do anything and will charge it off at 180 days, but in the meantime your sweating it out and scared that we are going to lock you out. As sups we have been directed by our directors to be logged off our phone and make our calls because they are not recorded, that gives us the chance to tell you what ever and we do. Your probably thinking what a jerk and how can he do this, well we are driven to it and our bonus is based off our reps hitting goal, (which they do lower most months which makes reps push the envelope harder). Im sorry but there is alot more we can do to help you all and we don’t, we hold on to your docs that you send us for a STRM, HAMP, HARP, just so we dont have to carry your loan that month and you are forced to pay to keep the default from going out which cost you around $175 bucks and put into your advances that raise your note. I’m tired of doing this and lieing just for the bonus when it is at your expense. I know of reps and managers using the docs you send us to get your checking info and run the check at end of month if you didnt pay, I know of reps and sups creating a false check on your account just so it shows payment in hand and it doesn’t carry for that month. Your asking yourself why is he saying this, if greentree finds out I lose my $3000 bonus and my good salary, well Just had an incident that happened and it came out about one of my reps lifestyle (which didnt reflect her job) I was scolded about it and said i should be embarrassed to have that around, and they made false accusations about the incident, this rep did nothing wrong and I refuse to let them harass her because of this her sexual activity outside of work doesnt matter but as it was told to me its not moral. How can I has a person continue to lie to you and allow them to treat people wrong because of their sex life. If you have a question send me and email and I will respond to it. Again if you were on the receiving end of our deceitfulness im sorry.

    • What kind of a person would work under this type of a situation? Why don’t you report this information to your Attorney General in the state you work in? You don’t care about what you are doing to other people’s lives, but now you are tired of the way that they are treating one of your reps because of her lifestyle, really? Is it really all about the money? Where does integrity come into play? Did no one ever teach you that integrity is something that you have when no one is watching over you? You do the right and moral thing without being told to do it. I am just amazed at what you have just put out there. I, unfortunately received a letter today stating that my GMAC loan will now be serviced by Green Tree LLC. Nothing but disgusting things about this company. I have never missed a single payment. I have a great credit score, but now I am worried about the dishonesty of this company.

  192. My note was sold to GreenTree last year.

    I still haven’t been able to file my 2011 income tax form, because Greentree will not send me a statement showing how much real estate tax was paid out of the esrow account.

    I have had several servicing companies on this loan, and Greentree is the only one that will not provide such a statement.

    The first time, they sent me a raw dump of the computer program.
    I’ve been promised another one, but I’ve yet to receive it. And the final Deadline for filing is October 15.

    Why won’t they tell me how the esrow is being spent? I suspect it is because they are collecting far more in escrow than the actual bills amount to.

    • Register and sign up online, you can look for yourself. If your account is like mine, look at your escrow analysis, that also shows how it is being spent, also shows you how they are calculating your escrow account.

  193. Lets all be real here. GreenTree servicing is doing their job, if you don’t want calls, don’t be late. I have auto-debit on my account. I pay my pymnt on the 1st of every month, like my contract states. I didn’t sign a contract that said “you may pay whenever you want.” I make sure that i have enough money to pay by bills on the last paychck of each month for the following month. I’m sorry that you have too many obligations, or trying to prove to someone what you have, you probably shoudn’t have been approved for that loan if you are not financially stable to where you have to wait for paychcks to pay your bills. Instead pay extra each month then you can get back on track. and be a full pymnt ahead so you won’t have to get the phone calls. What you all are complaining about, can be rectified. Pay your mortgage payments on time, if they are not going to be on time, (by the first) let them know, set up a check by phone to come out of your account prior to the 1st. You get paid remotely around the same time each month, set them up. You don’t need to be a control freak and do bill pays, or mail out chcks. You have options, you just are too scared to see how they can help you. Get real, your complaints are bull sh*t and just upset because they are holding you accountable to your pymnts. Make your pymnts on time this housing issue we are having will bring the market back up. But i’d like to thank the ones that are b*tching and not doing their part, Thanks for making the value of my house go down, by not paying for the roof over your head– take this advice put it in your pipe and smoke it.

    • Not everyone has the money or job you obviously have….to be able to pay ontime all the time…I dont live on welfare, I am a single mom,who has 2 parttime jobs, no credit cards, no car payment, just monthly GREENTREE and, heating, vehicle gas, the basic stuff and when I was laid off for summer – with a less than parttime job and missed one payment – ONE- they harrassed, intimidated, threatened – even said they wouldnt accept a payment causing me to default further….tried to get to talk to someone above this rep and guess what,,,,the same crap from them, and the ones above….Now dont tell me to not whine!!!! they are a very horrible company to try to work with…..they even told me their Lawyers would contact me,,,,scared how they will help you? this is how

    • Calli,do you work for green tree and if so what did you get paid to harass people. I know of many people who is having their loans taked out of their checks and still get nasty calls .green tree cant call people and tell them they need a payment of $400.00 and if not by the next day they will have late charges and before the calls ends are told well you need to pay $600.00 or your next payment will $800.00 .I wish people would stop doing busseness with this so called bank .

    • Calli , have you ever fallen on hard times , do you get hand outs or are you one of thoses who believe in the richer gets richer while the others are having hard times go under . If so you would fit right in with the Green Tree bunch.

    • Have taken all I can take // September 25, 2012 at 6:06 am // Reply

      I get upset jerkwad when I pay my bills on time and apparently you and green tree don’t know how to do basic math. I assume you work for them otherwise you would not be here making stupid comments. I am making complaints to every federal agencies over and over again because green trees practices of bribery. These scumbags don’t have any skills or ability to make a real living in an honest way. An uneducated gang member can do the jobs at this scum company because all it is THEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What goes around comes around. Now people start writing to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the FTC we are only loud in volume, the more complaints we can put these people on unemployment and out on the streets with their gang members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pissed and I am not taking it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Apparently this looser works for Green Tree!

    • Sounds like your are an experienced GreenTree employee ah LMAO you think everybody is a fool BI**CH.

      • I have had a mortgage, car payments, credit cards, etc, for over 20 years and I have NEVER NEVER NEVER had anyone to treat me the way this company has, and I’m not even late on payments! Every time I get a statement it’s for a different amount, and when I call to find out what the additional charges are, they can’t even tell me! When I say that I am only going to pay my monthly payment, I’m told that I will be in default if I don’t pay the extra! I dont know what to do! I sure wish my loan had not gotten sold to them!!!!!

      • withavengeanceGirl // March 29, 2013 at 4:55 pm // Reply

        Jack, you are right. Cali IS a GreenTree employee, and is indeed a bitch. Good call

    • Samantha Contreras // September 29, 2012 at 11:07 am // Reply

      Calli is an employee of Green Tree. Get paid like most corporate employees to monitor the boards and rebuttal things like this. Calli wants people to know that Green Tree is a honest to goodness wholesome company of family people. GO TO the and see the complaints there.

      Calli during the banking collapse a lot of people GOOD people got hurt By Greedy Wall Street people that control the food we eat the gas we use in our cars.. Hell everything.

      People lost there jobs, homes, family and took there own lives because of millionaire wall street jerks..

      before you preach to the congregation … you should really look DEEP into what you are spouting. if it is 1 or 2 people but when you have literally THOUSANDS of people stating the same thing over and over and over again.. or.. your one of these collection agents that says hey i can call these people repeatedly and harass the hell out of these people because i get paid to be an ASSHOLE.

      Do you sleep at night……………do you think ” Hey did that little ole lady who husband just passed away did I cause her to die in her sleep cause i threaten to take her home”

    • Have taken all I can take // October 3, 2012 at 6:04 pm // Reply

      I made my payments ON TIME RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Directly to Calli, are you for real? Do you think that everybody knows what will happen in ther life for 20 or 30 years. Are you nuts? I bought my home 22 years ago when my husband and I both where employed and comfortable. I paid my mortgage on time every month for 15 years, then I was laid off of my job. I am unable to find a job making the same amount of money and got behind on my notes. I have tried to work with Green Tree every month and every month I get the same story, we can’t help you just borrow the money or find it some way and pay us. I received a phone call on a Friday and the person who left the voice mail infomed me to vacate my home the next day, that they would be there at 10:00 am to remove my Mobile Home from the property. I called back and asked for that person, who was not there at the time.I become so fed up I said fine, come get it, you have 24 hours to get it off my property or I will have it moved into the street and hung up. they called me 2 hours later and said that the phone call was a mistake and that they would work with me. I have been trying to catch up ever since. People like you are spoiled rotten brats that don’t have a clue about real life. Grow up. sometimes thing happen that you can not CONTROL, so before you start pointing the finger at others that are finanical binds maybe you should cout you blessings that your not, YET.

    • You are nothing but an a..hole, idiot!!!!!

    • Wow… Sounds like the lady from Greentree that called me yesterday exactly! That’s funny.. they hunt for blobs that are complaining about them. Pretty sad I think…

    • To Calli 9/21/12
      Spoken like a true ingnoramous (being nice here cause that is not the real name I would give you)! Whether someone is behind or not I can gurantee you three things 1) they know they have a payment due. 2) If they had the money they would pay it to avoid this awful treatment and 3) calling 14 times a day instead of just once does not benefit anyone and is done purely for harrasement! It would be nice to live in a perfect world where almost all production jobs weren’t being sent over seas and the financial ecomony were’t collapsing. Let me remind you that we live in world now where white collar/blue collar it doesn’t matter people are losing their jobs. And when and if they do find new ones they still may not be able to afford their previous mortgage rates. Companies who act like this are not helping the situation al all! By them not working with people and foreclosing it hurts the entire market even you by bring down neighboring home values. And let’s not forget it was all these sub-prime mortgage lenders who created this economic situation to start with! Green Tree is a horrible company to treat people this way!

      • You can rarely set up any type of online pmt with any lender that will taked effect immediately. March 5th would be 3 business days from the 28th and at least they disclose that while you are setting up the online payment rather than allowing you to think becuase you paid on the 28th you had made payment early rather than the letting you find out later your online draft takes 3 business days to process.

        I understand the complaints with the servicing but the collection calls on payments are usually outsourced and they get paid to get you to pay immediately. The so called “15 grace period” on mortgage loans, really doesn’t exist. It is late after the 1st with no fee being charged until the 15th and then after 30 days reported on your credit.

    • I havent been late with GreenTree and I have been with them 12 years but the attitude that I received this morning on a question I asked was ridiculous. I have been asking for a lower interest rate for several years now and they will not lower my rate and my credit is A+, now you tell me what is going on with GreenTree?

      • Mortgage industry is so tied up in Federal suits and constant Compliance Regulation changes and reviews, there is no real way to just ” lower your rate”. Unless you have some type of Equity Loan, the only way for a lender to lower your rate is for you to Refinance or to do a Modification. The problem is for a Modification you have to be past due and prove your hardship to get the modificaiton approved. The problem on refinancing is you will incur closing costs, have to qualify for the loan and most importantly have an appraisal done ( this can be an issue for value you need to complete the refinance ) THE ONLY GOOD NEWS is you need to ask them if you are MHA Eligible ( Fannie or Freddie owns note, Done prior to June 2009 and only the servicing lender can tell you if this is so ) IF YOUR LOAN IS MHA ELIGIBLE you can do a Streamline Refinance…….. Otherwise since you are not behind and have good credit and I assume income/assets your option is a RATE/TERM Refi. Full processed and depending on you property and location, the closing costs should be able to be recouped in 2 years. Meaning if your lower rate does not save you enough to offset the costs ( unually at least $100) than you are better off making extra principal payments to save interest.

    • you must work for this company or one like it or you are not reading the comments and complaints correctly not everyone is saying they are behind their money isn’t being applied correctly payments aren’t getting there for some reason maybe you need to reread the posts more clearly

    • I can tell you did put it in your pipe and smoked it. Do you even know what the real world is about or the people. Someone need to take pity on you or pray for you, or do you work for Green Tree?Families are losing there homes and all you can think of is to put them down. We are all just asking for some assistance not get out of paying what is owed. If you think one day you may not be there in need you will get a wake up call . This might just come for you sooner than later.

    • I have to agree with Calli 100%. If you manage your money properly, you CAN pay by the 1st of each month. If you have more money going out then you do coming in, then that is your own fault for setting yourself up to fail. I have enough bills, but I also budget my money to where they are paid ON TIME, in fact they are always early, because I can budget properly. My monthly payments are due the 1st, they are always paid the last week of the month prior, how, because I can budget properly. Everybody thinks their ‘grace period’ is for them to use ALL the time, no it’s not, It’s due on a specific date, that specific date per YOUR contract that YOU signed. Reading alot of these comments, majority of them seem to forget, YOU are the one that signed the contract, NOT Green Tree or any other mortgage company for that matter.

      Yes we are in hard times, and I have had to deal with these hard times as well, BUT, if you learn to budget properly, these hard times are manageable.

  194. Greentree Servicing is a company that harrasses their customers and they do not work with you at all. They are mean. They are nasty. When you get them, on the phone to try and discuss charges, they start talking like they are auctioning off cars. They say that there is no president or CEO. If you send. Part of the money, they hold that check and put your account in foreclosure. Sounds like someone over there pocketing $$$$ . Mortgage don t seem correct. Like others said, green tree is Horrible. ..

    • They said the same thing to me that they hold your money if you dont make the full payment. Then they told me that you have to make another payment on the first with the rest of the payment or it will go into default! I am glad i am not alone but what do we do??

      • Again, this is PER YOUR CONTRACT. Stop bitching about things that is our of their hands. I think you people need to learn more about the contracts you have signed before you start complaining.

        • Look, another employee. Whatever. If you were at all literate you would notice people sending their payment in early, and GT posting it to the principal (or interest) and not posting it for the monthly payment, and still harassing them. They did the exact thing to me years ago. Better bank now, we pay by the 5th, and have never had a phone call.

          the contact has a grace period you fool. The grace period is the amount of time between the due date and the late fee in which to pay it. I have delt with GT before and if I didn’t get it exactly on the 1st, it was either posted to interest (not principal where my contract said extra payments would go to) or it was late and I got phone calls.

        • If you pay on the 1st of the month like the contract says, then how is it late?

        • I’m pretty sure that most or all of these people didn’t sign a contract with Green Tree, and have had their mortgage transfered to these criminals by another mortgage company. And I’m not completely sure yet about the legalities of HOLDING payments and not crediting these to accounts but believe me I am checking with a lawyer and asking them. I’d bet this practice is illegal and fraudulent!

  195. I have ready about 100 of these posts and the news seems very grim for me. I have had the misforturne of getting GT as a servicer of my 2nd TD. GT they got my loan after GMAC sold it off as a non-performing loan. I have tried to deal with them over the years but find their staff to be very unwilling to help and will talk over me to get their point across. Hard not to get fired up at the way they treat me. So I stonewall them for two years not taking phone calls etc. Now I am trying to settle with them. I will offer up to 10 cents on the dollar and wont budge from there. If they look at the big picture they will take the offer. I did get one rep who seemed to care and I am trying to cling onto her, but it looks like the company is set in their ways of collection and I am fighting a losing battle. They are asking for hardship documentation before they approve any settlement offer. Any advice on this. Asking for last two pay stubbs, two months bank statements, hardship letter, and 2011 tax returns and a list of all expenses. They will see that we are not able to pay them anything.
    Anyone with collection knowledge that has any advice for me before I make an attemp to settle? No equity in home obviously as they would have come after it. They have charged off the debt as a loss and no more fees are being assesed. They are playing a waiting game right now, waiting for the value of the home to increase so they can forclose and get little if anything.

    • I dont trust them at all, on anything they say….they keep telling me when Im late on a payment they can foreclose, they can get me for default….even when I can provide them with the date I will send the money…I do it by quick collect now, years back I gave them permission to take it out of checking account 1 time…they took it again 2 weeks later, I told the bank I approved it once, the bank showed proof I signed up for it monthly, I called GT and told them they had no right taking it out of my account…there words were “we will take your home then and 25 acres” I asked them where they were coming up with 25 acres…when I was only on 2 . 5 acres, they threatened me with fraud, but that was what the contract said…I closed my account and NEVER gave them numbers again….they still call and threaten me when I am late…cannot trust them….now they have threaten me with Attorneys, I am one payment and just became two behind and I have told them I am paying on it….which will make it 6 weeks behind….and said they will refuse payment…what DOthey want!

  196. I hadn’t made my payment on the 20th yet and the rep I spoke to told me he’d help. He then proceeded to tell me about a program where I’d have to pay $300 more a month above my mortgage amount for 7months then that way I’d be caught up! I told him I wasn’t behind on the mortgage. He told me I was late and the reality was that I didn’t care about keeping my home! I was flabbergasted that he would say he’d HELP me by ADDING more to my monthly payment!! These people are ruthless and don’t sympathize with anyone! I can’t believe anyone could be this rude when in these times ANYONE could fall a little behind including THEM.

  197. Have taken all I can take // September 14, 2012 at 5:40 pm // Reply

    I have found out that the Consumer Financial Protection Agency is handling complaints about green tree servicing their website
    Stop the abuse, take the time and submit a complaint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Concerned Aunt // October 10, 2012 at 7:10 am // Reply

      Thank you i will have my niece contact them and report the abuse she is receiving from GT How they are not able to do their jobs and very bad customer service. we are contacting our state rep and the local news to see what attention we could get from them then

      • I am having the same problem. They called one day about fourteen times in a row. They had me shaking numb and crying. They talk very rude and ugly. GMYJ

  198. Not only did they illegally take money from our account because they forced HO insurance fees that was already paid and in place for our home but the automatic withdrawal did not allow this withdrawal. Do not setup any direct payments with this company. It is a battle to get your money back and misguided information will delay refunds of significant amounts of money. They are crooked and it seems impossible to get away from them. Would love a lawyer to get on board for a class action suit there will be plenty of factual data to get them a hefty fine or better put out of business

    • They are always pushing me to make automatic payments with them and I always tell them I rather make payments online. This company is full of lies I would never trust them when setting up automatic payments. They’d probably take the money out before the date I give them.

    • They did this to me. We asked to have a certain amount to be withdrawn because my wife had already sent a portion of the mortgage payment from her bank and instead the customer service rep did it for the full amount of the monthly payment because at the time he couldn’t “see” the payment that my wife sent in. We filed a complaint with consumer protection agency and greentree said they have nothing in their notes showing we only authorized a certain amount. I am a Veteran and have been off active duty for a year. I have had my income cut in half and still have managed to pay my mortgage within the month that it is due. I am aware that the mortgage is due on the first but I can’t pay with money that is not in my account. And I am always honest with the lender as to my situation. I don’t know what other options there are for any of us.

  199. I am now in the process of getting an attorney because this scum company had received my final payoff check by certified mail and they are now sending me papers that is leading to foreclosure because they say I owe them almost $700.00 more for a payoff, I just sent them a payoff check.. They will only be investigated if people start writing in complaints to the FTC. I have never been late and a debt collector should not be able to take over a loan that is in good standing, this scum company tells you they are trying to help you settle something but they are actually using stall tactics so you lose time and they steal your house from you. I am also pursuing a small claim case against them for damages which you can win up to $1000 plus possible atty fees, medical and time off work. I have been harrassed long enough and told them they would take my house over my dead body. They probably have come close because they have raised my blood pressure to the boiling point accompied by headaches but I will win this fight. Write to everyone and complain if you have a legitimate complaint about them. here is the FTC website and information of what they can and can’t do Don’t stand for this abuse fight back!

    • OH wow, so I am not imagining thing here. We were just getting ready to sell our home and move when this criminal company took over our loan, and I have felt from the beginning that they are trying to steal our home. The main stall tactics they use is the mail system, and the big “we never got the check” to ad days to their calendar. Our loan was always in good standing when it was transferred to Green Tree, and I believe they have a system of delays in place to try to steal homes from people, including sending out the first bill that has the same amount you paid to the previous mortgage company, and then when you send the check in they say they didn’t get it until 30 days passes, then they say they will just hold it because it is not a full payment and doesn’t include the extra escrow they added in after the first bill went out. By then they put your loan in “default” after only having it for 36 days. Everyone compain to your congress person, complain to the BBB, and everyone else you can complain to. These are corporate criminals trying to steal homes from people.

  200. green tree is a subsidary of bank of america. i also believe, green tree to be the assumed name for countrywide, as these antics reek of countrywide’s antics. personally, i’ve only had two issues with green tree contacting me about “late” mortgate payment even though it was nowhere near the 16th of the month! however, i do think they are an inadequate “lender” at best.

    • try jim walter . this is same company as green tree.

    • Do your homework dip stick. Greentree= NOT a subsidary of bof a. or countrywide. They are not a lender.

      • Green tree is part of boa

        • I am a boa customer and I told them about the tactics of green tree. The personal banker told me she would report this to her supervisor that the company green tree was passing off as if they were related to boa. When the supervisor came over she did not deny it, I was told she would look into it. I called several times and they said they are still inquiring about this. You can look it up green tree is a subsidiary of bank of America!

  201. Greentree’s business model is to threaten, lie, intimidate. The Federal government needs to investigate, the banking procedures. I hope their doors close.

    For the reps that are paid to deliver the lies and threats, this will affect you, karma, get out, quit, get your spiritualism back. This kind of thing is like a cancer, don’t let it get metastatic. Do you really think that Greentree cares about your soul and your health?

    • I m glad I found this site, I thought they only done that stuff to me….they are horrible!!! Those reps either are desperate for there jobs, or they dont really care how they treat people!

      • Julie isola // January 3, 2013 at 2:09 pm // Reply

        Vicki,What website are ypu refering to? We are having problems with Green Tree paying our property taxes!! They say they have paid them and they have NOT!! i am so frustrated and I can feel my blood pressure rise every time I have to call and talk to one of there reps!! Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!
        Julie Isola

  202. You need to file compliants with the attorney generals office of Pierre SD you can do this on line.
    Everyone should file a compliant and demand this company be investigated.

  203. Found out to send them a RESPA 6 letter Hope This Helps People.
    This is the link where you can file complaint with different agencies

    Sample Lender Complaint Letter
    Mortgage and Lender Complaints: Federal and State Regulatory Agencies
    lender complaints letter respa

    Should you have a grievance with your lender, you may use this sample lender complaint letter to help you present the lender with a “qualified written request” under Section 6 of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). This law requires that lenders acknowledge the complaint within 20 business days and resolve the complaint within 60 business days by correcting the account or giving a statement of the reasons for its position.

    Attention Customer Service:

    Subject: [Your loan number]
    [Names on loan documents]
    [Property and/or mailing address]

    This is a “qualified written request” under Section 6 of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA).

    I am writing because:
    ?Describe the issue or the question you have and/or what action you believe the lender should take.
    ?Attach copies of any related written materials.
    ?Describe any conversations with customer service regarding the issue and to whom you spoke.
    ?Describe any previous steps you have taken or attempts to resolve the issue.
    ?List a day time telephone number in case a customer service representative wishes to contact you.

    I understand that under Section 6 of RESPA you are required to acknowledge my request within 20 business days and must try to resolve the issue within 60 business days.


    [Your name]

    This letter SHOULD NOT be included with your mortgage payment, but should be sent separately to the customer service address. You SHOULD continue to make the required mortgage and escrow payment until the request is resolved. You may bring a private right of action under Section 6, if you suffer damages due to the lender’s servicing of the loan.
    I started having problems with green tree servicing after I made 2 lump sums to where my house was almost paid off and only had a balance of less than $1400. It started where I couldnt get them to reallocate my payment to my acct, TOOK 3 weeks (if they even posted it) I don’t know because I am not able to see my balance online anymore because they turned me into collection and that part isn’t visible anymore. I finally got my payoff amount from a customer service rep and sent it certified mail so they could not say they did not recieve it. They recieved it 9/3/2012, cashed it 9/4/2012 and I still have this jerk eric calling me saying I didn’t pay it, I said yes I did,he says oh yeah but you only paid and gives me a lower amount then the check I wrote. I told him you know i sent it Certified mail and I have copy of the canceled check and it was for the payoff amount that was quoted me. Blah, blah, blah. Anyways he is harrassing me even though I have made every mortgage payment on time and argues with me that I don’t have grace period from the first of month, which I do. So I have been doing research and calling my senator and attorney general filing complaints because now I can’t see my acct on line and these snakes may be telling me it’s taken care of and filing foreclosure papers on my property even though it’s paid in full

  204. I am new to Green Tree and am learning very quickly their very crappy ways. Have made all ou payments thru bill pay from our bank and after 3 months they claim they have never received a payment ever!!! Raised our mortgage 45.00 first time then 68.00 the second time. mind you this is in the first 3 months of owning the home. We were told they were just our mortgage servicer and they bought it from WALTER Investment??? I have no idea of them. My original mortgage is with GTS,llc. People are nasty, dont do what they say they are going to do and just keep on calling. In addition, we had been here for like a month get this mail for the previous owner whom let the house go back to Walter Investments???, and they had refinanced the house with Seterus/ Fannie Mae after we bought it.. Called Seterus with the account number and all, got no where. And now they are callling my house looking for these other people. HOW did they get my number associated with them. PULLING my hair out, literally

    • Willard Johnnson // September 1, 2012 at 6:10 pm // Reply

      A word to the wise!! Keep copies of correspondences and all checks,drafts,contract,etc. Unless taxes are included in your mortgage, your mortgage payment amount should remain the same. Call their bluff!!

      • Oh I have believe me. I said well if you under estimated my taxes and you have had the loan before then you should have known the amounts. I also still get the tax bill from the County to verify!! I just really want out. I wanna be able to refinance with someone else and get away from them period!!

    • Green Tree is OWNED by Walter Investments – so ask them how can they purchase a mortgage from their own company?

  205. I just recently relinquish a mobile home. I was making my mortgage payment to GreenTree. I wrote them a 30 day notice, in addition to that month’s payment, advising that due to recent illness of my mother and assisting her, I could no longer to pay the mortgage. All my payments were current. Well I got a call from Cecelia advising me that I could be sued and that they could garnish my wages for the remaining amount of debt owed on the mobile home. The home’s value has even decreased. They tried to trick them into where I was now residing, I didn’t fall for it. I told her that I had sent them a 30 day notice and that 2 years prior to that, I called them to see about doing a short sale on the home,I was told no, they couldn’t do that (at that time I was trying to relocate).

    I never known a mortgage company to garnish a person’s wages. I understand a person’s credit will be affected, but to me this was a threat and I will report it to BBB. I no longer am in the home, can’t rent it out (drug infested neighborhood). But when my mom suffered a heart attack, my othe siblings refused to assist her, so I took on that responsibility in helping her. What can I do?

  206. I’m a renter with a long term lease that goes until Sept 2013. Never late with rent for over 4 years in this home. Now owner has fallen on hard times and tried to work with Greentree to get loan modification or deed-in-lieu. The rep tells him the home needs to be vacant. I’ve never received ONE piece of paper from this company yet I’m being told I need to leave by the end of week or I kill the chances of landlord salvaging whatever is left of his credit. I know that a lease survives a foreclosure unless new owners want to occupy and even then I get a 90 day WRITTEN notice. I’ve tried calling the agent MANY times, and have left VM. She won’t even give me the courtesy of returning my calls.

    • JT I would like to talk to you on the phone about this. What they want is for the house to be empty to take over possession of the property and act like it was voluntarilty surrendered to them. Then they think it will be less liability for them to foreclosure. The owner should in no way require you to move. He would be better off continuing to collect rent then deal with these goons who likely do not even own the loan. You guys are crazy to agree to vacate the property. It simply does not work that way. Let me know if you want to call or give me your phone number. I know a lot about tactics these type of companies use.

    • Agreed. Do NOT try to work with this company. They are evil x1000. They’re only extreme jerks most of the time. The end of the month is where they go absolutely crazy and try scare tactics, yelling, threats, repos… give it a week and they’ll back off. You won’t get anywhere trying to reason with them. They think they’ve heard it all before, it really doesn’t matter what you say. I’m sorry you’re in this situation. But seriously, it’s not your problem. Check the laws in your area. It should take a least 30 days to evict, assuming you’re current on rents.

  207. My case is different. I purchased a property as an investment when Real Estate was “good”. I paid a huge amount as down payment. The sale was pushed unto me by Barry Beote who worked for COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS. He knew all the problems of the owners, but covered all up until almost every Condo was sold. Then the owners declared bunkrupcy and all the problems with the city begun. I was paying interest only and thanks God I had a Section 8 tenant. The payment was never enough and I was losing thousands of dollars every year. I was a very good client and not only I paid on time the interest but sent more money every year trying to make the payment to go down. The mortgage was sold three times until it ended up with Green Tree Servicing. I could not go on with this loss and not being able to pay any longer I asked the Company to allow me to do a Short Sale. The Real Estate lady was very good but the property could not be sold not even for a fraction of what I owed. Yerica from GT locked me out of the property which is empty. According to the H.O. Association it can not be rented any longer to Section 8. I had it in top condition and even had it painted. I had asked Yerica to send me the papers for me to do a Deed-in-Lieu of Forclosure, but they keep sending me papers from debt collectors. This is going on for more than 6 months. I stop paying everything for this property and I send all the bills to GT. They stop calling me because I sent a note to them in writing askingh not to call me.
    Can I file a QUITCLAIM DEED in favor of GT for what I owe ? The property abondoned is going to deteriorate and they are not doing anything. I already lost in 6 years about more than $100,000.


    • Assuming the property is not foreclosed which it is in your name I am sure, you have the right to get access to the property. Their deal was to try and get possession of the property pretending you abandoned it. They would argue they were merely preserving the property since it was “abandoned”. Most mortgage clauses allow this sort of thing but only if the property is actually abandoned. However, you can get possession back at anytime because you are still the owner.

  208. I also receive phone calls from GTS on the 1st of every month wanting me to make a payment to them. I get calls daily harassing me to make a payment. I continue to tell them I’ll pay by the 16th. Everyone should have fun like I do with answer the call lead them on like your going to make a payment over the phone to them and then at the end tell them no thanks I make the payment later. This really gets the pissed off . Then you can’t even make a payment online without having to pay a service few of $12.00 this is also BS.

  209. Bank of America suddenly sold/dumped a certain amount of their mortgages to Green Tree shortly before they knew they were going to start forgiving principal on some mortgages. I too have had the same experiences with Green Tree with the yelling and harrassing phone calls that start on the 5th of the month, even though my payment is not late and has never been late. It also takes them 5 to 7 days to post my payment from the day they receive it. They are supposed to post the payment on the date they receive it. When I mail the payment, I now send it with delivery confirmation so I can prove when it arrived. If I send it after the 10th (when their statements biill out), invariably, they do not post it until the 17th. I have two mortgages. I’m mailing them in the same delivery confirmation envelope. Usually one gets posted a few days before the other. Never do they post on the same day yet they are in the same envelope! In the beginning I told these people that my note – the note they bought from BOA – says the payment isn’t late until the 16th. They said “It’s not that way any more.” Well of course it is. They cannot arbitrarily change the terms of the note. Green Tree is a nightmare.


    • They did the same thing to me. The trailer I’m in is not in my name. My mother was paying the note, but passed away last year. I tried to keep it up, but ended up paying $100 less a month than was the note. Finally, they filed foreclosure on it. I have lost my job, but a good friend bought me a trailer. They still continued to harass me about getting the trailer. Finally, when I call them to let them know it’s time to come get it, they give me the runaround. The woman was a witch & I ended up hanging up on her. But, before I did, I told her they were not going to sell the trailer while it was sitting on my land. That was a week ago and I’m still waiting for them to come get the damn thing.

    • I have the same issue, but my situation is a bit different. Green Tree is servicing my 2nd mortgage after it was sold by GMAC. They have been terrible since day one! My situation is a bit unique from others, we had filed bankruptcy and was discharged almost 3 years ago. We did not re-affirm our home loans in fear of even a further economic decline. We do however continue to pay our mortgage monthly. In reality we can walk away from this home at any time with no recourse, but we choose to stay. They call my cell phone all the time from the 10th of them month. I cannot understand how a payment is now “late” after the 10th? The terms of my original loan is the 15th? They call 7-10 times a day! I scheduled my payment early in the week with my bank, but Green Tree “takes additional time to process payments?” My bank tells me to allow 5 days! You cannot pay online without a fee? What is that about? You cannot see your balance? I am thankful after reading others posts that they do not hold our escrow accounts. They did however sent us a nasty letter stating they were going to purchase a HO Insurance policy for us! What?? We have been insured with State Farm for the last 10 years. I sent them a copy of the policy and thankfully, I never heard any more, but since I cannot see my statements, I don’t know what they are doing! I really don’t understand why they call on a discharged bankruptcy case. I usually do not answer, the phone but I think I will now because I can sue them if they threaten me for payment under the bankruptcy law. With all that I am reading, I am sure that they will be threatening. I can only hope we can pay this off soon and get rid of them!!!!!! I really wish some government agency could or would do anything about their practices.

  210. My mortgage was with Bank Of America and unfortunately my loan was purchased by Green Tree Servicing. Right now we are experiencing hardship and we’ve applied for the HARP program in which I provided them with my cellphone number and email address. They then sent me an email stating it had been denied due to a lack of response. They were quick to send me an email about my denial however, they never called my cellphone nor did they send me an email telling me which documents I needed to send or that they were trying to get in contact with me. I then call them and apparently the lady handling my case is too busy to answer my calls. I’ve left numerous messages on her voicemail, also have left messages to her supervisor and still no response. She then finally calls me about my PAYMENT and by that point I am upset so I was very “short” with my responses. She proceeds to tell me that if I don’t cooperate with her and tell her when I’ll make my payment not to complain afterwards when she doesn’t help me. As I was going to respond because of her threat she hung up on me! I call back and request to make a complaint and guess who answers? The lady that hung up on me she transfers me to her supervisor. I tell her what happened and she apologizes and tells me that the person who called me was on a leave. LIES if she was on a leave then why was she working??? These people are all liars and they haven’t helped me the least bit. I pray that my loans gets purchased by a more efficient and qualified bank. Customer Service? DOESN’T EXIST WITH THEM.

    • I agree that Greentree need to trained their employees…Remember thery are a debt collector…go through Fannie Mae and they will help you through HAMP ….I did and now I am back on track…Was approved!!!!

      • Charlotte Palmer // September 6, 2012 at 2:29 pm // Reply

        Renae is the HAMP the same program as HARP? I’m trying to refinance with green tree, but was told after waiting 3 months I don’t qualify because of the PMI company I have.They stated that they aren’t affiliated with them. Who would
        i speak with at Fannie Mae?

      • I can never believe anything they say to me. Hopefully, I’ll find a different lender to refinance with because I want absolutely nothing to do with them. All they do is harass me about my payments when I’ve never payed after the grace period. I’m sick and tired of them. Whenever I’m finished speaking to them I am beyond stressed when I’m not even technically late.

    • They did the same thing w/my wife and I. We’ve been trying that hardship thing too and just got our 5th letter saying we were not approved for not providing the proper documents. Which of course we did!

  211. We have never been late on any payment for anything, perfect credit, wouldnt refi because we owe too much (Harp). Was told to “pay 30k” and they will ref, “wasnt their fault because they arent a bank and dont really own our mortgage”.
    Then had a pipe burst under our house and were told by our insurance co to repipe. Paid that out of pocket. Greentree told us we had to sign the check over to them. Now they wont pay us and are telling us they are applying it toward principal because we repiped vs tearing our bathroom up. The uns co told us if we dont repipe they wont cover future leaks and now green tree has stolen the money! I have never been robbed before but now know what it feels like! Unreal! Getting a lawyer

    • Everything that was said is so true. I am a victim of Green Tree servicing. I was having some situations where I was unable to make a payment…though they were very friendly at first…when I told them i was unable to make a payment due to hardship, they lied to me, and threaten me about foreclosure. I was yelled at, and was told serveral times that I was going to foreclosure…so you’d better get the money. I hate this company. I want out!

    • April Eddie // August 3, 2012 at 9:22 pm // Reply

      I too am a victim of Green Tree but, I was blessed with an EXCELLENT attorney. They were forced to withdraw their foreclosure against me. I make monthly, affordable payments to him instead of a lump sum. If you’re an Ohio resident, contact me and I will refer you to him!

      • Mykala Sheppard // August 7, 2012 at 12:13 pm // Reply

        We are Ohio residents dealing with Green Tree. We were affected by the huge storm in June, 2012. I am so glad I read this before I sent them the check from the insurance company. Now I am afraid they’d take our insurance money & run. If you would pass on the attorney’s information, we greatly appreciate it!!!

      • Please send me the name of your attorney. We are also victims of Green Tree who is trying to collect on a mortgage that was transferred in good standing by Bank of America. Thanks

  212. greentree sold me a property which has a lien attached,i am coming green tree!….:-)

  213. greentree sold me a property which has a lien attached,i am coming green tree!

  214. I have created an e-mail for class action lawsuit against green fraudulent tactics, lies and attack against customers. So feel free to join this lawsuit with you name, phone number and e-mail for now until we be able to to get lawyers to take up the case and contact you with further discussion. Send it to

  215. Attention malcontents: if you want to make a statement, instead of shooting up a movie theater, college campus, high school, governmental agency or post office the world will always remember you fondly if you take out as many GreenTree executives as possible.

    • I have had so many issues since this company took over my fathers mortgage. They tried to take 3 house payments at once. Mind you the payment was early not late….. They refused to pay his homeowners insurance… So many issues, I can’t believe they are legal to do business.. Thier practices are horrid and unfair… Needless to say, my father is refinancing and ready to close any day. I am sure they will be a hassle clear to the end….

    • perfect!

  216. I discharged my 2nd mortg. without reaffirming in 2006. I got many calls and letters bullying me into making payments and did so. In 2009 I had to refinance. I needed a subordination. Back then they were Irwin Home Equity and did the subordination, but illegally worded the subordination to switch themsleves into lst lien position (be VERY careful and have an attorney review subordin). The mortg. broker I had at the the time (countrywide – figure that out!), didn’t notice and the lien positions were switched. It took me 2 1/2 years and involving the top of FHA in Washington DC, HUD execs. and dear Senator Carl Levin to get jurisdiction to switch the lien positions back with an amended note. Now I find that all these years (thru a very good real estate attorney) I shouldn’t have made any payments to them as long as I didn’t have equity in the home and the lst lien is owed, paid and in good standing. They can only sue thru foreclosure but the lst lien has to be paid in FULL and not in foreclosure with equity in the home if the lst lien is paid. People fight back!!!!!! Get an attorney and pay them $300-$500 to help you!! Do not listen to anything they say. They are violating for me MANY laws by continuing to leave messages, call my home and call my relatives. You can also call your STATE’S consumer protection agency and they will sue them for free and get you and amount of money in addition. If you are discharged from debt, have no equity, on good with lst lien and DID NOT reaffirm your property – they are breaking many laws by contacting you if you don’t pay. If you have NO equity – file chapter 13!! It’s called a slip lien. Get rid of them, or have a good attorney offer them a settlement. Many things you can do if you answer yes to all these questions. At least get help from FTC and your consumer protection agency or HUD for any harrassment. NO ONE should be calling you until at least 10 days after your due date! If many of us continue to complain to FTC, we can finally harrass them back as they made our lives misery. Call FTC and complain at least at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)

    • Thank you for taking the time to post! I also am being harassed by Green Tree, which I have dubbed the Fraud Squad and the Pit Bull Bunch. I am not a high-risk mortgage holder; apparently Bank of America sold my 2nd mortgage to them because I live in a high-unemployment community that is awash in foreclosures. Like others, I was paying slightly more to be applied to the principal, and then my payment coupon changed! They separated the total amount into “current payment due,” and then skipped a line and put “escrow due.” I paid “current payment due” and the fun began. The next payment coupon showed a double payment was due! Instead of showing a $99 escrow amount due, it showed I owed 2 payments, and that’s where the fun began. I have stellar credit and have never had credit problems, but the first phone call from Green Tree was the most obnoxious, unorthodox, belittling flagellation I’ve ever encountered! I thought I just had a rude rep, but the list now includes at least 10 rude reps. Online research shows these are barracudas, and I often wonder if they go home at night and say, “Geez, I had such a great day at work. I harassed and flogged 50 people and did everything in my power to make their day miserable.” It’s so bad that I’m tempted to say, “Come and take my property! It would make me so happy to watch you eat your $140,000 loss.”

  217. I have had GTS for about 18 months now for my second mortgage. Originally the 2nd mortgage was with Bank of America and last April I was notified of the change. I pay them every month and add EXTRA money to put towards the principal. But Green Tree refuses to apply the extra money to the principal and instead puts it towards the next month’s payment (which actually is interest). Consistently every month I pay MORE than what my monthly payment should be (and I don’t mean I pay more than they are requesting, I’m paying what I’m SUPPOSE to pay – that fixed monthly amount) but it never goes to principal as I’ve requested now multiple times. Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. I am going to take the time this week to compose a letter of complaint and send it to my State Attorney General office, as well as Better Business Bureau and my state representatives. This is ridiculous and FRAUD, right?

    • I agree! Help me! leave info on this sight that I amy visit it again. I may not be the brightest person…but i know when I am treated unfairly. it’s import to watch your statements.

    • I am also with Green Tree, after my mortgage got sold to them in 2008. The only way to get additional funds applied to principal is to send them two checks – one for the amount of the mortgage due – the other marked ADDITIONAL PRINCIPAL. Send both in the same envelope and hope they apply it on the same date.

      Another little trick they seem to play right now: I do NOT have an escrow account with them – however, I noticed on my June statement that i apparently “owe” $80.59 for “Corporate Advance Balance*” – *Corporate advances represents monies advanced by servicer to pay taxes, insurance, and any other amount currently due that are not part of an escrow account.

      Upon my call what this is I was told these is accumulated interest from 2008 when they took over the account. I sent a fax (and wonder upon wonder) received a letter a few days letter explaining that when they took over the account, there were 5 days, when interest accrued and was never collected. B…….. I have paid every penny they ever asked for and additional funds. I responded (in writing) and have copied the FTC, the Attorney General Office in Florida and SC. Let’s see what happens next.

  218. I hate GTS to the core of my soul! GTS is my second mortgage. I am behind with them, but never late with my first mortgage. Now, fileD bankruptcy because of job loss. My bankruptcy has been discharged, and my recent credit report shows I owe GTS $0.00 & account closed due to bankruptcy. My first mortgage shows a balance. Since I am a month behind on GT and really don’t plan on paying them, do you think they will pay my first mortgage and foreclose on me? GTS also sent a letter saying since I did not reaffrim, they will collect the debt, but they are calling wanting me to pay. What should I do? PLEASE HELP

    • YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY THEM WITH A DISCHARGED BANKRUPTCY! Consult a real estate attorney. They can only collect on collateral if you are in foreclosure of lst lien, HAVE EQUITY. They cannot sue a discharged, non-reaffirmed debt. NO. Consult an attorney. It’s worth the couple hundred bucks. Contact your state’s consumer prot. agency of pro bono lawyers that will sue them on the spot for breaking the law in contacting. Record all messages. Record all calls.

  219. On Friday, July 13, 2012 around 2:15 p.m., I called Green Tree Servicing, LLC at (800) 643-0202, and I brought up the fact that their statements do not include the property addresses that are being paid on the account. The person on the other line was very rude talking on top of my voice so I requested for her to say “over” after she is done talking, and I will do the same. I told her that it could be weird, but it works if we both cooperate so that we can understand each other without going off at each other. But she could not follow a simple instruction, and still chose to talk over my voice.

    She says that unless I had them change the mailing address to the property address, there is no way that the property address being paid under the account will show up on the statement. I then ask for a name of the person so that I could address my concerns to. She gave me P.O. Box 6172, Rapid City, SD 57709, but she did not know the President/CEO or any person in charge of Green Tree Servicing, LLC. so I was told to look it up myself on the internet. I told her that that is something she ought to know because that could have a bad effect on her, not knowing who she works for. She says it was her personal preference not to know who it is. Yes, I had my share of bad customer service with Green Tree Servicing, LLC.

  220. I have a mortgage with greentree and have NEVER BEEN LATE; in fact my first payment is due on 8/1/2012… Today I woke up to a text from my bank; GTS has taken 796.29 from my checking account… Really; why? My mortgage is 1054.11 so why remove 796.29? I call them to ask and I was very nice and “Rebecca V” said my taxes are prorated over a 12 month period and this caused the lament due. Bull shit! My taxes prorated over a 12 month period would mean my tax payment would only be 250 and some change! Do I have regrets? You bet! Biggest mistake of my life going through this company!

    • I think you should remove the ability of Greentree to withdraw funds from your account, if that option is available to you.
      Use checks or money orders.
      That’s some BS that they are able to remove money willy nilly from your account whenever they want.
      Or only leave enough money in that account to pay your mortgage payment and start a new account for your other bills.

  221. One of my loans from Bank of America was transferred to GT for servicing, I cannot tell you how unprofessional this group is. They are a call center with “extra” services. The customer service people are obviously not trained for this kind of work. The calls start every month on the first even though the payment isnt late until the 16th, my bank takes time to process it. Its ALWAYS there by the 15th, needless to say, they still call like their repomen. Total hacks!

  222. My grandma got Greentree as her mortgage lender due to having bought a mobile home in 1993. She just passed away in May of this year suddenly and I had elected to not keep the house. When I told Greentree of her passing and my decision to not keep the house they still asked well when is the next payment going to be made and if it wasn’t then I had to be out of the house that day unless I paid $457.93. So I paid that because I needed time to get things situated and they didn’t care that I couldn’t do everything myself due to having had 2 back surgeries when I was younger. When the 29th of June rolled around I knew that I’d need another couple of weeks. So when they called I told them and the account manager over my grandma’s account told me that I’d have to pay again and I let her know that my attorney said to not pay Greentree another cent and that I’d still have 90 days because they hadn’t filed the foreclosure/repo papers yet. The lady claimed that my attorney was wrong and stuff like this and I threatened to sue Greentree and she and I got into a shouting match. She then threatened to send the cops out and called me a squatter. When my grandma got hurt 2 years ago we asked for a deferment and they claimed that it she couldn’t have one and that it was in her contract. They have also called on my cell phone even though my grandma told them last year to never call on it again. I’d like to see this company put out of business because they have no business dealing with the public.

    • 1. What is the possibility of a Class Action Lawsuit against GT?

      2. Has anyone had success getting an interest reduction from GT?

      3. If so, What was the “Hardship” under which the reduction was granted?

      • Waterboy says:
        July 8, 2012 at 2:34 pm


        • you also have six months to vacate once forclosure starts

          • You need to be careful with that statement. Each state has its own foreclosure laws that can not be applied to other states. For example the number of days in the state of California that the property is required to stay in foreclosure is 117 days.

            However, in the state of Texas, it is only 27 days.

      • NO…in fact my interest rate went up..but my loan is a fixed now not variable…I am not facing losing my home now…They brought me currant on my loan…I went through Fannie Mae…MAKING HOME AFFORABLE PROGAM..OBAMA…..However, this month
        I am going to be 7 days late paying and it stressing me out….

    • report them the FTC that is in violation of Debt collection procedure!!!!!!!!

  223. Ron Mexico // June 29, 2012 at 9:05 am // Reply

    I was two days late on my payment and they sent someone to put a lock box on my property without notice!! I was in the deed in lieu process and all of a sudden some the jerk (who I somehow can’t get rid of and all calls go to him even if I block my number) says “the deed in lieu is cancelled.” Now I get “unknown” phone calls that ring once that are him i’m sure just so he can say he says “left message” or I have gotten three calls with two minutes of each of the following. 1: silence 2: laughing out loud 3: deep breathing. I am playing their game and sending all new items in to short sale and they are well aware but yesterday I get a letter from a lawyer regarding who knows what! these people need to drink some killer kool aid and say good night.

  224. Jacqueline // June 22, 2012 at 12:49 pm // Reply

    Have been dealing with Green Tree and like many others it is a nightmare. Had an Acct. Rep, “Mary” who was actually polite and helpful. I was told she got a promotion and now I should “talk to who ever answers the call”. Thus far the who evers have been less than helpful and down right nasty. Talked to Danielle recently and she told me that she really does not care why the payment is late because she “will have a place to sleep tonight”. This is after she asked me why the payments are late? I realize that these Account Representatives don’t care and are just doing a job but I also believe in Karma. Treating people this way will only come back to them, we may not hear or see it but it will happen. Remember the story of the people from the Big Mortgage Co. that dressed up like homeless people and made fun of them – they are now unemployed. Danielle, I hope those who you turn to for help treat you the way you treat others.

  225. Green tree short sale department is the absolute worse I have every dealt with!!! HORRIBLE ON CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I’ve been doing a lot of Short Sales and every servicer has been great but GREEN TREE ARE THE WORST. I would like to know if they get regulated on their ethics. It makes me sick even when I get a Borrower and their loan servicer is Green Tree. How SAD

  226. Greentree is the absolute worse mortgage company I have ever had to deal with! I left 11 messages for the short sale negotiator that I have been dealing with for months. She finally returned my call saying she had no idea what I was talking about and she knew nothing about this file. I called back 8 time, speaking to 8 different people, only to continually be transferred to the voicemail of someone that is on vacation for 2 weeks. This is no way to run a business. I will make all my future customers and fellow associates aware of the aggravation of dealing with Greentree!

  227. Greentree short sale department is the absolute worse I have every delt with. The negotiator, with whom I have been dealing with for months, now claims she has never heard of me and doesn’t know how I got her contact information. Trying to get help, I got passed through 8 people, none of which could help me, only to be once again sent to the e-mail of a supervisor that is on vacation! I am so frustrated and fed up with their nonsense! This is not how you run a company! I will advise all future customers of the aggravation of dealing with this company!

  228. My husband has been off work since last June from a head injury he received at work. I have had to take him to numerous doctor appointments and rehab during this time. He hasn’t been released from the doctors to go back to work yet so he hasn’t been able to work. I am finally able to go back to work after taking care of him for the last 10 months. Our mortgage has fallen behind with GT . I owed for Feb, March, April and May, and now June. My rep told me a few weeks ago if I would make the Feb payment he would do a deferment on the March, April and May and then I would just owe for the June. So I made the Feb payment and then 2 days ago I get a Notice of Acceleration in the mail. I called him and he said the deferment did not go through. I asked him what are you talking about, you told me you would give me one if I made the Feb payment. He said it went through all the channels but the vice president denied it. I told him you said it was a done deal, how could you lie to me, now what am I supposed to do. His supervisor said I had to now come up with a payment plan, I could make a payment and a half for a couple of months to catch me up. I said I don’t even have a job. I have put out over 40 resumes and called so many people in the last 2 weeks looking for a job. He said, they would probably send someone out next week to tell us they would be taking the home. I told him good luck – there is a storage building on one side full of stuff, the front has an attached deck with trees in front of i and shrubs all across the frontt, the back has a deck with chain link fencing, and the other side has a deck, a tree, and chain link fencing. I see no way of them getting this out without tearing apart my whole area. Then my husband talks to them on Friday and the manager said, if you can make one payment I’ll see that you get a deferment. WHAT !!! I just don’t believe them anymore. I don’t want to file bankruptcy but it is looking like the only way.

    My question is…has anyone actually had them come out to their house and done a repossession/foreclosure and if so how long did it take (they said they would probably come out this coming week) and what did they say and anything else you can tell me about it.

    Thanks so much!

    • Yes I wish I could give you hopeful information. I was/used to be one of their field reps who came out and did evictions and the foreclosures. I had always treated customers like I would of wanted to be treated, I was nice and explaining that I understand it could be only one paycheck away from being on one side one day and the other side in a flip. Nothing can be done if they have already received a judgement against you. Even if it is a few years ago they will still try to use it (enforce with a late judgement that a judge has signed) to get your home back. I have been in the office and heard they way they have talked to customers and I have to say it was totally disgraceful and it actually would and could put the field rep’s life in danger because of their stupidity. My area was Kentucky so not sure where you live but once a judgement has been received the only time waiting is to get it scheduled with the Sheriff”s Office to assist in taking possession of the home. They just give you enough time to get a few personal items and meds until you can make arrangements for us to come back and let you get the rest of your belongings help. I hope this helps and good luck to you.

  229. I just want GT out of my life // June 6, 2012 at 8:46 pm // Reply

    My current GT nightmare: 1st let me say that I have had financial problems and have been WAY behind on my GT loan. On May 21 I contacted GT for my payoff. The rep I spoke with told me that my account showed I owed insurance fees. I quickly told her that I have had continuous coverage on my home since we bought it and I would have them fax it yet again (for the 4th time since November). She gave me the payoff and minused out what she said it “showed” as my Insurance fees. I asked for the written payoff to be sent which I recieved. The payoff showed $4,285.64 which included “insurance fees of” $1,393.60. So on May 31st I paid the $2,892.04 to pay off my loan. What a feeling of relieve, which was short lived, when I went to view my account balance just to see it at zero, it shows I still owe $865.52. So I call them and they tell me that the line the says “insurance fees of” also included deferred interest, deferred principal, legal fees as well as $528.50 in insurance premiums. I have talked to 3 reps & 1 glorified supervisor that have fed me 4 different stories. I am in the process of contacting the Attorney General as I feel they are being malicious. The only good thing I can say (which I know you will find shocking) is that I have been treated with more respect, empathy and compassion from their collections department than I have in the last 48 hours from their customer service department.

  230. Have no mortgage; don’t own a home and don’t plan to buy one; have never applied for a mortgage. Found a call on my answering machine saying that I had won $25,000 and giving me an 866 number to call–but the number from which the call was made (which I found on my caller ID) was different from the number I had been asked to call–and the caller ID showed that the caller was Green Tree Service; came to internet and found this column. Why can’t this company be exposed for the fraud and deception they obviously practice over phone lines with evidence as clear as this?? Are all prosecuting attorneys out there sitting on their hands?? P.S. I did not call back to receive my $25,000–and I don’t believe in the tooth fairy anymore, either.

  231. I currently work for Green Tree and I can tell you that most of these complaint are from people who don’t pay there bills on trime and are under pressure from GT to pay up to date. there is no such thing as a grace period on a mortgage account there is typically a 15 day period from the due date before you are charged a late fee. I collect account that are 30 days or more past due. Most ogf these loans are sub prime loans made to customers with bad credit and low integrity. remember that credit is short for credability and most of the customers I work with have none. Most of these customer deo nothing but lie over and over again andf as a result everyone gets treated the same regardless of there circumstance. You may think these employees are being rude but in reality they are hardend by all the lies they hear day after day after day. so that is why every one hates Green Tree . bottom line is pay your bills on time and no one will ever bother you!

    • this is NOT true at all! our account was paid UP at one time 8 months ahead. at the beginning of the year we knew we had to resume paying in May of 2012…..even have statement proof FROM THEM that the payment was due 5/05/2012. someone in April decided to put a past due amount on our account and they are still trying to collect that amount even though we have our statement with the correct due date AND proof of our MAY payment. this company is truly UNprofessional!!! as soon as we can we are refinancing with our bank. the payments as you stated are on time and as a matter of fact were being paid TWICE a month….thru a draft and ALSO a check was being sent!!! Once our account is out of their hands we ARE reporting them to the BBB and ATTORNEY GENERAL’s office and presenting our proof of phone calls we have recorded and paperwork. There are people that do not pay their bills granted…. but for those of us that DO and on time…. this is ridiculous! the phone calls you can ignore when you KNOW you have paid your bills; but to have someone AT THE COMPANY just ADD ON another note DUE…. that’s illegal and it will be proven in the end and for all the aggrevation and stress it causes trying to get them to see on their OWN computer is hopefully going to be compensated. We will be filing suit against the company and personnel that have so rudely spoken with us. We have their names, dates, and times they have called. more than enough proof for a judge.


    • I am in the process of being illegally foreclosed upon because Green Tree will not entertain a shortsale on a Fannie Mae funded loan. My renters broke my lease 6 months early and I called Green Tree to let them know that my mortgage would be late until I got new renters…I received a notice of default 5 days later! Your company has brainwashed you so that you can sleep at night while anyone who is a “customer” of yours suffers!

    • Anonymous // June 6, 2012 at 6:05 pm // Reply

      First of all if you’re an employee you’ll lie anyway….my mortgage (Countrywide) was sold to this company as well. …My payment is due on the 1st with no late fee until 16th…never been late in 8 years, had my house built…..In spite of being asked several times not to call me at work, I’m called at work, home and eveywhere else…..calls start on the 2nd and dont stop until payment posts….I never dealt with a more rude company….even you are insulting in your post….not all of us elected to have GTS to do business with….

      • Rude condesending and just plain rude… I explain to them each month that I have a first and second mortgage, that I am now divorced and by virtue of the luck given to me, I have to pay one mortgage at the first of the month and the second on the second paycheck. Multiple phone calls at my work in one day. comments about my person and comments that sound more like a lecture. I have actually ended a call before and called back and paid via phone just so the jerk didn’t get the credit of being the collector of the amount. I have never been thirty days late and have always paid. I wish it was still with Country Wide or Bank of America.. The caller today asked why I was rude and just had to tell him his behavior was just being mirrored by me. He went as far to ask if I behaved that way in my professional life.. of course not, unlike their company, mine values people that treat people with respect and dignity. I appreciate being on time and paying your bills, but sometimes bad things happen to good people. as one writer says, Karma and it doesn’t hurt to at least be civil.

      • I do not work for this company, but I have been a collector for over 13 years and have collected on all types of loans including mortgage. Word of advice, If you do not want calls write them a “Cease and Desist” letter stating you do not want calls (by law they have to stop) but now you need to call them each month to let them know when you plan to pay. Also if you are getting calls you can make a postdated check and the calls stop, make arrangements and they will stop. Honetly, as a borrower it’s your responsibility to call the lender and let them know when you intend to pay. And for heavens sake, why do borrowers get off getting upset at calls. In mortgage there are no grace periods. So if your late, just call and inform rep to note account. So many people due to economy are having financial hardships, but the least that you can do is call to make arrangments. Either borrowers are scared to call or think they don’t have to answer to lenders. But, they are the ones servicing your loan, If you so unhappy voice your concerns to V.P. or President of company. I’m sure they want to continue to have you pay them and will take action to keep you.

        • just gave up my home // June 30, 2012 at 4:38 am // Reply

          GT was great enough to “defer” 2 payments for me in the beginning of last year. When later in the year, a car accident caused my payment to be more than 10 days late, they reversed the deferments saying that I had broke my promise. The first i knew about it was when i got forclosure papers, the day after I sent the late payment. A little over a year later, im letting them have it back. The fees that they “found” made me end up, after hiring a lawyer and doing everthing I knew to do, owing 700 more than I had originally financed 11 years ago. Its insane.

        • Are you serious? No grace period? Even the mortgage companies that I do business with knows there is a grace period and I don’t have a loan with them. You sound JUST like a rep from green tree servicing!

    • Apparently, you must work at Greentree in collections. One can tell by how retarded you are and the fact that you can not even “spell check” what you write! Greentree SUCKS and I will make sure when I find the investor on my loan I will go to them directly and advise them that Greentree does not even know HOW to work NUMBERS in the best interest of the investors! Greentree would rather “write off” a debt than collect a slightly lower rate! How stupid is that? Dah? If 1/8 of the people in the servicing and investor reps new what they were doing they would not be doing what they are doing! WAKE UP!

      • I don’t work for them, but have been in collections for over 13 years. I have to say, you sound very immature in your response. Companies will always do what’s best for them. If the borrower doesn’t it, they have options and if they dont have options because of their own credit scores, don’t complain..

    • I pay my bills on time and I’m trying to help others. I have been in the real estate business for a very long time and I can honestly say, Greentree is the very worse mortgage company I have ever done business with. No one cares about helping you and no one follows through on what they say they are going to do. It is very frustrating!

      • I work for Green Tree in the Customer Service Dept. I understand that it feels like no one cares about helping you, but that isn’t always true. I’m not defending GT, bc there are CSR’s that are not the best, but there are some of us who try our best to treat our customers like we would like to be treated with regard to our mortgage’s. I know plenty of CSRs that follow thru and care about the customers we service. Just wanting everyone to know that not everyone at GT is an uneducated dip wad who doesn’t give a crap. Just know that the amount of bs you have to deal with, we as CSRs also have to deal with as well. Its a large corporation… every company has to deal with the good and the bad. As many customers who state they are unhappy with GT, I have just as many who are very grateful that they were transferred to GT.

        • Anonymous // July 7, 2012 at 2:54 pm // Reply

          why did you send “anonymous” instead of your name or contact phone number and extention ?

        • You’re right. would assume that not all of GTS representatives are the same but from MY experience and the experience of all of these customers writing complaints, the unfortunate truth is in fact that GTS representatives are, for the most part, rude and don’t care for anyone’s situation. I’ve had my loan with Countrywide and BOA for almost four years and I had never dealt with a representative that has yelled at me, insulted me OR hung up on me like I’ve had in GTS when I’ve only been with them for 8months.

    • you have a script to be dumb…think for a minute.GT no facebook page no Twitter page it might be because that would be simple to find out what a BAD company it is. GT is holding up a refi for me because no one knows how to do anything at that place. programs have been put in place to help people who are under water but green tree is helping people get pushed out of their home. Yea you can tell yourelf all you want that is people not paying the bill but we all dam well know thats not what people on here are talking about and the fact that you put this post up lets us know how dumb you are. The words “I dont know” “I cant” is something green tree tells me everytime i call. Because i pay my bill at 7% intrest i am being punished by green tree. so hope any of the bitchs i talked to at GT will one day be in my shoes and see how it feels let me know then if its me telling a lie or not paying.

    • I have been an excellent Green Tree customer for 6 years and they have been an excellent service provider until NOW. I received a letter on June 23, 2012 that I am 5 months behind on my payments and I am not. I have all of my Monthly Billing Statements FROM GREEN TREE showing the payments to the account, as well as my bank statements, and even a recent credit report. All of these show I am current and the account is being paid as agreed. Of course, the letter arrived on a Saturday so there was nothing I could do about it, but I not optimistic after reading these complaints.

    • We actually had 2 mortgages with GT. Our triple wide was paid off in 2009 (and a short sale at that) and our 16×80 is still being paid.

      Today, while speaking with the GT csr, he asked me if I wanted and insurance quote. I told him we currently had Allstate, but yeah, it never hurts to get a quote. He transferred me to Kaylee and insurance rep. She begins by saying “so, we are going to give you a quote for insurance on your 1995 Southern Energy 41 x 56″ I said, “WHAT”. Our 41 x 56 has been paid for 3 years now, the current loan is for a 16 x 80, She said no, its a 41 x 56….

      Now, the question is, how to unscramble this mess. I usually don’t have a problem with GT, but this is just outrageous.

    • Deanne Bloesser // July 17, 2012 at 12:43 pm // Reply

      I am replying since you said you work for GreenTree. I have been trying to contact someone there by both phone and email and can get no response. Voice mails are full so I can no longer leave messages. Can you please help me?
      All I need is a notorized lien release faxed to my county courthouse. My mother financed a mobile home in 1997 when Green Tree was in Topeka, KS. She paid off the loan in 2003. She has passed away and I cannot find the title to the mobile home, and my county offices cannot grant me a title because is still shows Green Tree as the lien holder.
      Please help me. I can be reached at 620-756-4777 and will supply you at that time with more information. Thank you, Deanne Bloesser

    • Are you kidding me!!!!! I am sure that there are individuals out there who do not budget, don’t keep jobs and over spend. But there are also an overwhelming amount of people who have been affected by situations out of their control. ” PAY YOUR BILLS”!!?? Do you actually think that these folks complaining are just sitting on their funds. Have you forgotten about what’s been going on since 2008? You should be ashamed of yourself for what you posted! Remember.. you have a job.

      And by the way; i have been dealing with Green Tree as well. Guess what?? I find them to be less than helpful, rude at times, misleading and quite frankly a horrible company to deal with.. Maybe you are one of the Green Tree employees some of these guys are talking about.

    • I guess you went through and looked up ALL these accounts while you were working to make sure that the complaints were from people who are all late on their accounts? Good job! Then maybe you can explain to me why I have been receiving phone calls for the past week when I don’t even have them (or know anyone who has them) as a finance company?? The representatives are rude, malevolent, threatening and try WAY too hard to talk over people. I don’t think that the representative felt so “big and bad” after I was done giving her a verbal lashing. I never thought I would see the day I would have to tell a Customer Service Representative to shut the hell up…….Oh, and for future reference, your reps might want to refrain from sharing account details with someone who states VERY CLEARLY that they do NOT hold an account with your company. Way to keep it professional Greentree!

    • I call bullshit. B of A also sold our morgate to GT. I own 4 other houses and never had a problem with payments at other morgage companies. Only one other is mortgaged and thankfully not through GT.
      We have insurance on all these houses and when GT took over four months later they said they did not have any info on insurance for this house. If B of A sold the mortgage to GT then all that info should have gone with it. It did not obviously. The letters GT send (four months later) said if they didn’t get the info on the insurance that they would go ahead a use there GT insurance company. We got our insurance companies (we have two on the property) to fax the information over. I phoned GT to make sure and they said it would take 8 to 10 days for it to get to the appropriate office. This is a very barbaric company 8 to 10 days is way too long for something that was faxed. They insured me that they made a note on my file that we had faxed the insurance policy and nothing would be coming out of our account. We have automatic payments coming out of our bank. I just checked my bank statement and low and behold you crooks took money out for their insurance policy. This is fraudulent as I never signed any document as to authorization of debiting funds from my bank. I e-mailed them as they as not open on weekends and relayed that if that money was not credited back into my bank account that I would be taking further action on this matter. I am awaiting a reply from them. They will also be receiving a phone call an use the same tactics on them that they use for others.

    • I’d love to have your name so you could help my wife and I out if what you say is true!!!!! Back in Sept of 2010 I had a major back surgery while my wife was on maternity leave!!!!! We called and asked at that time Bank of America to help us out because we saw a hardship coming……obviously. We were reviewed and reviewed and denied and denied. Then Green Tree takes over and the same happened. Well we are currently two months behind but wait!!!!!!! my credit score is over 800 and my wifes isnt far behind. You can not say that we are those customers that you are speaking of. We actually asked for help before we fell behind. Now Green Tree tells us we can’t get modified because we have not supplied the proper paperwork…..come on really? We have faxed, e-mailed, and snail mailed every document they requested! Everytime they request it!!!!! This comment just proves that you are full of it!

    • Have taken all I can take // October 3, 2012 at 6:46 pm // Reply

      ya you’re lucky we cant choose the companies we deal with at all times because you and your lying retarded company you work for would be out of business and you on the unemployment line where YOU belong. CFPB is COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! start sending out your resume retard. Ahh don’t waste your time because you probably wouldn’t and couldn’t get a real job that takes some skills loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your legal department isn’t much smarter than you either because they can’t seem to read a letter properly.

    • No I don’t think so. Our loan was and always had been in good standing with Flagstar. You guys are criminals and you get paid commision to lie and forget to put incoming checks into your system so you can help Green Tree steal homes from people. Go find a real honest job.

  232. We have had our first run in with this arrogant and rude company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our home owners insurance has dropped in price and instead of them lowering our payments they have raised it! When we called them on it they took their time lowering the payment and has been rude to us saying things like: “look what we have done for you” and you should be glad we did this and that. Very arrogant and smug. They act as if they are gods and we are just common folks at their disposal!! Things don’t last forever and not to be discouraged…”What goes around comes around, you may be up today Green Tree but you won’t be around forever!! Your day is coming. The Rep. “Debbie” needs to get a “real” joob!

    • I have never been treated by anyone as rudely as I have by Green Tree. I am in the process of a short sale and Green Tree is my second lender, the first mortgage has been approved by GMAC. I have spent months trying to get my GT “rep” to give me any status on the situation as I am now moving towards foreclosure of the property, even though I have a contract with the buyer! After weeks of being transferred between legal and short sale depts., I found my rep’s boss and explained that I would like to know what was going on with my case. She then transferred me to him, who was sitting right next to her! I finally spoke with him and he was immediately caustic, demeaning and utterly disgraceful in his manner. I was so shocked at how I was being spoken to, I followed up with a call to his supervisor and explained how he treated me, when I was just trying to get some information on my case. She put me on hold (I am assuming to speak with him) and came back and defended him, saying “he apparently gave you the information you were looking for”…I said I have the information but wanted you to know disrespectful he was to me. She did not apologize at all. I am so disgusted with this company and the way they treat their customers. I will write to my State’s Attorney. Unbelievable.

      • Ron Mexico // June 29, 2012 at 10:13 am // Reply

        status?!?!? ha….these people suck. The only status update i got was “your deed in lieu was cancelled” and this creep dude calls and once left deep breathing voicemail for me followed by the next day with “joker” like laughter. what a joke these losers r

    • barbara m // June 1, 2012 at 7:43 pm // Reply

      we had bank of america sel our mortgage to green tree servicing, my first experience was when i sent in extra$$$ to go towards my escrow acct. of course it did not go towards that. i called to ask if it did and was told no it did not, i told the rep i filled in the payment coupon and added the extra in the excrow psrt, she was very rude and said a computer doesnt know how to separate money. i asked her to take that money and apply towards escrow since last year they said we were short and raised mortgage payment. they were nasty, uncaring and very sarcastic, said they have no corporate office to complain to. and we are stuck with this rotten company. someone needs to have the know how and get rid of this company

  233. I have been dealing with Greentree for 31 days now. My winter tax money was taken out of my escrow account in Feb. like it should have been. In April I was sent a letter by my township telling me my taxes were never paid. For the last 32 days myself and my husband have called greentree only to be told they would look into it. Every day I would speak to someone new who had no info on the matter of missing money. I have never in my dealt with a nightmare of a company.

    • Very similar situation for me but it was with my homeowner insurance. I had to pay out of pocket to avoid being cancelled. Every time I call, I get the runaround. I hope greentree sells my mortgage to some other company that doesn’t have their head up their ass very soon!

  234. I feel everyone’s pain. I ran a little late a few months ago but did not let it go past 15 days overdue. I had a message to call them. Their message said they had to speak to me immediately and wanted to know my intentions with the property. When I returned the call I got thier voice mail. I left a message that the check was in the mail. Gave the check number, gave the reason, and apologized. I received a call the next day from the same gentleman. When I asked if he got my message, he said they have to speak to me in person. He asked which address I mailed my payment to and when I said the one that comes with my payment coupon. He advised that was a problem becuase it takes 7-10 days for that address. If that address is a problem, then why is it on my payment coupon. He continued to call and leave messages for the next 3 days. Every message said that he has left “numerous messages trying to get into touch with me. He needed to know what my intentions were with the property”. Any other time they have left a message for me they say they’ve left “numerous messages”. Also, I have asked that they change my name on the mortgage as I was not married when the loan originated with Bank of America. (sold to Green Tree). They said they needed the original marriage license. Would not accept a copy. So occasionally when I call in and give my married name, they say they can not talk with me as I’m not listed on the loan. (it’s under my married name). We also have my parents on as co-signors. I’ve asked how we can get them removed and just have it under mine and my husband’s names. they advise the loan will have to be refinanced. But guess what….they don’t do refinancing. They are very rude when you do speak to them on the phone. I’ve even been yelled at before and told that I need to learn to manage my money better.

    • Ron Mexico // June 29, 2012 at 10:14 am // Reply

      DON’T SIGN UP WITH THEIR BANKING…they say that to you (about 7-10 days) to scare you into signing up with their banking.

  235. Carolyn D Hawkins // May 25, 2012 at 4:54 pm // Reply

    I am writing in for one of my patients who has mulitple illnesses. She too is a victim of Green Tree Services. After having a stroke and being hospitilized Green Tree Services came in and took her home from her while she was still in the hospital. She even traded her own mobile home for the one the took as additinal downpayment. This lady is 74 yrs old, has had a stroke, has a pacemaker, and she is wheel chair bound, correct me if i am wrong but who in the world harrasses littl old ladies. Her home was taken from her in 2005 and nothing was heard from Green Tree Services until 2011 that was when the harrassing phone calls started and hasn’t stopped yet. They start calling her at 5:20 am and the calls don’t stop until late in the afternoon. The representive who calls is very rude and unproffessional. I have a old saying, “you can catch more flys with honey” Nonetheless something has to be done and very soon, I am afraid if this continues it will result in her being hospitilized from stress. If anyone has any ideas as to how she can get these people off her back please respond. She has even told them that they can take her to court but they said they are not doing that and she needs to pay $38000. What? Now that is crazy, who on earth will give someone one that much money and don’t have the home or the money for that fact. This is crazy.

  236. Please send an e-mail to so he can have enough support to do a story on how bad green tree has been treating us…..let’s do something and fight….we need to stick together.

  237. Hi. I am so scared of this GT people and I think I would rather go bankrupt than to deal with them. The house is underwater anyway. Maybe, this is really their intention.

    • I am experiencing issues with Green Tree as well. One month ago, they requested proof of insurance on my condo. The day I received the letter, I contacted the insurance company to forward the information. I received confirmation from the insurance company, that it was done. Today, I received a notice (dated 5/21/2012) that because they have no insurance information, they will place their own insurance coverage. They insist that they received no information from my company. Scammers!

      • I had the same experience. I have received confirmaion from our insurance company that they had faxed the insurance information that they requested. Today, I too received a notice that because they did not receive my insurance information, they are going to charge me for an insurance policy of their choice.

        Greentree took over my loan in March from GMAC, and the first month they sent me a bill with a late fee. I have never been late on my mortgage. I called and got no answer why I was being charged. They continued to bill me for a late fee, so I sent a certified letter with the proof that I had paid the mortgage, and also sent a letter to my congressman. If our representatives in Congress get enough angry customers, they will do something to stop this servicing company from harrassing us with made up fees.

  238. GT got me they use the system to steal my house The first Mortgage company went bankrupt some how GT ended up with my loan made my payments on time, my wife got sick and we had 200,000 in medical bills we files for Bankruptcy They told the lawyer that they will reaffirm the loan as soon as the Bankruptcy was discharged GT started refusing my payments there was no way to make a payment after 90 days of playing games with them they sent a default letter the lawyer took them to court but in Nebraska there is nothing to protect the home owner they use the system to steal my house
    One thing that the judge did do is gave us 365 days to find a place made it an order they fought it but lost the lawyer me that since we lives there for 15 years i can take anything with me that was in the house like the drywall, any wood like the walls garage doors, ECT. :)

  239. Anonymous // May 18, 2012 at 6:59 pm // Reply

    I called my insurance agent in March to make sure the bill for my home owners insurance was going to GTS. I was informed that the bill went to GTS. Well, yesterday I receive a letter stating they do not have my home owners insurance on file. Yesterday I had my agent fax them the invoice and I called GTS this evening to make sure they had it. They couldn’t find it. Now the insurance company and agents office is closed until Monday. So I emailed the declarations page from my policy so GTS could pay my policy. I then called GTS back again and suddenly they found the invoice. I was assured that my insurance would be paid which is due on Sunday. They won’t even be able to pay until Monday. I wonder what happens if my house burns down Monday morning? First of all I don’t believe this is my responsibility. Isn’t this the reason we put the money in escrow is so they can deal with it? I don’t enjoy coming home from work just to spend my evenings doing someone else’s job. I have always been current on my payments, I don’t live in a mobile home and I owe almost twice as much as my home is worth. The least they could do is manage the payments that need to be made from the escrow account.

  240. Worst Nightmare // May 18, 2012 at 1:34 am // Reply

    Get it straight deadbeats! Your loan was “Not” sold to GTS! Your loan was assigned to GTS by the actual owner, which happens to be Fannie Mae. Unless you bought a mobile home directly from them. GTS is NOT a lender, but a Mortgage Service company. Grace Period?! Read your original contract thoroughly! There is NO mention of a Grace Period in there. Why is it that when you people owe someone money, they become a bad person/company?

    • Anonymous // May 18, 2012 at 7:14 pm // Reply

      I think you may be wrong. My loan was transfered from BOA to GTS in November. I am also being told my mortgage is not owned by Fannie Mae and I do not live in a mobile home. I believe BOA got rid of my mortgage to GTS when they made their deal with the government to reduce the principle amounts on loans. I purchased my home at the end of 2004 which was way over priced. I have never missed a payment since this was my choice to purchase this home. At the time I had 2 small children and I was fighting breast cancer. I made the choice so my children would have a safe place to live. All I want is to be refinanced at a lower interest rate but cannot find anyone who will take the risk. I purchased a house I could afford. I blame the banks and the individuals who bought more than they can afford. I know several people who purchased $350,000.00 homes on a $15 an hour income. Who in their right might would have given these people loans????

      • I am in the same boat. Never late, no harassing phone calls, pay on the 1st, transferred from BofA..7.25% rate…can fine no one who will refinance because LPMI owned by Triad Mortgage Company. Afraid to even ask Greentree for a HARP because I have a very strong gut feeling they will F it up and screw me financially….anyone with any luck refinancing away from Greentree and Triad????

        • I am working with Cash Call – Harp 2.0 – Had Green Tree

        • Kim Vargas // June 20, 2012 at 4:30 pm // Reply

          I have been trying to deal with Green Tree about the HARP 2 program and they first told me they would get back to me in 30 days, then it changed to 60 days, now it is 6 months! They have no intention of helping!

  241. I can’t believe it! I thought that I was the only one. Green Tree is my 2nd mortgage. I lost my job, my husband left me and I went on disability. I was stressed, depressed and unabled to keep up my bills. I tried to explained this to the contact person but she was heartless. She asked me, “How do you think you can stay in that house without paying this bill.” I had several rounds with her. She was calling me every day to see when I would make a payment. The last time we talked she became so ugly that I lost it and begin to rain out tears. Then I was contacted by another lady. She was a little nicer but did not sound like she was all there. For 6 months, I have been asking them for a loan modification. Then in December 2011, my contact person asked me to submit the necessary paperwork for modification. It took them until April 2012 to get back with me on modification. I was told that I did not meet the qualifications to get a HAMP modification so they are doing an in-house modification. They called and asked me to lower my monthly expenses so I can qualify. I was notified that I needed to make 3 payments before they can do a modification and lower my interest rate to 2% with a monthly payment of $99.00 (some change). I borrowed enough money from family to pay 2 months. She took my card number and ran it twice. She withdrew $1012.32 out of my bank account which ended up overdrawn. When I tried to call her, she was gone so they transferred me to someone in billing. She asked me to fax the bank statement to her, showing the money withdrawn twice. My contact person kept calling and leaving a message to make a payment. Every time, I called back, she was not at her desk. Her manager was even nastier and threaten to forclose on my house. I finally, talked to her and she started talking wild to me about making a payment and how can I make my 1st mortgage. She told me that she did not run my card twice and said she did not know the person that I talked to about the money. She became angry about the money. The next thing she said was the kicker. She told me that after I make the last payment, I would have to start all over again. I am tired of Green Tree.

  242. A victim of Green Tree YES along with some other people i know who are suffering from the same harassment as my family and i. Yesterday and it was a Sunday i might add my husband and i were paid a visit and given papers from a woman, they were summons papers for us to appear in court in two weeks at our county courthouse. It was dated 2011 and the 1 was marked through with a pen and made a 2 above that 1. We are late i do not dispute that, and we have been making monthly pyments every month on the 30th. I dont know how they came up with their amount which was 900.00. when we pay 317.02 each month with a 75.00 add on a month for insurance because we were told we had to have insurance through them by law cause we dont currently have it anywhere else. we made our reguarly scheduled payment today like we always do at the end of the month. we have been with this so called company for 12 years and have paid a total of over 45,000.00. what i dont understand is how they are able to treat hard working people who are trying like crap on their shoe. Calling my work everyday leaving messages for me to call will and who ever else decides to leave me a message that if i want to keep my home i will call them right now.They also call and leave us nasty voicemails, call my family every day when they answer now they c who it is and dont answer cause they are so rude to them also. they have even talked to him and discussed our debt with him and he dont have anything to do with ready to explode, so stressed and i wish i knew what to do to stop this. If i didnt want to keep my home do yall actually think i would keep making monthly payments on it. I am so upset and frustrated with this company and i dont know what to do. Can anyoe please give me some sugestions? before i lose my mind!

    • .Please, please write to your attorney general’s office. Also file a complaint on line with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Its easy. Does not take long at all. Go to Also write to Green Tree. Here is some contact information. Document everything to Keith Anderson, President and Dawn DeHaai, Manager Customer Service Correspondence. 1100 Landmark Towers, 345 St. Peter Street, St. Paul, MN 55102. Fax numbers for Keith Anderson 651-293-5746 and 651-293-3622. Ms. DeHaai’s fax number is 1-866-870-9919.

      Mr. Andesons’ assistant is Stephanie Lohmann. Direct line is 651-293-3591. Main number is 651-293-3401 to corporate office. Ms. Lohmann’s extension is 43591.

      Contact your state attorney general’s office and file a complaint. Document everything.

      Keep writing them after you file your complaint with the attorney general’s office. Once you get a case number, always carbon copy the attorney general’s office.

      Do not think that this behavior by a company should be acceptable. The more who do come forward, file complaints, write the company, then something will get done.